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Avatar f tn I remember reading in some post (but can't remember which one) something about someone being on Mobic for headaches. What exactly is Mobic (what are the major ingredients) -- can anyone tell me? I'm still looking for a good alternative to hydros to help me with chronic tension headache pain.... Thank you! ~K.
Avatar m tn The inactive ingredients in Meloxicam (MOBIC) tablets include colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, and sodium citrate dihydrate. So, the sodium content should be in very minute quantities. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn She consumed 61 powders plus a prescription of 30 pills of Mobic (arthritis med)in 6 days. She is currently living with me and my husband and when I confront her she gets very mad and tells me I only want to control her. Does she get the same "high" from the powders as a hydro or something similar? Is the addiction to caffiene or just medication in general. She has a very addictive personality (cigs, meds, people, etc..
Avatar f tn I have too many bad days to feel like a proactive citizen anymore. At this time I'm on Mobic, Advil, nexium off and on, I eat healthy and drink only water and and coffee. More water than coffee. I'm unsure of the level of information one might need to help, so please feel free to ask any necessary questions.
Avatar m tn I have bursitis really bad. Since gastric bypass surgery I have to be careful and can only take anti-imflammatory twice a week. Have been taking Celebrex since it came out on the market...worked great for me....but now too high co-pay so I am trying Mobic (generic). It seems to be doing ok...been taking for over a week now. My sister & mother say it works really good them. Ask your doc to let you try it..not sure if they provide samples...but wouldn't hurt to ask.
Avatar n tn in the US otc .. not sure about Ketaprofin via script -- I take Mobic which is a bit more gentle. Have you been food tested for allergies ever? The peas could be in the lentil food family if I recall and that can be in the peanut family of allergins .. (going by memory, you may have to double check on this). Avacados are not as safe as a first food intro as the Avocado Assoc wants people to believe for baby food .. it is up there on the allergin list.
603946 tn?1333945439 for that time he was on some cortisone packs and a few cortisone injections for severe allergies, (no allergies now, thank goodness) Deramaxx, then switched to Mobic. That's his history. The vet did say that the short time he was on Mobic and Cortisone could have hurt his kidneys, looking back for causes of renal failure. She does give me his bun and creatinine counts. I never write them down, but they worsen every time, she says.
Avatar f tn She is suppose to start a league in door, and I'm wondering if I should hold off. The Dr. has her on Mobic, and its been a week, This morning was the first time she said her lungs and her back feels better, but her left hip is hurting her. She knows nothing about the blood results, and she does not know about the Dr.s suspect diagnoses.
Avatar f tn Every time I don't take my pain pill I have no trouble with sweating. They had to have changed the ingredients. I don't drink or abuse my pills.
Avatar n tn I think, we, the public are ill informed regarding the ingredients in the shot and the possible side effects. I have been in pain now for three months with no improvement. I will NEVER get a flu shot again. I feel terrible and am in constant pain (better during the day) but at least I can function. I feel so sorry for those who had even worse reactions. Hang in there - I guess good diet and rest and pain meds is about all we can do.
Avatar f tn No, I have absolutely no one else to confide in - so you guys are it, I'm afraid. I went and purchased some of the ingredients for the Thomas Recipe, all but the multi-vitamin because I ended up throwing it up. I am constantly reading and re-reading ll of your posts, and I find it giving me some strength - now, if only I could muzzle (strangle??) the little voice inside my head that keeps wanting to sabotage my efforts, all would be good.
Avatar n tn I didn't want that type of drug so requested the most conservative approach possible to start out with. She gave me mobic, which is a non-steriod anti-inflammatory. I can't say I felt any difference from this at all. Taking nothing else. I'm in Missouri, where are you located? Are you on any meds at all? Have you got referred to the spine clinic?
Avatar n tn I have narrowed down the culprit myself by comparing ingredients of the things that give me the reaction, but I can't find another person locally that has the same problem.
522415 tn?1242941355 With antidepressants for example, there are many brands and medications for that. They work for the same thing, but have different ingredients and work differently. What may work for one may not for the other, as well as what may work for you may not with something similar. It is also good to find out what is causing for you to feel worse (even with the medications) and just to talk to your doctor about it.