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614471 tn?1221182794 180mg was a low dose for me to take daily...even after the pain was gone. tapering with morphine isn't fun, but it seems to be doable. i took 2 weeks to get myself down to 60mg aday, which already felt like withdraw. i stopped all opiates 8 days ago. things are starting to look a little better now. this site has been a big help for me, and lots of others. you're not alone here, everyone here knows exactly what you're going thru.
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor, but I am a long-time opiate user and chronic pain patient (disk problems) and I know that dosages of drugs like vicodin, oxycontin and percodan are relative. Everyone is different. You might get more relief from a small dose of hydrocodone than a theoretically more-potent dose of oxycodone (percs, oxycontin). My best guess is, forgetting tolerance for a moment, that one percodan is equivalent to 10 to 15 mg of morphine (oral).
Avatar n tn I can understand your wanting off the meds, but there is a way to do it and a way not to do it. You should take care of first things first. Try to get the pain under control, get the surgery, and hopefully you will heal. Then, you can start the weaning process. Your desires are commendable. I just don't like to see needless suffering. Pain meds, WHEN USED PROPERLY, are a good thing.
1686743 tn?1306009051 As I said earlier morphine has to be at such a high dose in order to be effective that I cannot function. The current long acting/slow release opiate I am on is at a very low dose by every one's standards. But it's effective. It is what my body responds to best... or my pain responds ever you want to state it. In my opinion prescribing 5mg of Morphine to treat severe chronic pain is like fishing with a naked hook ...
1312592 tn?1273760534 I fear I will run out of medication and not be able to get more. My therapist also told me they'd have to put me on methadone to get me off the morphine. is this true? why wouldn't my doctor have told me that when he started me on this?????
Avatar n tn Oral dosages of morphine is different than IV doses you get in the hospital...
575863 tn?1218472613 Hello all.... I was injured in Iraq in 2006, and through a long & painful process I finally convinced the docs that it wasn't a simple back-sprain/strain. The docs there had given me Tramadol & Flexeril, and I rapidly became addicted to the Tramadol. I have an addictive personality, which has developed since my early teen years.
Avatar n tn I need someone's help I get morphine shots for my migraines and I cannot stop going into my doctor to get them. I don't even have a migraine sometimes and I go in anyway to get a shot.
Avatar n tn but I think you need to be aware of what is going to happen so you dont get discouraged. STAY TUFF.
Avatar f tn If his dose increases, he may get sleepy, though that should only last until he adjusts to the increase in dosage. Best of luck to you both.
Avatar n tn I have no idea how bad withdrawl is going to be, if it depends on the dosage (and if my dosage is high or low). I want to do this whatever way is easiest. Is just going cold turkey the best for this situation? Also is alcohol a good or bad idea for detoxing? Again, It's not as though I was to replace morphine with alcohol but would a drink here and there help? If anyone has any suggestions I'd be forever grateful. I'm already feeling the cold/sweats.
Avatar m tn im not sure what mg but i expect him to start me on 15 of morphine. will the morphine help me? should i talk to him about another option such as percocet? im scared that the low beginning dosage will affect my quality and comfort even more.
Avatar m tn I do, however, request that I be administered narcotic pain medication IF the pain becomes unmanageable with non-narcotics, and I'm suffering. I have a slight/semi allergic reaction to Morphine, and get high-anxiety onset, profuse sweating, shakes and blurred vision from it. Whenever I go the ER with a kidney-stone, I identify as a recovering-addict and ask they administer Torodol, and Dilaudid if the pain is beyond the positive influence of Torodol.
654183 tn?1225312636 the morphine for me was the background drug, and the roxi's and percs were for breakthrough pain but they were really for me to get high off the springboard of morphine. And how I got! I tried to melt the extended release, but I don't use needles and snorting it doesn't get a person off. The only thing with the suboxone is that he is still self-prescribing his therapy. Maybe he really wants it to change and just made an independent decision. I hope for you that this is so.
Avatar f tn fibromyalgia but I am going to have back surgery for stenosis and want to stop my narcotic meds. I have morphine cr 45mg 3x/day which I asked to change due to side effects. Dr put me on Oxycodone 20mg 4x/day. After my back surgery recuperation I want to stop the meds. Which one should I be on for an easier withdrawal. I am scared because I have been on this for ages. When I have the surgery I can ask the dr to use the med that would be easier for me to withdraw so what do you think.
