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Avatar m tn She never gives me answers, what stage of lupus if one, or what kind? She says the Dr. has her on liquid morphine, and oral morphine, and lyrica for lupus. Help me to understand?
1448748 tn?1312959808 if I change to morphine for my immediate surgery pain, will I still experience percocet withdrawal pain while on the morphine? Also since I will only be on the morphine for 6-10 days the morphine would not cause withdrawals when I stopped if I were to go this route would it? Normally I know I'm strong enough to handle it, but after surgery I don't even want to try.
Avatar f tn I am on very strong pain meds for my lupus & fibro (morphine & demerol) which I take daily regardless if I'm in that level of pain or not..the morphine that is, the demerol is for break thru pain only (this was directed by both my family doctor as well as my rheumatologist). I suspect maybe this regimen is causing other serious health issues. The past 3 days I have had lupus flare type symptoms....
Avatar f tn From what I have read, it could be lupus. The Mayo clinic recommended I have a follow up using the assays for anti-dsDNA and anti-ENA antibodies. What is this? Do I have a "butterfly rash"? I have always considered this just blood vessels close to the skin.
Avatar n tn My rheumatologist is suggesting I come of it as I am contemplating possible future pregnancy. Have been told I can stay on Imuran for pregnancy. My main problem is the pain (trigeminal??? I had a 5th cranial nerve palsy) in my face. GP has given me Dothiepin 50mg...and I take Solpadol 30/500. I get horrific pain in my teeth, gums, face, tongue (tooth pain can be unbearable). Meds don't seem to give me much relief. Can you suggest suitable meds for this?
Avatar n tn I call it pseudo, because the typical Sjogrens markers are usually absent on testing for the syndrome....just as the Lupus markers are not exactly the same, in spite of Lupus-like symptoms and a positive ANA test. Run a Google or Yahoo search for HCV and will be interested in what you find. So, maybe if you were able to do a successful treatment, you MIGHT end up with a remission of these Lupus/Sjogrens-like symptoms, since they are probably provoked by the HCV itself.
Avatar f tn I went to a couple more rheumies - all who said no to lupus as my ANA was always negative. (Threre is no ONE test for lupus, but the ANA does point in that direction, and being negative here tells docs there is NO WAY it is lupus...or so we thought at the time). OK, fast forwad to three years...still under care of neuro, MRIs done that show first - brain atrphy incompatible for my age. The second had two tiny lesions in periventricular white matter - non specific.
1023578 tn?1251748578 I was released after about 23 hours , it was the weekend, and they said my neurologist refused to come in and they couldn't do anything else for me after having given me IV morphine for hours for the pain. I was scared and concerned about going home, they said to see my neurologist on Monday.
Avatar f tn I really feel like I am being ignored. Thanks for letting me vent. I will start looking for a new GP and start the process over.
Avatar n tn I found this forum recently while looking for help for my son who has become addicted to morphine while being treated for cancer pain. I make this post today because it greatly disturbed me to see how many people are suffering with addiction problems as a result of pain treatemets. In my search for an antidote to my son's morhpine addiction I came across a treatment that apparently has been used in Britain for about a century to wind people down from morphine addiction.
Avatar n tn I am going to the Dr who implanted it, to see what my next option is after alot of research it seems i am in line for a pain pump.
182493 tn?1348056515 I should look up some stuff in my book for stuff for you for the heart thing, something that supports and strengthens the heart and circulatory system. I gave gypseygirl and list of stuff for her Lupus and she bought them and was gonna start them this week.
Avatar n tn Later that day I had to be checked up for my lupus and the dr. gave me rx for 50 vicodin is my question I think I need to get off of vicodin I can't handle the withdrawls though. Could someone tell me how to start stopping the vicodin and using the methadone to help with withdrawl and not get addicted to that...
Avatar f tn Necon (birth control, taken for suppression continously for 5 years) Morphine Sulfate (taken for endometriosis pain continuously, started early last year) Cymbalta (taken for Fibromyalgia, started in September) Flexeril (taken to aid in sleep for Fibromyalgia, started in September) Please excuse some redundancies, I have a jobbled mind right now, and quite frankly feel very ill. I will start from the beginning and will include labs later.
667008 tn?1231130069 oh yea this **** is funnnnnnnnn as i sit her palms sweating but lots of wonderful folks on here i found this site about a month ago then couldn't find it again till today my heart really aches for the folks on here going through stuff i come from a long like of addicts in my family with booz etc but Ive always managed to have a strong willpower did the booz thing for a while stopped that no problem maybe have a drink now and then but nothing i desire i just have to get over this hump and not
Avatar f tn I do remember asking him at the time what was this drug and he said it was synthetic morphine. I didn't have another surgery for 6 years. So I never took any medications except for Tylenol. What do you plan on taking for your pain? My pain condition, supposedly is going to get worse. But I was getting scared of the narcotics because they not only stop my pain BUT I was afraid that if I had a new pain it would not allow me to feel it.
