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Avatar n tn My mother has been diagnosed with cancer and has been on treatment for almost a year. The doctors put her on Oral Morphine, 120mg Avinza once a day and 30mg MS contin for breakthrough pain. She has recently been given Fentanyl lollipops, 1200mcg. These seem to make her more sick than help. I am wondering what is 1200mcg Fentanyl equivalent to in terms of morphine?
Avatar f tn At one point when I was having a lot of trouble keeping food down, they switched me to morphine. Problem is the morphine gives me headaches. Last time I was at the pain clinic I mentioned I'd like to switch to something else but she said just stick with this for now. Well, since I can't take ibuprofen any more because of my stomach, the headaches are really getting to me. They're not awful, like migraines, more of a deep, dull headache but I get it with every dose I take.
Avatar m tn Hi I hope before you started taking this it was explained this is 50 x stronger than morphine and is highly addictive and when people want to come off it they find it very difficult as they get little support from Doctors and suffer lots of withdrawal symptoms. Better to look at other ways to control pain . The patch is notorious for not lasting 3 days and people going into withdrawal on a regular basis. They feel good the day the new patch goes on and bad by the 3rd day.
Avatar f tn Just to let you know Fentanyl is 80 x stronger than morphine...... The Lollipops are really awesome my dad got them when he had cancer....... In fact he had teh Fentanyl patch plus the Dilaudid machine with the button and teh lollipops..... The lollipops you lightly sucked on against your cheak......that is where it was absorbed the slower you did the stronger it was.........I used to get plowed............
Avatar n tn before i was on 75MG of the duragesics (3 patches at a time, and then rotate) 6 (800Mcg) Actiq lollipops a day, and oxycontin, morphine sulfate for breakthrough pain. unfortuneately after five years of the duragesics and Actiqs, my body assimilated to them and they stop working - thus, going on the Methadone. since taking the Methadone i do have a life without as much pain, although i am not pain free.
Avatar n tn There are also ultra short acting medicines that contain the pain medicine, Fentanyl. Actiq lollipops work very quickly and provide potent relief of BT pain. Not sure if you have tried Opana (oxymorphone) yet but based on pharmacology, it is a little stronger than Dilaudid (hydromorphone) mg to mg. I am on 30 mg of Opana ER twice a day. They do have Opana in immediate release form.
Avatar f tn The idea of food made me sick, but I drank tons of coconut water, Gatorade, and forced some soup and cracker one night. Lollipops worked if I had any cravings. Went on 2 walks ( very hard) but quitting was not an option. I am stronger than these stupid pills and had a life before them. I won't be a zombie much longer. It honestly went faster than I thought it would. My husband did some research and found that 70% of people who quit opiates stay clean. I plan on being that 30%.
1412606 tn?1282885729 That is one reason that my PM Doctor gave me the patch. Morphine makes me throw-up VIOLENTLY. So it's on ALL my charts that I should NEVER be given Morphine. Yes - it IS 80 to 100 times STRONGER than Morphine but IS NOTHING LIKE MORPHINE. It doesn't give you a high feeling or in my case didn't make me groggy or anything. IF your Doctor starts you off the CORRECT way then he will start you SLOWLY at a low dosage and build it up monthly INSTEAD of starting you out at a high dosage.
Avatar m tn 5/325 a day for breakthrough. Fentayl is 82 times stronger than morphine!
688620 tn?1227381884 Fentanyl is one of the most powerful opioid analgesics with a potency approximately 81 times that of morphine. I note that you posted this nine hours ago. Your patch should now be in your system. It may take a few more hours to peak and last for up to 72 hours. The strength is higher than you former extended release morphine dose. There is some very good information on the Internet concerning Fentanyl Patches. There have been several recalls of the patch that contains the gel.
Avatar f tn Dear Femmy, thanks for researching so thoroughly! Hopefully it MAY make a difference if I can hold off the brigade until April of next year! I am trying! I get the OP'S and have for about 2+ ys, and before that a few months of the ones with the M in the square, must be the Ma....! (can't scroll up!) I go back on June 13th so will let you know the pressure I get! Think I mentioned I burst into tears at my regular Dr;s appt.! (My wonderful back Dr!