Avatar n tn Whats the best way to taper?. If I cut a 100 mg morphine in half do I get 100 mg for 6 hrs or 50 mg for 12? Originally I took these for back pain but now Im sure Im addicted as when Im out I feel like you know what. I get these from a friend so I cant get smaller dose meds. Id much rather taper off as I cant miss work and cold turkey sucks a lot.. I kicked a crack habit 6 years ago and it wasnt fun but I made it (thank God). Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I am not sure though I will be able to stop taking this medication close to pregnancy due to the pain, if I knew the pain would not be bad I would try but I would defiantly try to get down to the lowest dose I could possible stand and maybe just lay in bed the last few weeks of pregnancy to help slow the pain. I already limit my life. I don’t want one of my limitations to be not being able to have a baby. I will go into this with lost of consideration and responsibility.
753089 tn?1233597708 His diagnosis was confirmed by another doctor in his group (who I have been told is not so easily convinced) Over the course of six months or so, he increased my pain meds from 2 Percocet a day (that I had been taking for about a year and a half) and put me on Morphine and Fentanyl patch, increasing dosages until I was able to get some relief. He concluded that because I had had no relief for so long, it would take larger dosages than normal.
Avatar f tn I am scared to death to come off this stuff alone, but I don't want to be on it anymore if I don't have to. I am a recovering addict of 16 years and people know I've been on the meds but it's monitored but still, it's addicting--very addicting. I take it AS PRESCRIBED, but I don't want to be on it anymore. I am studying to be a substance abuse counselor and I'm starting to feel like a hypocrite because I don't care if it's prescribed or not, I am addicted to it.
541953 tn?1262589826 I can't tell you how it holds up to Morphine, because I'm allergic to Morphine, but I do get fairly good pain control. I've heard that It's stronger than Morphine but I have also heard some people argue that it is not. The only thing that I would wonder is if you have anything for breakthrough pain. I find that I do need breakthrough pain meds. Oh and the drug is oxymorphone hcl. Hope that helps and good luck to you.
653169 tn?1303449969 I also wanted to add that if you feel that this medication is not right for you after doing the research do not take it. Call your doctor and ask for other options.
Avatar f tn they were so cheap and always there. I had to move 5 states away to get away from the stuff. How long were you on methadone and how much did you taper and did you taper down to 0 mgs? thanks for the answers and support.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I do wish to keep my tolerance as low as possible as I am effectively delaying surgery and I want to continue to be able to do that. My hope is that if I get all of my breakthrough meds included into a long acting medicine that I will be able to continue at that level for a longer amount of time and slowly add in breakthrough meds as needed until they equate to another long acting med titration.
Avatar n tn Once u say ur a past cirhosis patient on morphine its hard to get ANY medical care cause they r afraid to ptescribe or thst im n addict.
Avatar f tn The pain specialist who perscribed me the morphine, shut down unexpectedly a few months ago. I was able to get a month perscription from my family doctor but he was a complete jerk and dosen't understand chronic pain and how to control it. I didn't want to have him as my family doctor anymore, so I started seeing a new general physician a few weeks ago. In the mean time, I was stuck with no doctor to oversee my pain management, and no doctor that was willing to take me on as a new patient.
Avatar m tn I have been addicted to morphine for the dosage of 600 mgs. I am to old to ruin my life any longer. All I remember is the pain in my back (Degenerative Disc Disease) Fibromyalgia 18/18 pts. and every arthritis, osteoporosis, there is. I went to the Claresholm Addiction and Mental Health for help. Even though the stay can be 3-6 months, I left when I was down to 200mgs. I had every intention of being free of this drug within a month.
1157044 tn?1318303724 I will be continuing to reduce it until I am off the morphine all together. My neurologist and I agree that I need to get off the morphine and address my pain without it in my system. Despite the fear of the potential pain issues that I may have with further reductions & removal of the morphine all together for its treatment I am excited about getting off this drug. However, I have been plagued with drastic and unusual emotional issues these past several weeks.
1511671 tn?1316567803 If the vicodin worked for your, I would say to try and stay with something in that class, I have heard from others that the patch works well but that may be a too huge a jump from two vicodin a day. You may want to get a second opinion becasue the amount of methadone your Doc has you on seems high to me-but I am no Doc. I am on 10 mg in the morning 10 mg of methadone ot night for fybromyalgia and DDD. I am awaiting spine surgery.
Avatar m tn Problem is, my pain management doctor seems hesitant to change my medication. My other issue is the high dosage, I seem to get worse stomach problems the higher I have to go. I've asked my doctor if there was some derivative I wouldn't have a tolerance to, that I could take at say 10mg or something low. They seem to keep telling me I have to stay on Morphine until I hit the absolute ceiling, then they will consider switching. Is this a good idea?
Avatar f tn And take a very high dosage. It's water soluable so it isn't toxic to your system. I take the highest dosage I can buy which is 5000 mcg, once a day. Topamax keeps the body from absorbing biotin which is crucial for hair growth. It might take about eight weeks or so for you to notice regrowth, but it does help. Keep using the Nioxin products too. There is one called Follicle Booster which is expensive, but helps a lot. And drink tons of water.