Avatar f tn also u may want to look at some of the conditions that were ruled out for me,.....MS.....Lupus.....Lymes.....Chiari..... continue to post here, it's a great place for support!
Avatar f tn I don't have the energy I used to have (but getting better) and I'm not sure if the mental fog is Lyme or being 64. I've been on antibiotics now for 7 months plus supplements. Not sure if I'm getting a lot better, or just learning how to live with the constant pain. Still working - sometimes by brute force. If I can, I can sleep for 11 - 12 hours straight through. That comes and goes too. Every day is a surprise - never know how I'll feel.
Avatar n tn When Oxy went back to not being generic, the script cost of $758 for a one month supply which made me ask my pain specialist for something that works better and that costs less. What a nightmare ... he switched me to morphine. I had been on morphine previously in the hospital after surgery and had no ill effects, so I thought that it might work for me. What a mistake! I had a reaction that almost cost me my life leaving me with pancreatitis.
142722 tn?1281537216 My uncle (mom's brother) has rheumatoid arthritis and his doctor has never given him narcotics for more than small amount of time. He treats him with other meds specifically used for RA. I also know other people with Lupus and RA who do not take narcotics but go to pain clinics to learn other means of pain management. If you are concerned about your mom, I would suggest you talk to her doc.
Avatar m tn If an old chronic pain sufferor, Dx'ed with SLE lupus and fibro,,,,, on pain meds for 5 yrs;..... if I can do this S***, then anyone can............. stay focused, ask questions and try to learn all you can abt.
Avatar f tn Oregon, why do Doctors here not recognize subutex ie buprenorphine SL as a rx for chronic pain. I have been in pain management for 20 yrs. Everything from starting with Vicodin, Norco 10 then oxycontin & codone then fentynl, morphine, opana. I'm a high metabolizer, I become tolerant very quick. I was on doses that would kill most people, I know you don't believe me, but 900 oxycodone a mo 30mg , that's 30 tabs a day and Klonopin 2mg-4mg.
Avatar m tn I have been tested for just about everything. Bloodwork is ok, thyroid is fine, hormone's are fine, been tested for Lupus, Lyme's, Whipple's disease and on and on. My Neurologist is puzzled. He thinks I have pre-Multiple Sclerosis. But MS does not cause sudden, chronic (on-going) insomnia and in fact causes the opposite problem; fatigue.
Avatar n tn I take the pain meds for Lupus and the pain caused by the break through seizures. I know If you take pain meds for a legitimate reason you should not feel quilty if even if you need them for the rest of your life. We want to live as high a quality of life as possible, I don't mean [HIGH], I mean as good as life as we can and be as functional in our daily lives as we can. If it takes addictive type drugs, than so be it. That's just my opinion.
15607012 tn?1442453350 I've been fighting a mystery condition for two years. I've been to many doctors I've had many tests ran and lots of things have been uncovered, but I still do not have a clear diagnosis and I don't know where to go or who to turn to. Instead of writing a novel I'm going to keep my initial post short and I'm going to withhold information at first so I don't influence your responses. I'm going to list the symptoms I'm experiencing right now and I'd like for you to give me your first impression.
488264 tn?1226523907 It seems he has done the MRI to look for degeneration, then why has he done my brain too? Never heard of arthritis in the head. Firstly I was unaware I limped all the time, such that he'd notice it, makes me feel so old, and secondly I really haven't a clue what he's looking for, assuming he has some theory or not. Basically he reports lots of normal findings with just these ocassional comments of problems.
Avatar n tn I remember having it many yrs ago while living in Ohio and it made me think of a unconfirmed dx of lupus from a test done during my hospitalization for Dengue. It looks as if traumatic illnesses can trigger autoimmune responses also, depending on how severe you experience them. I have no idea what test they performed since I never was able to get copies. Subsequent tests showed nothing definitive. I had the rash during tx, and for a short time after tx.
Avatar m tn July '04 Lupus pops in my system, destroyed heart valve and some, open heart surgery, kidney disease. the disease was causing my body to retain water. Went from 160 to 210. That was horrible pain. I guess that was when it started. I was taking oxycontin, morphine, percocets, you name it. It's a hard road to get past multiple diseases and organ failures. And whats the obvious solution? DRUGS!
Avatar f tn I've been on daily Avinza (24 hour morphine) and Percocet PRN for breakthrough pain for about three years. Occasionally I stop the Avinza for a week or two and rely upon Percocet so that I can have a few normal bm's. Withdraw is a little bit uncomfortable - like having a touch of the mild flu for a few days, but having the fibro pain return is much worse. You are right about the BS surrounding long term use of prescription narcotics for pain.
256161 tn?1196882646 Stress sun exposure soft drinks (I'm not sure if sugar is a contributor of flares) Try to not worry, and just be patient. Help is on the way.