Avatar f tn I think it was just taking something/anything that made my brain chill. I have vitamins/lollipops/and vitamin c tabs in the cabinet now and I run for one of those. Be strong.....don't give in now.
Avatar f tn there are other forms of fentanyl like the lollipops and pain pump but i would make sure youre not allergic to it i too get a rash sometines but switch sites and moisturize the dried out affexted site hope you find solution
Avatar f tn I don't know where to turn or what I can do, I live with my son who is engaged to a woman who uses several medicastions that are prescribed to her, oxycontin, fentanyl, percocet, morphine, soma, ambien, adavan as well as a "black tar" sunbstance she claims is hash oil.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Even though you are on the lower dose, Fentanyl is something like 80 times stronger than morphine. Remember, too, that if for some reason you do go into withdrawal, you can always call your doctor, even on the weekend. Did your doctor give you any medication for any breakthrough pain? A lot of people on the patch often take something for BT pain.
Avatar f tn 5 times as strong). Norco is about 60% the strength of morphine and percocet is 1.5 to 2 times stronger than morphine. The Opana (oxymorphone) I take is 2 times stronger than percocet. However, despite this revelation that percocet is more than 1.5 times the strength of norco, it is not too strong of a leap for you. Many people are prescribed percocet who don't take opioids on a regular basis for things such as dental procedures or post surgery pain.
Avatar f tn Grit your teeth, my friend, and keep pushing forward. I was diagnosed at age 16 with DDD & now I'm 24 and it's gotten nothing but worse over the years. Physical therapy is good to a point in regards of flexability but the repitition can really aggervate the problem discs early on.
Avatar m tn It is really the acute obstruction phase with the hospital admission for which I am always given morphine routinely by whichever doctor is on duty at the time. When you say "a different drug or combination" can you give an example. I have not seen a pain specialist although I have asked the surgeon about this. When I have had surgery the most recent one was done with an epidural as well as the ordinary anaesthetic and that was a god send post-op.
Avatar n tn Actiq (fentanyl lollipops), Norco, and Kadian. I think it was the Actiq that sent me over the edge. It's like candy!! I was then given Ultram after detoxing. I won't see that Dr. again. I also take Neurontin, and Ambien. I quit taking klonopin and the Ultram last week. It's seems as if I keep going thru w/d. I have severe pain, that no-one seems to know what it is. Its in my side, personally I think I have another colon polyp but can't get dr's to listen. When I went to pain mngmt.
Avatar n tn I check the forum a lot so keep posting and I will answer. Fentanyl is a force to be dealt with. It's 100 times as strong as morphine and deadly. I'm here for you and will be waiting for you to post an update. Take care please....
Avatar n tn My entire world just started spinning and my new friend Morphine was there to make everything all better. HA!! Before I started taking Subutex for my addiction to Vicoden and Soma, I found myself in a lot of trouble. I had been arrested for the first time. I got caughty forging false prescriptions. I am 36 years old and have never been in trouble with the law. I now have charges in two states. I live on the border of Idaho and Washington. I am scared out of my mind.
Avatar n tn This is what distinguishes the pain patient who is tolerant to and physically dependent on morphine, from the addict who is also tolerant to and physically dependent on heroin. Both are self-administering an addictive drug several times a day. But while the addict takes his drug to get high, "mellow out," and largely avoid life, the pain patient takes his drug to get on with life.
Avatar n tn It's an awful situation and I'm sure you must feel alone and very guilty. First, in answer to your question, oxycontin is a morphine derivative. It is an extremely difficult detox and depending on how long you've been taking it can really take up to 2-3 weeks before you start feeling healthy again. So please, do not cold turkey while pregnant. If you weren't pregnant I would say go ahead it'll suck, but suck it up and do it any way. Your ob/gyn knows NOTHING about pain meds or detoxing at all.
Avatar f tn Oh yeah he had lollipops for in beetween.Tell me you know anyone that could consume that much dope a day and function.This guy was a walking zombie.I saw his scripts so it was no joke.I was with him one day he lost the script for 300 80mg oxycontin.I mean he lost the paper script.You wanna talk about drama I thought he was gonna die he was hiperventalating and shaking soo bad I was scared for him.Anyway moral of story is give your surgery time.You need to have an xray and see if u have fused.