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Avatar f tn My Dad is presently under hospice care for kidney failure and has numerous other health problems. He was told a month ago of his condition and dialysis was not an option. We have been given two meds to administer, ABR cream and ativan. The visiting RN advised us to give it to him as needed. Dad has a persistent cough that sometimes scares him because he can't catch his breath.
787406 tn?1339206783 Greetings - - I am sorry to learn of your friend's discomfort... "...My aussie in so much pain that he groans all day,I tried Tramadol last night but had no effect on the pain. Can dogs take morphine when they have kidney failure?..." The very first and most important step is to have this dog's pain diagnosed... where is it, why is it occurring, etc... Without this critical information no rational decisions can be made.
Avatar f tn He agreed with my diagnosis of Rhabdo... and kidney failure. I had see my nephrologist and he ran all my blood work witch was perfect. I am now going to see my GP to fill her in on everything on Thursday. I am also going to see a Neurosurgeon next Tuesday for the second part of my EMG (the part where they stick little needles in you to electronically see if there is nerve damage) I am supposed to go back to work on August 24th!!
1529480 tn?1291880734 Hi, I have been exactly where you are! My pain doctor would not listen either. Every time I saw him I would complain that the morphine made me feel "out of it" and that I did not like it. He kept insisting that i take it and then proceeded to up the dosage! Six weeks later I woke up in the ICU hallucinating and suffering from kidney failure! I don't remember how I got there, in fact, I don't remember the whole month of February(2010), and now I suffer from short term memory loss.
Avatar m tn My mother-in law was mis-prescribed morphine and given a months supply in 24hours. She was rushed into ICU, and was released with the diagnosis of kidney failure and passed 2 weeks later.
Avatar m tn I wanted to ask anyone if you have ever heard of leg pain associated with tablets of morphine, I woke up at night and my legs felt like they were on fire. I have decided to go off of the morphine and have 16 left and I did it before with less though it is hard. This is the third prescription I have had because they just did not have anything better to offer but the divoprolex is working well. Or epival??
Avatar n tn Other meds include Coumadin, Lipitor, Coreg, Aspirin, 7.5mg Morphine and 20mg Cymbalta (for post herpetic neuralgia) - currently tapering off the morphine. She still has a 20% ejection rate, the same as when the pacer was placed. It seems that the significant breathing difficulty started after the latest hospitalization (I’m guessing that the fluid replacement contributed.) Are there any other surgical options available, or even meds? Would the use of an oxygen tank help?
Avatar m tn Do either of these medications have lingering effects when given to a person who is in such a serious condition as my father was? In particular someone who is suffering from liver and kidney failure? 3. Even in healthy patients, is there any mental side effects that are known or common? 4. Could a person's mood and judgement be transformed or impaired by all of this? 5. Do either Codeine or Morphine, or the combination of the two in conjunction with other medications, lack of sleep, etc.
877402 tn?1241572671 I really told myself last night i would be ok and i was till i talk to my boyfriend and i was so upset , hurt and alone and I told myself I did not want to use but I used and I am finding triggers and that is wrong i know i deserve somone who talks to me understands me loves me 2 no end inside i am dead and i just want everything to be right no matter what it never goes how you want ....
Avatar f tn Otherwise, Jean had it in his mind that he wouldn't make it if I wasn't there and his panic made his blood pressure go off the charts and it also greatly affected the amounts of insulin that we had to give to him. He had congestive heart failure and kidney disease from the Diabetes. I GUARANTEE you that she was punishing you for DARING to intrude upon her time and for having the audacity to ASK her to bring you ANYTHING!!! It is truly unacceptable for you to have gone thru that!!!
Avatar n tn I had a 1 cm on my rt kidney and was told it was normal/common, no tx necessary...i had stones and an infection at the same time but they have not felt the need to address the cyst. I am 31yr old.
Avatar n tn Weturner, there IS a connection between "bipolar" and kidney stones. His 'bipolar' symptoms and kidney stones are very possibly caused by the same thing. It is called Hyperparathyroidism. Most people have never heard of PARAthyroid glands. But we all have four of them. Please have your husband's parathyroid checked out by the best expert you can find. I was put on medications for years for mental things such as bipolar, I was also getting kidney stones a lot.
Avatar f tn I have had several kidney infections and they made me very sick and they were super painful (flank pain) I actually went into kidney failure and almost died on my birthday. Fever, chills, flank pain are the symptoms I had.
Avatar n tn My mother-in-law has liver failure and end stage cirrhosis. She has had major diharia and incontinence for over seven months. During the last three days her bowels have not moved, although she is urinating. She is more drowsy and has noticed she has this disturbing drooling. She is on lactulose and has NOT missed a dose. Is this an alarming symptom? I am going to call hospice to ask a nurse. I just wondered if anyone has seen this with anyone they have cared for with cirrhosis.
