Morphine and tylenol together

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Avatar f tn I took morphine for 5 days after a motorcycle accident. And then I took Oxycontin and Oxycodone daily for 3+ months.
1084115 tn?1385232189 hello there, i catched a flu with 39 ° fever,and i wonder how much dafalgan/tylenol is safe to take per day,when having cirrhosis. i had hep-c and did finished treatment before 5 months,4.5 months post tx i still was UND. i dont like to take tylenol,but the fever is making me pretty bad. apreciate some answers.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if hydrocodone and morphine are in the same family of drugs. I know vicodin and percocet are in a similar family (due to codine), but morphine is much different. refer to this website.
210982 tn?1280987495 Maybe you could just stop the morphine all together and just use the percocet. Morphine is more addictive and harder to wd from. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Gatorade is great, but she also needs plenty of cold fresh water to combat dehydration and flush any remaining morphine out of her system. Bananas are easy on the stomach and contain potassium and L-trytophan which are helpful. Warm milk with a little honey in it can be very soothing. If you don't have epsom salts, bubble bath with aromatherapy oils in are very relaxing. Dim lighting, maybe candles if you have them are also very relaxing.
Avatar f tn All that work to get off my pain pill habit (and there ain't nothing more full of morphine than oxycontin LOL) and the morphine they addicted me to while in the hospital...for nothing? At week 20 it is just too late right now to detox myself from the suboxone and have it make a difference. Plus I just don't WANT to have to go through all that withdrawl during this time. God it just gets more impossible!
Avatar n tn tramadol and co-codamol can be taken together. tramadol is a morphine salt based drug which acts on the brains pain receptor. co-codamol comes in different strengths, all with 500mg of paracetamol per tablet. some with 8/15/30 or 60mg codiene. co-codamol acts upon the sensory nerves and motor neurons. when combined these 2 drugs provide very effective relief of moderate to severe pain.
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Avatar m tn Went back to dr for follow up,wanted to give me Tylenol 3 and flexiril. I went back to ER got another shot of dilaudid and a Percocet then had a pain management dr appt next day. Went there here perscribed dilidid and a muscle relaxer. Not working. I'm switching back and forth to Percocet. I also have norco I've thrown in a couple times. Help!?
Avatar f tn Another two at the next four hour mark and then one late at night so i do wd while i'm sleeping and have bad tummy and leg cramps. I was told that much would not hurt you unless you do it everyday. I've been trying to elminate one which i did yesterday. however i have the little 5/500 pills right now. I've been to the dr in the last month because of my endometriosis. And he did a ultrasound of my liver and blood testing and my levels are all fine.
Avatar n tn Just be honest and tell him the morphine is giving you all this trouble. If you don't get the side effects from the oxycodone and it works, not sure why they want to change it.
Avatar f tn I threw them in the garbage then came back in here and sat on the sofa kinda twitchy thinkin hmmmm.....then went and dug them out and dug the cotton out and dumped them in the toilet....I didn't know if I'd have taken one? But I couldn't stop thinkin about them sitting in the kitchen garbage....
484378 tn?1209909492 Well what i did, instead of doing something stupid like calling in my own script, I went to the ER for the first time, and told them I had really bad pain from a slip and fall. Well they gave me a shot with 5mgs of Morphine and sent me home on Percocets. I only got 15 percocets and thats all I wanted. I dont want anything more then that cuz like I said,l am going to my Sub doc on the 1st. I just didnt want to be "sick" till the 1st, so as addicts, you all know how I I went.
1683709 tn?1370713201 I've cut down to 30mg of morphine a day, and I'm ready to come off all together. My pain Dr. gave me tylenol 3, and ativan to help with the detox. I also have medical marijuana, but find I can only smoke it at night, since I don't like to feel stoned during the day. What should I expect detoxing? And will the pain when I first come off be worse at first, since I've been on the drug so long.
Avatar f tn My dr recently changed my pain medication for my lower back pain from percocet to morphine b/c he wanted me taking less tylenol, as it causes liver damage. I do NOT feel pain relief from the morphine. I'm taking twice what he prescribed me just to feel relief. I was NOT expecting this!!!
Avatar n tn Tylenol 3 dosent have the same pain relief as either hydrocodone or Oxycodone,Oxy being the strongest of the 3 being converted in Oxymorphone by the liver,hydrocodone is turned into Hydromorphone and Codeine into Morphine but the thing is only a small ammount of it.
