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Avatar f tn How hard on the liver is morphine I was just told 1/4 of my liver is gone. and the viroal count is over 17 million.
Avatar n tn With higher doses or in frail patients, the respiratory rate decreases, the patient becomes increasingly sedated, and the pupils very small. One can stop breathing if the respirtory depression is great enough. The pharmacy made an error. They doubled the dose that the physician prescribed. I would certainly make a written complaint, if you haven't already done so. I assume the physician also knows of the error. If not I would be certain to notify him.
Avatar m tn But ur answer to ur question oxycontin and morphine are the same thing. They are in the same family. They also have the same ingredients but the only thing is oxycontin is a little bit stronger then morphine.
Avatar n tn After so many years on meds, 15mg three times a day sounds awfully low. After first pass through the liver, there is only about 40% of morphine left for the body to use anyway, so your body is using somewhere around 20mg a day. How much of the other stuff were you taking?
Avatar m tn with sac nerve impengment at S1-S2 and L1-L2 following a work accident then auto-acc taking ms contin 120mg bid, (30mg) and percocet, stopped ms contin week ago and it hell, been using percocet to take the edge off of the with-draws, down to four percocet a day taken them every six hours, what due I have to look foward to with ending these meds haven been on morphine for so long, when will the body be free of this med,
Avatar n tn I encourage you to post a new question as this topic is 5 years old. Go to the top of the page and hit the orange post a question button. There are a ton of people here who can help you. just copy and paste all this to a new question.
Avatar n tn I had stopped taking my Lactulose prescription - it keeps the colon cleaned out and the drug Xifaxan gets rid of the bacteria that originates in the colon and causes the ammonia buildup. Brain fog from the ammonia can cause you to do all sorts of things and not know what you're doing. If she gets on the medications your daughter won't have this problem. God Bless. I hope 2012 will be a better year for all of us.
Avatar f tn I'm intollerant to morphine (i.e. it doesn't produce anaphyllactic shock but the side effects are horrendous). I also can't use tramodol, meptid, or codeine phosphate. I can tollerate 8/500 co-codamol but these no longer touch the pain due to prolonged use. I can't tollerate 30/500 co-codamol. On the NSAID side of life Ibuprofen is causing stomach problems (as it would do with prolonged use), diclofenac doesn't do much for the pain, nor does mefanemic acid.
Avatar n tn I have a dr who wants me off the darvocet that I take for the pain. What else should I request that would work with my liver? I can't live without something. I don't care what. I am sometimes crippled up with the pain and spend my day in bed. And thats with meds. He told me there is nothing else. How can he expect me to live in pain?
Avatar m tn Both have paracetamol in them, which, after months or years of everyday use, will most likely take it's toll on the liver, esophagus or stomach, or all three. Pure morphine is a much better choice. Ask your doctor to do a liver function test (AST/ALT and ALP) while everyday on paracetamol and see for yourself. On the other hand, morphine, hydro/oxycodone (without paracetamol) in the doses you're taking, are highly unlikely to cause any liver toxicity.
Avatar m tn I have since had surgery(dec08/2008) and my hip replaced and the pain is virtually gone...but I can't seem to come off the morphine... I tried to go cold turkey and couldn't do it.I really like my doctor and over the years he has become a friend of mine but he seems, to me, to under estimate what this withdrawal is doing to me. I gave him back all my 100 mg morphine and all my hydromorphone and asked for a lower dosage. He then gave me 30mg twice a day for a week...that was okay...
653169 tn?1303449969 Is it the morphine or is there some serious medical condition going on now, and it just happens to have occurred at the same time I was put on the morphine.
Avatar f tn 3 for stomach issues and they gave me 2 30 mg. morphine twice a day and 2mg dilaudid twice a day. That seemed ok but was in hospital. Well when I went to see primary dr. Told her how the hospital did the meds, she wanted to try that. So I tried for 2 weeks and worked ok and now she wants me to take. 3 30 mg. IR morphine just 3 a day and 2 dilaudid a day. I also wear fentanyl patches 100 mcg/h. And 50mcg/h. Change every 72 hrs. Ok with me changing the morphine will it put me into withdrawals?
Avatar f tn Before the pump, I was bedridden 23 hours-a-day. The pump (delivered morphine) allowed me to rehabilitate myself and return to work. I am post spinal-fusion surgery with nerve damage. As with any alternative, there are side effects. For me, the infused medication caused me to have difficulty with achieving an orgasm. The physician explained it was a common side effect. I learned to live with it. You may need fine tuning to receive full benefit from the pump. I wish you luck.
Avatar f tn later feel worse,side effects of morphine and hcv.What is the reccomended pain medication for severe pain, and medication advice for severe fatigue This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/891792'>Hepatitis C Your liver and Methadone</a>.
Avatar m tn My blood pressure shot up to 188/90. The doctor sent me home without doing the biopsy. What just happened and why did the morphine not work?
