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Avatar f tn Yes many people get on and stay on suboxone for years. It does and can become another addiction. He needs to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. The suboxone is still in control he isn't. Does he live with anyone? If he hasn't dealt with his demons and why he abused drugs in the first place and is still on the suboxone 4 years later he isn't ready to make the necessary steps to change his life. Have you attended any alanon or naranon meetings? How long was he in rehab?
Avatar n tn About mixing methadone and klonopins.....well here is my story...... i was on meth, and buying klonopin 2mgs.... well one day , actually night i took like 8 or 10mgs. of them. The next day on my way to the meth clinic i was fine. After i took my 85mgs (at the time) dose, well no later than 10 minutes went buy and i knew i was about to black out. I had to drive 20 minutes to the clinic. so i stopped at a friends in the area to do some coke to wake me up....yeah...i know....
Avatar n tn i was taking about 16 80 mg oxycontin a day, and went on a fentanyl binge about a month and half ago.... any way im down to about 9 80's a day. cutting down everyday and still hurting everyday... i was wondering how much i should cut down everyday? last week i was at 12 and now im down to 8....
Avatar n tn Ok this is my first time in one of these things, so please bear with me. My wife and I have been taking oxycontin the past year or so and it has gotten to the point of a 120-150 mg a day habit of snorting each. It has taken over our lives and has us fighting over money. We have finally come to a point where there is no money for the next 3 weeks and the time has come where there is nothing left to pawn or sell to keep this going any longer.
Avatar m tn By the time my wife got me to his office I was out of my mind in pain and cravings.He took one look at me and sent me to a detox.I was put on Suboxone and it really helped with the first days of the withdrawal,by day 4 I started to feel human again.I got out in a week and was feeling ok,still on the suboxone.I really thought the worst was behind me and about a week after I was home I started to get the yawns again.Then the restless leg started and this time even my hands started to shake.
Avatar m tn The Suboxone didnt seem to do that much and might have triggered the symptoms as I have read that if the opiate was still present in my body it may bring upon precipitated withdrawal. Anyway, 6 hrs after I took my first dose of Suboxone I broke down and took 40mgs of Oxycontin and feel fine now. I think i'm just gonna try and wean myself off Oxycontin, I think I can do it. I have come close before when I new supply was gonna run low.
1481418 tn?1287881514 It seems like hes doing the same actions as he was as on Oxycontin nodding out, falling asleep sitting up and his face is breaking out in hives, all the same affects as Oxycontin!!!... He has started the treatment (45ml) 3 days ago the first times he had took the Methadone he went about his day fine and today hes acting really weird.. WHY?...
Avatar n tn Browse through the archives and the other postings regarding Oxycontin - especially responses by Brian. He has written about it to others and given them some possible ways to do it. But - I must tell you - don't make it hard on yourself. The very BEST way to do it is with professional help - especially since you have other medical concerns. Please keep posting - you'll find a lot of good people and good support on this board.
Avatar f tn Hi, when I first found out I was pregnant I was 4 weeks (according to my lmp) then I stopped taking my medication (oxycontin and vicodin). I was ok for a month exactly then couldn't take the pain. From then on I continued to use never mixing the two....I would medicated once a day at most 40 mg of whichever medication I used up until 13 weeks. Then week 13-16 used suboxone 2mg once a week, then stopped all together.
1064998 tn?1254942645 yeah i was on alot of K the first 3 days - its day 13-the K wore off but im going through hellfire - HOT sweating spasms screaming - jesus - i was on oxycontin and oxycodone everday for 3 years - and took various other opiates for many years before that ( just not as much) this is so hard tonight - i keep forgeting it will ever stop and just want to die at least im not vomiting i suppose :(
Avatar f tn was able to take me off all that **** after my surgury was done with the drugs called subutex for induction and suboxone for maintenace. Not all doctors have the priveledge to subscribe suboxone detox and treatment, None of the medication is cheap except the norco. I just received a drug summary from my insurance co that they have spent as of 9/2007 just under $10,000.00. Buy the end of the year it be about $12,600.00. A months worth of suboxone is $755.00.
990354 tn?1307136486 These are all prescription drugs. Mixing meds is VERY dangerous! and could be fatal if taken with other meds like oxycontin and zoloft. Your doctor can tell you if these meds are right for your condition. Usually you will have to ween off any drugs you are taking that would interferer before you start taking others. If you don't do this under a doctors care and supervision you could stop breathing and your heart could stop while you are sleeping.
Avatar m tn Wow ur frend must be making a killing off u!! u practically pay their rent! Don't they need these pills themselves?? How did u wind up setting up this arrangement..just curious.
Avatar n tn put me on 2 80mg of oxycontin per day, and 1 10/500 of lortab every 4-6hrs. as needed for breakthrough pain. In the five that have gone by, I've stayed on only taking 2 of the oxy's per day, but have escalated up to 10-15 lortabs per day! About 2 weeks ago, i decided this was crazy, i'm killing myself! So I cut back on lortabs and now i'm taking about 8 per day. My question is #1 i have no insurance, so who would help me? #2 How bad is this affecting my body ( liver, etc.)?