Avatar n tn if you have any questions please reply to me i am thinking of you and feel for you and send you all my heart and spirit that you get through this painful period and come out of it happy and together. love always andrew korman. please reply anytime virginia i will always make and have time for a good person such as yourself.
Avatar n tn I have gone from 60mg of time release morphine down to 30mg. I have been doing this 3 months now and am really wanting to stop it all together. I did stop vics ct 3 months ago also and that was a tough ct wd. Any advise or simalar stories would be greatly appreciated!! HELP!
Avatar n tn My point here is that everyone has something to offer, including some excellent chemical analysis and research skills and we welcome whatever skills you can offer, including moral support. My personal goal is consumer advocacy. I want to publish as much information and analysis about Tramadol as I can find. If you have something to share, welcome. My personal agenda: I am for personal empowerment through information. I am a lawyer who has done consumer protection class action work.
Avatar f tn I wanted to post something on the topic as I am a Chronic Pain patient who has become pregnant. I'm currently in my 23rd week of the pregnancy and am having trouble finding a Pain Management Provider who will see a pregnant woman, or a high-risk OB who will treat Chronic Pain. I have been told that Maternal-Fetal Medicine Speicalists will provide pain relief for pregnant chronic pain patients, however I been told that mine will not.
Avatar f tn During my pregnancy, the sciatica was so bad that I could only walk a few feet which was excruitiating! My OBGYN and PCP worked together and agreed that I could take Tylenol with codiene for my pain. I used the medication sparingly and when the pain became so intense that I would have had to take more than I was comfortable with, I went out on short term disability for the remainder of the pregnancy (about 6 months).
Avatar m tn i was ready to throw myself in front of a car......i had to go to another hospital...where they gave me...morphine ( 1st time)...and a presc. for vicadan.....It helped at first...but I can feel that its coming back...I am desperate...if I cant get someone to take this seriously...Im going 6 ft under...cause this pain is more than i can handle.....please help me.
Avatar f tn I have had dilaudid and morphine iv while being in the hospital and am currently taking Tylenol 3 for migraines but its up to each individual doctor to figure out what the best plan for you is! Good Luck!
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
Avatar n tn I've had no experience with Inderal, and the other migraine meds have just completely knocked me out and sent me drooling to the couch, so I resort--after hours of holding out until I can't stand it anymore--to tylenol w/ codeine and a wee bit of cannabis via a vaporizer. The two of them together work beautifully. (Codeine alone doesn't do it.) Until tx, I had no idea that the the claims about medical marijuana for alleviating chemo-related headaches and nausea were so accurate.
Avatar f tn My pain management doctor recently switched me to hydrocodone 10-500 due to pharmacy crack downs and I am itching like crazy and having bad nightmares and don't sleep well and grind my teeth bad. I must be having an allergic reaction? I'm not allergic to anything but this now. I'm suffering in pain cause I can't take these side effects! I was on Oxycodone 10-325 and didn't have any problems. And have been on pain management and on Oxycodone since 2011 and never had any problems on them.
Avatar n tn The problem is the amount of tylenol and it being harmful to you. Try to cut down and also call a nurse or doctor hotline. That way you do not have to worry about talking face to face with someone in the medical field. I went through exactly what you are going through and have two healthy twin girls that are 15 months old. I am happy to say that I have been clean for some time and love it.
Avatar f tn 10mg 6 times a day and Soma 4 times a day...I was on Fentanyl and Morphine also but quit those cold Turkey Saturday...I have Severe Panic Attacks at night..Paralyzing..that turns into Severe Depression during the day...Is this normal for Withdrawal?...I don't mind the physical's the Anxiety and Depression that are terrifying me. Even though I've been prescribed these pain pills for a fractured back...I just don't want to be on them.
1794671 tn?1338798991 I have been taking norco throughout my pregnancy because I felt like taking just my breakthrough meds was better then taking it with Morphine, and also better then taking nothing and being unable to function as a human being. My dr was not in agreeance, she throught I should stay on the morphine because of withdrawals but I convinced her that if they got to any point where I was uncomfortable I would take it but I was unable to persevere and just take my norco.
Avatar n tn Said: I'm allergic to codeine and I'm looking for a stronger pain reliever that doesn't have it Unfortunately for you if you are allergic to the codeine based narcotics...most likely the stronger ones are also morphine derivitive and are going to bother you more. Vicodin is really no "stronger" than a tylenol #4 but it's made with hydrocodone which is a synthetic type base.