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Avatar f tn You would have to be giving a whole bottle of morphine or a whole bottle of lorazepam all at once to do harm. Hospice starts at a very low dose and then gradually may increase over time as the patient can become used to the dose and need a stronger one. This is all very normal-to titrate as neeeded to meet patient comfort. Please request a meeting with the hospice staff and you and your family so that you all can be on the same page. Def research dehydration and end of life.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have read some info about Fentanyl Patches and need an opinion about my husband being on them. He is 83 and was on hospice using liquid morphine for about 8 months (he has heart and lung issues). He stabilized so he was taken off hospice but he was still on the liquid morphine. A few weeks ago he fell and ended up in ICU with neck pain and an increased heart rate that resulted in a minor heart attack. He is now in Rehab and they have him on a fentanyl patch (I don't know the dosage).
419309 tn?1326506891 My husband started showing distress and pain yesterday evening, and we added liquid morphine to lorazepam every 4 hours. Shortly after 5am this morning he started thrashing and groaning in terrible discomfort, gasping for breath, struggling as if fighting an unseen enemy. Hospice nurses recommended we double his pain and anxiety medication... ten minutes later, holding his hand, I looked into my husband's eyes and heard him take his last two breaths just before 6am today.
Avatar n tn She had been in the hospital, in severe pain, the week before entering hospice. Staff at hospice kept her comfortable with morphine, thankfully. In high doses morphine can bring on a person's death more quickly. With my mom, once she started having trouble with breathing, to the point that it was so painful for me to watch (and hear), they upped her dose quite a bit. It is supposed to relieve the feeling of oxygen deprivation, which must feel horrible.
Avatar f tn It turned out that less than 1 mg of morphine complemented by 600 mg of acetametaphine was all that was needed to control his pain. The hospice nurse explained that the purpose of the initial high dosage was to hasten death. Wasn't the physician ethically bound to explain the death-hastening aspect of the excessive dosage to the patient?
Avatar f tn We were told by the Hospice nurse that she was being administered the lowest dosage of Morphine .05 milligrams. After several days she became un responsive, when we asked the same nursing home supervisor about the low dosage, we were advised , yes it is .05 milligrams of Morphine but every 4 hours. We were never advised about the dosage being more than one a day and asked that it be administered as need for pain. The morphine was adjusted AS Needed , determined by Hospice.
Avatar f tn as she has a hard time breathing when she sits up or lays downs... expecially when she lays down....Her dosage is 0.5 mg but I think she is taking more as she seems to run out... and kinda has that Thousand Mile Stare in her eyes....She is on Hospice care and they are prescribed to her but I just worry about her taking too much.... She only weighs in at a whopping 85 pounds....I know that the Comfort Care is a huge thing with Hospice... I just don't want my Mom overdosing herself...
Avatar n tn My Dad is in the same position (obviously not ovarian cancer but cancer all through his body). The hospice nurse and volunteers are terrific. My Dad's hospice nurse will do whatever it takes to keep him comfortable and drugs are the number one defense. My Dad is groggy and falls asleep all the time from the meds but that's OK. Hospice usually sends a volunteer to your house to sit for 4 hours so you can get out and do errands or just unwind. Please take advantage of that.
4522800 tn?1470329434 Well come to find out they had a order on the Med Cart and a girl gave him one.(Morphine) OK so I went in and said NO Hospice should know this. See my Dad had never taken a med in his life and said that the pill he gets right now every four hours does wonders. So I kept checking with him and he was talking OK again..He had all of his mind with him and he can hear. When he heard those 2 girls say "This is it" he seemed to go to a depression state.
Avatar n tn his doctor has also recommended paracetamol for additional relief and also as a final stage, morphine. my father refuses to take additional painkillers. how effective is this dosage of patch for this type of illness? would he be better on 20mg patch with no additional painkiller?
Avatar m tn Hello all, My mom is on in-home hospice care and receiving Morphine Sulphate for pain related to cancer. She has mets in her spine, including her neck. Her requests for morphine, of which she was usually getting 5mg, has tapered off over the past two or three weeks, but she suddenly started complaining of neck pain yesterday. We tried a small pillow that you heat in the microwave and put under her neck, which helped very little.
Avatar n tn I was on the Fentanly patch (50mcg) for almost a year. I used it as prescribed (changing the patch every 3 days) but started having side effects with my pancreas and all the pain medications I was taking. I talked to my doctor and he asked if I could add a day (changing the patch every 4 days). I agreed, cut down on my other pain medications and tried it. The morphine will build up in your system over time.
Avatar f tn I took her to the vet on Nov 11th, as the bloating was significant by then. He gave her Furosemide, Midazolam, Morphine and Acepromazine shots, put her in an oxygen cage for about 8 hours, and increased (yet again) dosages of meds. Her murmur level was 6 of 6 by then. The following day (Nov 12th) she seemed a little better, but by Nov 13th she was bloated again. I took her to the vet again, who drained the fluids from her belly and said that she should be ok for 3-5 days.