Avatar f tn be careful if your mixing Sub with Benzos or Tramadol.....You are not supp to do Tramadol with Suboxone and as far as i know mixing Benzos with it will kill you. I have been sick off of Suboxone once 2 years ago b/c i mixed things i shouldnt have and i thought i was gonna die... Just be careful...you sound smart though. So i dont mean to nag...
Avatar n tn well anyways baclofen is actually VERY VERY common to be givin along in conjunction with Suboxone.. I know this because i am also going to a detox doctor and i am presribed suboxone and baclofen.. It is NOT an addictive drug and a perfect match when takin along with suboxone.. My doctor speaks Nothing but good things about it when takin along with sub.. well I hope this helps anyone... thanks godbless.
Avatar f tn I cannot go more than a few hours, without begining to withdraw. And Suboxone withdrawl is much much much worse than a regular opiate withdraw. And a Suboxone withdrawl last anywhere from 2-6 months, where as pain killer and heroin withdrawl last for 3-5 days typically. If I would have known that the doctors where exchanging one opiate for another, stronger opiate, I definitely would have reconsidered my treatment options.
Avatar f tn The only reason they put nal in suboxone was to keep rights to the drug and make money. That crap makes you sick and I'm sick of seeing people respouting the crap the drug company reps sold these quack doctors to get them to prescribe suboxone and not subutex because it went generic.
Avatar n tn Eventually I had to get off them for the simple fact that I couldn't get anymore, but I just turned to other pills so I wouldn't have to go thru the withdrawal. Now I have started taking 40mg Oxycontin, and they are awesome, but expensive and hard to come by. As for Ultram, there are a lot of things I don't understand about them. First off, this whole are-they-narcotics or are-they-not deal. Everything I have read about them is conflicting.
Avatar m tn At one point i was taking 60mg oxycontin and 8 percocet (5/325) daily. I kicked oxycontin 1 year ago just by slowly tapering and i got off it! I would never wish oxycontin withdrawal upon my worse enemy. This Month (Sept 07) i have been depressed, started lexapro, while my percocet count is down to about 4 per day. I have been wanting to kick narcotics completely for some time.
Avatar f tn There is something called Suboxone, which canhelp ease withdrawal and acts much in the same way as methadone but it's not nearly as addictive. It's very very hard to get off of methadone. If i were you, I would not go that route. Read past posts on here. there are a lot of people who either tapered or went c/t from the dosages of vicodin you are on. It is not life threatening even though it might feel like it.
267243 tn?1189759435 As far as the oxycontin goes, I've wondered about addiction--anyone who uses frequently, whether for pain or fun, gets addicted but some of us start going hog wild and others are able to stay at the prescribed dose, why is that? It's like the definition of crazy--watching oneself go out of control and being unable to stop.
Avatar f tn If you want to be pill free you can ct off of the Opana and we can help you with home remedies and such. Suboxone should not be prescribed for your situation. It is a program that needs to be followed along with counseling and other support systems. You WILL have to withdraw from it and when you do, you will need to be ready. Unlike what people think, it is NOT a miracle pill.
Avatar n tn There are other ways to control pain that are not narcotic and work well if you don't fool yourself that narcotic pain relievers is what it takes. An addict is and addict and always will be. Take you own advice and research more about suboxone, side effects, dangers, mixing it with certain drugs and most important find the intended use of suboxone. I use my suboxone for drug recovery and attend NA meetings regularly.
Avatar f tn I feel better know then when I was on 120mg Oxycontin and 80mg Norco. The suboxone cocktail is all post-op for the last 6 months and I have been told there is no rush to taper as it was up to me.
Avatar m tn We did everything we could to help him, but the last straw was last Thanksgiving, when he took a load of Xanax and some Oxycontin and threw all the food off my mother's dinner table onto the floor after a confrontation with his sister. Then it continued when we got home and she called the police. Well, I still had an in-house order of protection and they arrested him. A few weeks after that I helped him get into a supervised suboxone program.
Avatar m tn It's a good painkiller and allows you to be functional until you get to the higher doses, but getting off it is the worst. Our son tried suboxone as an outpatient first, and that was OK until he got off that and the withdrawals were so bad he went back to methadone and OD's because he'd lost his tolerance. Then three months of rehab, but he started using again, and survived two more OD's within less than a month.
Avatar n tn She is telling me that she is trying to kick this addiction, and going to the methadone clinic daily? Could she be mixing oxy and methadone together ? what signs should i look for? Do hospital rehab programs work for this addiction ? any info is appreciated..
Avatar f tn I would be glad to share with you my experiences with opioid addiction and Benzo addiction. I was severely and utterly addicted to heroin and/or Oxycontin or Dilaudid for close to two and half years and for more than a year of that time and afterwards I was addicted heavily to Benzodiazepaines.
Avatar f tn The new year is going to be a new year for us (we've been seperated but just got back together) anyway, my depression and anxiety is through the roof, so i told my md and she put me on effexor and gave me a few ativan. Now we are used to doing up to 2 80mg oc's a day and in the past 3 days ive done and 80, not at once but by taking pieces here and there to try to avoid that creepy crawaly feeling.