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Avatar f tn can you mix methadone with somas and/or xanax????? I know that you cant mix suboxone with benzo's but what's the difference with methadone?
Avatar n tn mixing methadone with klonopin is very dangerous, It makes the effects of the opiate in methadone much much stronger and causes enhaced CNS depression and can cause respiratory arrest causing death.
Avatar n tn i have been going down on my methadone because im so tierd of it im going down to 30 im gonna with drawl and do suboxone!!any ways i have been feeling a lil sick with w.d..and i took some of a suboxone and my sister have me scarded ******** can it throw me in worst with draws?????I called posion control and the lady said she wishes i didnt take it but imma be okay tell me what you think!!!
Avatar f tn i understand i went from pain pills, to herion to methadone to pain pills to suboxone to pain pills to herion to methadone to suboxone to pain pills to methadone to sub....on and on for 10 wasted years, my last desperate attempt at taking pills to cure my addiction was revia, even that stuff made me sick hope my experiecne helps...
Avatar f tn I want the methadone to help with the w/d's from the vidodin is it going to help me or hurt me?
Avatar f tn Went on Methadone, but unfortunately kept using other drugs. He began crushing his pills mixing them with water, and using a syringe and needle and began injecting the Oxy into his veins. Started to do better, got another good job, and then one day last month a friend calls him up from out of town and tells him he has scored a lot of OxyContin pills and would sell some to him very CHEAP. So he goes out of town for an overnight trip to get the Oxy and 'party' with his friend.
597547 tn?1251040364 most come here to get off sub or methadone there is a methadone community with alot of support..if u google it u will find it..i am not sure u will find ur happiness in another narcotic..but educating urself is important in order to stay off the streets Happiness is a state of mind..it comes from inside..depending on outside sources for happiness/like pills, alcohol, money, people, etc...can be taken away so quickly...
Avatar m tn I have known too many people with horrific methadone experiences and it can be extremely dangerous.. One thing about suboxone is it is basically impossible to OD on - Methadone is very easy to OD on, Ive personally known a lot of people who were lucky to get to the ER in time.. even when you dont think your taking too much. Anyway - if you need a maintenance program, sub is a much safer route. The side effects will subside most of the time as your body adjusts.
Avatar n tn And very often, taking things like ambien for a sleep problem is just a band-aid on a bigger problem, and when you stop taking the ambien, the problem will still be there. You need to speak with your doctor about getting to the root cause of your sleeping problems.
Avatar f tn Today I think I'm really starting to feel the early stages of the methadone withdrawal. I have an appointment with a suboxone counselor (@ a local hospital, using medical insurance/ not a clinic) tomorrow morning, although I won’t be able to see the doctor for the actually suboxone prescription until the following week. Therefore, I will at least be at Day 8, ((if Mon Dr. appt.
Avatar f tn I have been using roxi 30's for about 3 years now and i have been to detox, done it cold turkey, taken suboxone and methadone. My suggestion is suboxone. My withdrawls were too bad that every time i would try and stop i would be so sick i would just break down and get high. But once i started taking suboxone my world changed. It makes you feel normal. And thats all i wanted when i was sick.
Avatar m tn I was recenetly on methadone at a clinic at 50 milligrams and i decided to switch to suboxone. So I went about 2 days with nothing. Man did I feel rough, but not as rough as it was going to get. I took 1/2 of a 8mg suboxone tablet and about 1/2 hour later I was sweating enormously, twitching, jerking, freezing and could not sit still. this made me 100x worse than what I originally was. It went on like this for 3-4 hours.
621290 tn?1226723861 i DO find that Adderall does help with w/d symptoms to an extent. there are reports on the web about people mixing Xanax with Suboxone (buprenorphine) and dying. the reports seem to gloss over that these people were SHOOTING these substances. so in the case that you are shooting them. don't. Adderall can be psychologically habit-forming, but i don't even like it enough to abuse it. feels like i drank 20 cups of coffee. yuck. and good luck getting off the Subs.
Avatar n tn I posted a question last week about me f'n around with suboxone and reallized I was playing with fire - My situation is a little complicated - I just started Effexor ER75 4 weeks ago, and just lately have been having unbearable panic attacks and other awful synptoms - aggitation, disociation, ect.
Avatar f tn People, she needs to at least taper off the methadone with the aid of suboxone. She can do this w/o the need of going to a methadone clinic. Remember that she has a job that I am sure she can't afford to lose. Kristen, at least look into the sub. Do what you want, but the sub is a quick fix to a 9 year problem. You can taper off the sub easier than the methadone. Just my opinion.
