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Avatar f tn Morphine in terminally ill patients is used more than just for pain. Another us it may be used for is for breathing difficulties. If a patient is working hard to breathe and breathing 20-30 times a minute morphine is given to slow the respirations which in turn relaxes the smooth muscles in the lung and allows better oxygen exchange. It also can be used to decrease restlessness and of course pain management.
Avatar n tn I read your other post and I was gonna respond to that when I saw this one. Hospice and doctors are concerned in providing comfort for the terminally ill patient. I've actually worked with Hospice ppl and they are very nice caring ppl. There aren't any specific guidelines that I know about, however here is some information that you can check out. Also if you google anything, you will get alot of hits, not all the time but most of the time.
Avatar n tn We used to both of them in long-term care (I'm only familiar with their use in the terminally ill, but they are used a lot outside terminal illness for severe pain and are effective for most.) I think one was considered more "powerful", but I can't remember which one. Both are powerful for that matter. Both very effective for pain management. Like morphine. Can come with some bad sides, as I remember, for some. They're safe but...
Avatar n tn I would like to know if anyone has experiened stomach aches/cramping and high heart rate after being off on Morphine (mimimum doseage for a 12 yr old terminal little girl)by using again/ a low dose of Methadone 5mg a day...for only a month to rid the MORPHINE dependance? MAIN QUESTION...My child became sick with these symptoms about a month after getting off the Methadone she took to rid her of the Morphine. Does this make sense??
Avatar f tn I am currently on 225 mcg every 36 hours. Due to the economy I can no longer afford 1000.00 a month for insurance. The cost for the patches are 6000.00 a month. What I need to know is there a less painful way to go off the patch. I had a defective patch in the beginning of my usage and that was the horrible thing to go through. So what would it be like now after 12 years? Also is there another drug that can help with my pain.
Avatar f tn reps from the pharmaceutical company are splitting hairs about the many deaths we've had here, stating that since the victims were found to have overdosed on oxycodone (the chemical), there is no proof that they wiped out on OxyContin (the brand name drug). Of course, any reasonable person can see this for the self-serving bullshit that it is, but still it is offensive, particularly when people are suffering and dying.
Avatar n tn and dont know how they deal with pill addicts there or even if the doctors are cool as in hawaii the doctors dont see that as being an addict they just cut you off if you ask for help and then its to the methadone clinic and that sucks cause thats only once a day and the dose is so strong i am not feeling like doing anything and the morphine has gotten me more depressed lately i am really ready to give up on everything i tried to overdose many times and the last one my heart stopped and they zap
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding, I just learned that a year ago well he was at a party he was introduced to them, and has done them since, he admitted he snorted them at the party but then just started to swallow them "normally" after the party cause he felt sick, he is/was perscribed percocett for pain but i think once the doctor hears this he will loose those i would imagine.
Avatar f tn I really think these pills (everything from Darvocet to Morphine) should be as illegal as cocaine, and only given to those who are terminally ill. There are other ways of coping with pain. We all know this. Why is this happening? I know at least 10 people personally addicted to some sort of legal narcotic. How is this happening? Pharmaceutical companies. Doctors over prescribing. Shizzle like that. We should start a class action lawsuit against them. I have a degree in law...
Avatar n tn you see, i myslef am not as such ill , but my 34 yr old sister is terminally ill and getting worse by the day. i hate to say this but none of the family thinks she will see next year. she has 2 very rare ilnesses, one is known as P.C.D (progressive cerabal degeneration-i think thats it), and also M.E (not sure of the medical name of it). she also takes morphine and opium for it (prescribed by the doctor), but she is now saying that the morphine is not touching the pain.
Avatar f tn Generally speaking, the criteria for a hospice admission includes that the patient is terminally ill (and the family and patient know) and that the patient has less than 6 months to live. If the patient's condition improves, they can quit hospice at any time. I don't know your husband's situation, so I don't know if anything else could have been done. My guess is that, for whatever reason, he was not a candidate for a liver transplant. Sorry for your loss...
Avatar f tn I think it is humane to help people that are terminally ill not be uncomfortable while in the dying process but to blatenly overdose patients is unethical and should be considered murder.
Avatar n tn Hospice many times gives moraphine to terminally ill patients. I promise you it does ease the suffering. My prayers are with you during this time.
194555 tn?1264290523 He is 69 and had a heart attack just over 2 years ago, think he had stem cell surgery, anyway last year he was diagnosed with terminally ill lung cancer, there is nothing they can do for this as it is attached to the heart and the lung :(.
Avatar m tn to which that thought makes feel so horrible for even thinking it. My mom cannot help with dad (too old too weak and the onset of dementia) I feel lost and alone on an island. I have hospice coming it but it is a bit of a cluster (long story) I have hurt my back from trying to get him up off the floor 2 days ago when his legs finally gave out while using his walker. I strained it again tonight while trying to move him in bed to change his pad sheets after he urinated.