Avatar m tn Hello Pete and welcome to Med Help. Do I understand you right, you are taking Hydromorphone (Morphine), Oxycontin and Methadone to control your pain? I am asking because I have never heard of a Doctor prescribing all three meds that are considered long acting meds. As for the acupuncture, I have heard of very few if any that have had good results with nerve pain. There is a drug called Lyrica that is supposed to work better than the Gabapentin. You might give that a try.
Avatar n tn I guess my question is -- first for clinicians, do you think we may have inadvertently stumbled upon too high a dosage and that some of the weakness may be attributable to the dosage? or do you think this progression of pain medication is not too unusual? For any patients or caregivers, does our current dosage seem very high to you and what side effects such as weakness have you seen?
Avatar f tn Had open lung biopsy in November diagnosed with Interstitial Lung disease. Dr just started lowering the dosage of prednisone from 60mg I am down to 20. I also take advair and use the nebulizer 3-4 times per day.It appears that I do not respond well to the meds. The cough has become constant and the lidocaine was suggested to help surpress the cough. What I am concerned about is Lidocaine safe to inhale at home without the supervision of my Dr? Can there be any serious side effects?
Avatar f tn Thanks for your input. Unfortunetly we will have to wean her off this slowly. I do not know the dosage at the moment, but by looking at the pill I have discovered that it is the generic of Zoloft. I dont know yet if this means anything.??
Avatar n tn And Thank you for your service with Hospice. My father died from cancer several years back, Hospice and the nurses were a Godsend. I was his caretaker and the help and info from those people was invaluable.
1435895 tn?1304294841 It has a diff target effect than diamox does not real sure though. We use pamelor a lot with the hospice patients for nerve pain and it works well. Tricyclic antidepresants are crap for depression but work really well for nerve pain that is chronic. They often prescribe that as a topical med. Wonder if it is applied to the neck if it would target better than if ingested orally..... My doc is so closed to suggestions I have been affraid to ask him about this stuff.
Avatar n tn Fetanyl is literally a hundred times as potent as morphine. 0.05-0.10 mg. is equivalent to 10-30 mgm's. morphine. This super strength per mg makes it ideal to use in an transdermal patch. Joe, there is a GAP in time that you must allow for the formulation in the patch to work. I cannot remember the specifics on how much time must past before the patch starts working. Ask your doctor or phamacists. I am sure they will have that information.
Avatar n tn I know with hospice patients they give morphine on demand. Interesting question, don't know the answer, and am not really qualified to speculate. Thanks for the thought provoking post.
Avatar m tn her pain is that bad. And it's next to impossible to get a PCA pump for her unless she goes hospice (tell me that makes sense?). Anyways it's cool about the vitamins/ me I understand your confusion, that's always in the back of my mind as well wether I'm sure or not. I think because of this disease we are just trying to never take chances and hope that this chemo or treatment will be the 'one'.
Avatar n tn It could be the case that you have some degree of allergy to the patch too in which case you could try an equivalent dose of a different drug (like morphine for example or oxycontin as sandee suggested). the oxycodone IR you took is very weak compared to the patch. but there are higher doses of longer acting variants of the drug which you may tolerate(and may help more). keep being a pain in the dr's neck, sometimes it's needed (but please don't disrespect him/her coz that won't work).
Avatar n tn She is a diabetic added to list. Hospice care took Mother off 10mg morphine yesterday afternoon. Mother became restless, wanted out of bed, tried to get out of bed, the thoughts of restraints crossed their minds last night. She is unable to rest comfortably, pulling at clothes, picking at body, tossing hands and arms, then breaking finally to sleep, when she can. Urine output is low, feet and legs are blue, body is swollen, but she will ralley to wake and see people as she has been able.
Avatar f tn I have some ms contin, 30mg--which is slow release morphine right? I had been prescribied this a few months ago, but it did not help the pain and I quit taking it. I still have some, and these are what showed up in my UA last week at the pain docs and led to me being dismissed as a patient. I guess in dire, dire straights, these might be useful? Or should I just flush them now? I brought along art therapy supplies and creative writing books.
Avatar f tn I have a relative who suffers from pancreatic cancer, among other serious conditions, and he was given 3-6 months over two years ago, and has been in and out of hospice several times. His morphine dosage by this time is around 300 mg/day, and although he is presently ambulatory and reasonably alert, he will be on morphine for the rest of his life, which at 74 is probably not too long.
Avatar n tn My father was admitted to the VA for alcoholic liver disease, after 1 month in the hospital the doctors said there wasn't anything else they could do for him (they gave him less then 4 months to live) so we moved him to a nursing home closer to me under hospice care (that was 1 1/2 years ago). He has not gotten out of bed during that entire time.
Avatar f tn In my opinion and experience it is not usual that ppl suddenly go into respiratory arrest from the combination of medications that you father was prescribed. However I don't know how high the dosage was but certainly if the corner felt it was an unheard amount of opiates I think he would have expressed that to you. Again thousands of ppl are prescribed this combination and I have no great explanation for you.