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Avatar f tn Thank you. There was a question in all of that -- is this 4.0 considered standard for breast sutures? I have what I consider to be significant 'lumps' at what I assume are the 'knot' ends. When I had the necessary mass excision, previously, there was little evidence of it from the very beginning. Yes. This is all the more difficult because it was, in fact, unnecessary.
Avatar n tn I have done some research and found out that most surgeons will use layers of sutures and/or existing capsules to 're-tailor' the pocket to correct this problem. I have a couple of questions and would appreciate your opinion: 1) Do you think this is a reliable method? If so, would you use dissolvable or non-dissolvable sutures in your patients to correct this problem?
Avatar f tn You could have developed an allergic reaction to the sutures and this usually depends on the composition of the sutures. They are catgut (plain/chromium), vicryl monocryl or vicryl rapidel. This is more so because you have developed the rash on the suture lines. Anti histamines from the mainstay of therapy. Though short courses of steroids are given for more severe symptoms. Discuss with your doctor regarding this.
Avatar n tn Rosenberg, I wrote before regarding problems with 'bottoming-out' and an over-dissected crease on one side of my breast. In addition, I had a delayed reaction with the PDS sutures 6.5 months post op, which had ultimately led to necrosis and an emergency surgery to remove the implant. Now I am living with one implant on one side. My question is that will the over-dissected crease ever be 'gone for good' now that the implant has been removed?
Avatar n tn Hello, Whether the hives appered as an allergic reaction to the dissolving sutures or not depends on the material of the sutures and your body,s immune reaction to that material.Mostly dissolving sutures are catgut(plain/chromium),vicryl,monocryl or vicryl rapide(latest and least allergic). Although your doctor is suspecting the stitches to be the source of allergy,but it is seen that many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known.