356518 tn?1322267242 Please read this article.... The article in its entirety can be read at the above URL. Doctors who specialize in pain treatment say that unlike street addicts who experience euphoria from drugs like heroin, pain patients get no high from their pills -- they just get pain relief.
Avatar f tn he had just gotten out of the hosptial due to a kidney infection, and was pushing the nursing button to ask for help for the pain.... well.. the nursing home call the buological mother, asked if they could sedate him, and then ... they did.... and he stopped breathing. It was stated that normal protocol for checking in on patients is hourly... well.. they estimated that he had been without oxygen for about 25 minutes before he was found.
1490116 tn?1304820737 I wouldn't recommend this medication unless you plan on using it the rest of your life. It was orginally prescribed ONLY for terminally ill cancer patients. I do encourage you to inbox msg me. I've been on it for several years & know MANY people who have used it as well, all of their responses are different, but equally important. You want to be as informed as possible BEFORE you start taking it.
82861 tn?1333457511 Her right hip is several inches higher than the other. She postponed surgery for so many years that the neurosurgeon doubts he can help her. The discs from L1 through T5 are crushed to the point that they obscure her spinal cord on the MRI films. As predicted, Mom is now becoming incontinent and can barely walk more than a couple steps. Now she won't eat for fear of not making it to the bathroom, but denies the problem to medical professionals. 2.
Avatar n tn Another doctor from out of state said that was low for my age. I am getting so tired of the medical profession giving me the run around. Thanks for your reply in advance.
Avatar n tn I stole tabs from my terminally ill grandmother, then a few years later from my terminally ill father-in-law. I even stole the tabs my mother had on hand and actually refilled the script "for her," without her ever being aware or ever seeing one of the refills. When I was in active addiction I "shopped" the medicine cabinets of all my friends and family.
Avatar m tn I would never, in my right mind, agree to a drug such as this, knowing what I now know. It was designed for terminally ill cancer patients who will never be coming off the drug, you understand what I mean? They have made their way into the regular chronic pain management world and that's been one of the biggest mistakes ever. There are class actions lawsuits for wrongful, accidental deaths caused by Fentanyl. It's supposed to be designed to release into the body at a steady rate.
230948 tn?1235847929 The bad thing about the myofascial pain syndrome, is the physical therapy for it flares up the fibro and the pt for the fibro flares up the myofascial. Its a bad combo to have. There is a really good book on both subjects and its called A Survivals Guide to Fibromyalgia. But I would definately go have the injections, any relief, if for just awhile is worth it. Have you checked out the National Fibromyalgia Association?
Avatar n tn My mother was not terminally ill at the time.Without her medications she probably was.Does anyone for any reason have the right to withdraw heart medications unless the patient is in the final stage of dying and their organ are shutting down? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been for an assessment for addiction help, but I am still waiting for the help !!! so I may be tapering too quickly, as getting a lot of pain too, but that's bearable. It's the sweats that get me. It's like going through the menopause again, and the diarrhoea. I felt a bit dehydrated. I have to watch that as I'm prone to that because of my surgery that removed most of my small bowel and suffer from diarrhoea normally so taking even more Immodium.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum...... Recently in my life I got into it with a doctor when my terminally ill father dying of cancer suggested that he was worried he was addicted to pain killers......and my Mother agreed stating from her catholic faith your suppose to suffer before standing before God......... I told them both if they stopped on inch of his meds I would go on the street and get him the best Heroin in Detroit and inject him myself............. Quality of life........
655875 tn?1295698707 The only records that were faxed was the two MRI reports to the surgeon. I never and would never ask for medications from different doctors. Tuck, I can see your point. I have been up front and honest with everybody. I'm assuming I will not be able to obtain meds right now, but that is the chance I took. I have been unhappy with the PMP for a while now and my husband was trying to get me to change doctors before I even had my surgery.
Avatar f tn It seems your mother also is not going to 'fight to the last' so hopefully her final days and hours will be spent peacefully. A terminally ill person doesn't need to hear that "everything is going to be alright". A loving family member or close associate needs to be supportive and accommodating, caring and strong. It is difficult for someone to leave if they think that things will fall apart once they have gone, but at the same time they don't want to be considered irrelevant.
429155 tn?1205676864 Oxycontin.- While awaiting the scan results I was given oxycontin for pain relief, this seemed to do the trick for 2 weeks, 10mg 2x a day, then things hurt again so up the dose went 20mg 2x a day, then 40mg 2x a day, then 80mg 2x a day and up to 120mg 2x a day, recognise the scenereo anyone??..