Avatar n tn Do you go to a methadone clinic? Or are you prescribed methadone by your doctor? The reason I ask is because some clinics out there will not allow you to take any kind of benzo, even with a doctors order. Every clinic is different though :) Good luck!
Avatar m tn methadone is a monster to detox from your dose has been low and you wernt on it that long the real hard part is not so much the intecaty of the withdrawal but the length of recovery till you beat the ''energy crash'' get back to normal sleep and feel lie doing things again with all narcotics these things are problematic but it like it is on steroids with methadone get up to walmart and pick up a can of whey protein shake mix....
Avatar f tn that's great if you can do it, no argument on that. I've read a lot of posts about Methadone and Suboxone here, and the very large majority in this club (especially re Methadone) regret the day they signed the form -- it scared me enough to not consider it (that, and the lining up in a drug store like some outcast from society, which I may very well be, but that description certainly doesn't apply to most. Oh.
Avatar f tn Sub also has a long half life (which means it stays in the system) of about 36-72 hours. Mixing suboxone and other opiates can be a pretty dangerous game. Would she be honest with you if you confronted her?
Avatar m tn before taking any and if and when i do i will start with a 1/8 pill at a time to make damn sure i dont end up doing something stupid, however with that said you are not suppose to break the pill up as it is a time realeased thing, i have in the past with 1/4s trying to detox. My Dr. told me if i ate a oxy on these suboxone i would just pee it out and feel no effect for pain and that nothing else would happen,on this site i hear that i will go into withdrawl? I also heard from Dr.
Avatar f tn If you don't mind me asking though, do you truly wish to get off these pills, and is there a reason why you're taking anything you can get your hands on right now? Although I've never taken Suboxone, I also know that mixing drugs with other drugs isn't always the wisest or healthiest choice that someone can make. If you're taking these medicines under the supervision of your PCP, than that's one thing. It doesn't sound this way to me, though.
1010938 tn?1250773477 all replacement opioids do have bad wd's over long usage,including suboxone. I originally started taking it after developing a major norco habit. then I started mixing them. it was a mistake, and I glad to say I have managed to shake it off, albeit I felt lingering wd's for 6-8 weeks. but the worse wd's were the first two weeks. its almost imperative to taper off methadone, or you will have a real rough ride down hill.
374225 tn?1269902862 Ive actually heard of people who've died from methadone withdrawls, not sure if that's a fact, but Ive heard it from multiple people that it has happended. Most of the deaths involving methadone are related to mixing it with benzo's, and for that methadone related deaths are at an all time high. I dont want to sound like I hate methadone, cause it helped me for a short while, but had to pay a high price for that help.
401095 tn?1351395370 In particular, grinding up Suboxone (which is meant to be dissolved under the tongue) and mixing it with benzodiazepines for injection has caused deaths. Patients being treated with buprenorphine also should not use tranquilizers, antidepressants, or sedatives except under a doctor’s orders, and they should avoid alcohol. What is the Difference Between Suboxone and Subutex? Both Suboxone and Subutex contain buprenorphine and are meant to be dissolved under the tongue.
Avatar m tn what I dont understand is how he is getting by at the clinic with the street benzos they do random u/as and benzos and methadone is a deadly combination so is mixing it with the barbiturate this guy is riding on luck here and is living really dangerously you seam to still care about him if your here seaking help for you alnon meeting are the place you need to be if your planing on any sort of relationship but with this guy cut your tyes tell him to come see you when he is clean he keeps going th
Avatar f tn Whatever you do don't take suboxone with methadone or any opiates! It will send you into an immediate withdrawl so bad you'll wish you were dead. I speak from experience I never was on the toilet so long in all my life while puking at the same time. And be careful mixing benzos and methadone that combo kills more people then any other pill combo out there. Hope this helps!
917008 tn?1251227579 Okay, I better hurry up. I do not of a doctor who will allow the Valium with either Methadone or Suboxone. If it were me, and since I have taken both, I would go with the ...ooopppssss...ran out of time......
Avatar n tn guys i have found someone who agrees to give me some methadone to help me out with my detox from hydrocodone is it ok to mix these 2 ? i took 2 hydrocodone at 1 pm today i should be taking the methadone around 9 pm which is 8 hours later will this be ok or deadly?!
942290 tn?1252622149 methadone is better than sub when it comes to it being used as an analgesic. and if your an opioid addict it definitely does the trick. I liked it and it sure made me feel great !! the problem is its being used as an analgesic(pain killer) nowadays, which is what the nazis developed it for originally,during WWII. in one state,of the 1095 drug over doses, that year........795 or so were from methadone !!!