Avatar n tn My younger brother, age 39, died last Friday of heart failure, secondary to liver and kidney failure. He was in the hospital for 6 weeks, on daily dialysis. He had been a heavy drinker for over 20 years and suffered from depression. No one could reach him. He wouldn't go to the MD until my parents threatened him. At this point he couldn't urinate, was severely jaundiced, abdomen distended and in total denial of the seriously of the disease.
Avatar f tn I found this site while getting information on my Mini Schnauzer who has kidney failure and is having a bout with Pancreatitis. I will share my story at a later time. I just want you to know that you did everything possible for your Cissy and she is no longer suffering. I had a dog die in my arms 20 years ago and have had to put down 2 since. They are like your babies and they can never be replaced.
1028300 tn?1252093974 No it's never optimal to take medicine while you are pregnant but the stress the pain would cause you and the possibility of total kidney blockage which can cause kidney failure is even more risky. So you are making the right decision. The one thing about taking narcotic meds (like Demerol) is that they can cause a baby's respiratory system to not fully develop.
Avatar m tn a rough patch of skin about a centermeter wide, but being a small hospital they didnt have the lazer equipment to get rid of it, i am booked in for the week after next to go under anesthetic again, which scares me as last time i was in so much pain i was on morphine and tramadol for 3 days, the blood i can handle, but the pain is really worrying and getting to me and i am absaloutly terrified that its cancer or kidney failure, has anyone heard of anything like this before??
Avatar f tn I have primary hyperoxaluria type one my liver does not produce and enzyme that take the oxalates out of my body, causing many stones and kidney failure, if your having cronic stones get checked for it, a nephrologist is who u need to see, urologist only treat the the stones effects on you. Not what causes them, I will one day soon need a liver and kidney transplant they will not do only a kidney because it will be destroyed by my liver.
Avatar n tn I have Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease along with Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Sided Heart Failure. I wish the doctors could live one week as me and then tell me I am imagining the pain. There should be no pain without a stone blocking the urine- they tell me. Well guess what, I am hurting now and you cannot find a stone.
963889 tn?1359680934 Her doctor in Florida did some research on Ibuprofen and then did a report for the AMA. Ibruprofen (advil and etc) is the number one cause of kidney failure of over the counter products in the Nation.
Avatar f tn I was told there wasn't anything they could do for this kidney until after the baby was delivered and since my left kidney was working properly that's with pain medication we could get to a safe point of delivery. I am not 35 weeks pregnant and have been taking percocet since July when I left the hospital they are 2 every four hours and until about two weeks ago I was lasting 2 every 6-7 a total of 8 pills a day sometimes less depending on the pain.
Avatar n tn 34 yr old male with know hypertension now dx with kidney failure. One week out from having a stent placed in the right ureter. Continued with pain, now out of control pain. Dilauded IV and morphine IV not effective. Treating condition as a clot with heparin. However, severe out of control pain is patients most distressing sx. Need suggestions... Does anyone know if epidural analgesia would be applicable?
Avatar m tn a) Do you went on Methadone because you previous was on Morphine (as a painkiller) and it is easier to quit Morphine by taking Methadone? b) Has Methadone been chosen because of being a painkiller too, if so what is the result? Thank you.
Avatar n tn (was given this when I had a Brachial Plexus Injury for 5 days only) He told me that he rarely uses this med and if I cannot take other pain meds, I would have to resort to Advil which I said I would. When I was in the ER room with A-fib and pain some months ago, they wanted to give me Morphine. I said NO! Give me a shot of Torodol. They would not give me this. )-: I declined the Morphine and had nothing. Dotty what you went thru is so scary. I hope you are doing better now.
Avatar f tn ' 'Myoclonus may develop in response to infection, head or spinal cord injury, stroke, brain tumors, kidney or liver failure, lipid storage disease, chemical or drug poisoning, or other disorders. Benign myoclonic movements are commonly seen during the induction of general anesthesia with intravenous medications such as etomidate and propofol.' You could read more about the condition at the following links - and www.mayoclinic.
1794671 tn?1338798991 I have been taking norco throughout my pregnancy because I felt like taking just my breakthrough meds was better then taking it with Morphine, and also better then taking nothing and being unable to function as a human being. My dr was not in agreeance, she throught I should stay on the morphine because of withdrawals but I convinced her that if they got to any point where I was uncomfortable I would take it but I was unable to persevere and just take my norco.
Avatar n tn before, during and after surgery i was given pain meds like morphine, fentanyl(sp?) and more oxycodone. i had no withdrawal symptoms during my stay in the hospital or any time directly after that. that is only my experience so i'm not sure if you can apply it to your father's case or not. i would suspect that at least a little of his problems are a result of his age and condition and possibly even the type of surgery he had.
Avatar f tn Since that Sunday, I have taken 6 10 mg Vic's and 2 morphine. I am also very I'll and dr prescribed cough med with codeine- mostly as prescribed (1-2 tsp every 4-6 hrs, and a couple times I took 3 tsp every 6 hrs). I don't know how typical taper works. I kno a week and a half ago that wld only have been a day to day 1/2 supply for me. I know for a fact this is less than I was taking. But am wondering if a "method' anything like this will ever leave me waking up and taking nothing?