Avatar n tn Anyway, morphine, when taken orally, goes through your liver and then about 40% of your dose if left for use in the body. IV, and you get the whole shebang. That is why the dosages are so widely varied. With the patches, can you get smaller than the 100ug/hr? If you can, you should go down to the 75ug/hr and stay on the morphine. Do that for a week, and then go to the 50ug/hr with the same dose of morphine.
Avatar n tn Just so that u know, Morphine is metabolised by the liver, and a patient with liver failure will develop toxic levels of Morphine, as it cannot be excreted by the failing liver, very quickly. Perhaps a new form of euthenasia?
419309 tn?1326506891 The last hours have come and gone. My husband started showing distress and pain yesterday evening, and we added liquid morphine to lorazepam every 4 hours. Shortly after 5am this morning he started thrashing and groaning in terrible discomfort, gasping for breath, struggling as if fighting an unseen enemy. Hospice nurses recommended we double his pain and anxiety medication...
Avatar f tn If I am remembering correctly you are on Naloxone in order to withdraw from a dependence on pain meds from a back (?) injury. The article has a d.. if you do and d... if you don't approach. The morphine boosts the Hep C virus growth, but the effect of withdrawal from morphine is the blocking of the interferon. I think we need to try to find more on this. It is just research at this point, and I am not even sure the research was done on people - maybe only cells in petrie dishes.
Avatar f tn I've had 2 liver biopsys. Both without sedation (but they used a local anasthetic). The first one went well, no problems at all. The second one (2 yrs later) wasn't so good. Evidently, some bile seeped out of my liver as I was biopsied and it gave me severe pain in my right collar bone/shoulder area and I was having a hard time breathing. I also got very stressed when this happened. They gave me morphine which helped a little. Also, it took a week to 10 days to get my results. Good luck!!!!
Avatar f tn I think it is VERY SERIOUS, I've heard people have liver transplants from NAFLD and the fat causes scarring and damage and inflammation.
Avatar n tn I have chronic spine problems/pain and my hep doc took me off Norco and on to Oxy to eliminate the APAP toxic potential on the liver. I then can take a Tylenol pre injection to help prevent some sx. Oxy has its own sx and potential for dependancy of course. Hope that clears it up for you - and I certainly can empathize with your back pain suffering.
Avatar m tn He also was at that point pronounced to have sclerosis of the liver and liver scarring. Nearing the end of the second week in hospital he was started on a regiment of Morphine as the pain had become unbreaable even with the codiene dose increased (unfortunately I do not know the exact amounts). Then after consultations the three doctors decided to bring in a general surgeon to give a second opinion.
Avatar f tn Second, if the source of your pain can be managed or eliminated then you can proceed with stopping the morphine. Morphine is an opiate pain killer that can be highly addictive. You should get help weaning yourself off of the drug. Coming off of the morphine will be difficult after 3 years of use. I would seek help from a doctor that specializes in drug addiction or find a pain clinic at a hospital that is experienced weaning patients off of addictive drugs.
596485 tn?1253825278 / I have had it checked out and they said it was bad but, the liver DOES regenerate (slowly) eat alot of iron (i. e. tuna or liver) And, if u take tylenol never take ibuprophen or what have u with it, that is bad liver killin'. If your eyes and skin aren't turning yellow then you can still save ur liver :P Good luck. and u may want to have it checked out.
Avatar m tn I am taking 4 mg/day now, but no other drugs associated with the liver transplant. The cost will depend on your insurance plan and the doctors prescriptions. Energy level: my energy level started coming back around 5 to 6 months post transplant. Unfortunately, the HCV infection alse began feeling better, and I started having problems and started HCV treatment. Treatment brings its own side effects, as you know, which often include anemia and fatigue.
Avatar m tn He said the morphine is not from the Nucynta and that I must not be taking the Xanax or Nucynta that neither one of them showed up. I am not taking Morphine of any kind. I took a Xanax and a Nucynta 3 hours before this appointment. I also take Nasonex, Allegra, Ranitidine, Liver Support by 1 Body and also rarely Afrin for Spring allergies. I just finished a 5 day Prednisone pack for inflamed muscles in neck from degenerative discs Just recently diagnosed with Hep C.
Avatar f tn New medicines in the past couple of months have been the Fentanyl, 75 mcg., and morphine 30 mg. They switched the morphine out post-op to oxycodone 30 to 45 mg every three hours. (I also take Cymbalta 30 mg. 2 x/day; Clonidine .1mg (which is being given for nerve pain but was originally used, years ago, for high blood pressure.) I take Ambien, 10 mg. as needed, though I try to stick with melatonin (though these nights sleep doesn't come very easily.) And I've been taking Ativan 1 mg.
Avatar n tn My uncle has been asked to get admitted in the hospital immediately. I believe the knowledge and the experience of the group will immensely help us to understand the problem and to tackle it. Thanks.