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Avatar n tn About mixing methadone and klonopins.....well here is my story...... i was on meth, and buying klonopin 2mgs.... well one day , actually night i took like 8 or 10mgs. of them. The next day on my way to the meth clinic i was fine. After i took my 85mgs (at the time) dose, well no later than 10 minutes went buy and i knew i was about to black out. I had to drive 20 minutes to the clinic. so i stopped at a friends in the area to do some coke to wake me up....yeah...i know....
597547 tn?1251040364 Sarah – I have been doing aftercare. Seeing a counselor, and attended at least 1 mtng every two weeks. Mr Lucky – What made it a disaster of two good years. Getting off? Just curious Worried – I understand most here. This was my home as I was fighting the same fight. You make a good point about happiness. Ive got a lot to work on. - I was not on vicodin, nor heroin. I used OC. After the miscarriage and the split I relapsed – worse then ever.
Avatar m tn I take it for chronic pain b/c I tried the OxyContin and morphine and all of those opiates but I like the methadone the best because, though I wake up in a lot of pain, it works fast and stays in your system longer than the others. I wish I had a breakthrough pain med but most things - well everything else you could take at home - isn't strong enough. I fell off my porch and broke my foot a few months ago and b/c I have a pain contract with my primary Dr.
Avatar n tn thats a stong amount of methadone she is on, its about the same as taking 2 oxies a day or 3 bags of herion, i more concerned for you not many people can be around someone on these drugs, and when they do it affects them, unless you are also on methadone the best bet would be to start going to alonon and try to get her into treatment, this is ofcoarse if you are not on drugs wish you the best, i was on methadone and suboxone for a long time, my spouse stayed on sub my first year clean, i told hi
3105263 tn?1363140825 (I was in pain management and was tired of all the drugs, the side effects, etc. Never went on methadone, thankfully, but Fentanyl was tough to come off.) I wound up in the ER twice with dehydration. I've found popsicles can sometimes help with dehydration. I sometimes wind up with constant dry heaving and it can be very hard to break the cycle. I also found watermelon and pineapple to help with both the nausea and keeping hydrated.
Avatar n tn As she was there a methadone user overheard her concerns and sold his methadone prescription to her. You can put the rest of it together from here.... It been two years now. I did find out that when she went to get medical advice they did stabilizer her at 100 mg a day. She says she is now down to 50mg a day and trying to ween 5mg at a time. Mind you I talked to her before about weaning and I thought she was much lower than that.
Avatar m tn I just want to make sure there is no chance of any physical health problems when coming off fentanyl like the ER doc said, or was he just full of crap and thought I was drug seeking. 1 1/2 months before I went to him I was sent to the ER by my one of my Dr's when he found out I went w/o my patches for a few days(my blood pressure and pulse were up). A neurologist saw me and immediately diagnosed me as going through opioid withdrawal and wrote me new scripts, and told me to get in pain mgmt.
Avatar m tn i got on methadone to get off oxycontin once i knew i could get high on fentanyl even with taking methadone [methadone is an opiate blocker] and the fentanyl breaks right threw the methadone....so it has to be stronger than methadone but see i wanna stop now....I'm not gunna withdraw as bad on the methadone but i still feel like **** though. I wonder how long the withdrawls lasts with fentanyl????
3112530 tn?1434035633 I am prescribed 50mcg patch but I never wear them, i cut them in half and cheek two a day- i know its wrong and dangerous and i am ashamed because i had just rehabbed off a 150mg methadone and ambien habit. I didnt realize fent was so strong. Unfortunately for me I dont't have good doctor care to help me detox because i live in a foreign country.
Avatar f tn I sometimes fall and get right where I need to be and use again. I'm scared of the exhausted person I'm going to be. I can't sleep it off I have two kids. I never thought I would be going down this path, and I don't want to be that person, wife, or mother. What can I do? Please tell me. My will to stop is very strong.
Avatar n tn So far, I can say with some authority that my experience tells me that methadone may be more receptive than fentanyl, and this is not necessarily good unless you can taper the methadone within about 15 days. That should not produce methadone addiction and it should kick out the fentanyl. Obviously this is little more than an educated guess. The problem is that I am not a particularly good test bed as I am far too objective while most people are rather subjective.
Avatar n tn About 5 years ago, i started getting severe migranes and had an accident which injured my back and neck. I tried anti-imflammatory's and other med's for my pain to no avail. My dr. put me on 2 80mg of oxycontin per day, and 1 10/500 of lortab every 4-6hrs. as needed for breakthrough pain. In the five that have gone by, I've stayed on only taking 2 of the oxy's per day, but have escalated up to 10-15 lortabs per day! About 2 weeks ago, i decided this was crazy, i'm killing myself!
388261 tn?1215403444 Heroin, Methadone, and some crack/meth junkies, and even some long time, hard core alcoholics) CAUTION/WARNING: This is not, nor is it intended to be alternate medical advice. Be sure to speak with your Doctor or seek medical advice before taking any medications or starting a home drug detox program. The above drugs are only to be taken during the first week of detox. For habitual long time addicts, you may require a longer dosage period. For Heroin and Methadone users 2 weeks or more.
Avatar f tn wow your an addict and don't know about Fentanyl........ Yes I shot it with a needle... Just to let you know Fentanyl is 80 x stronger than morphine...... The Lollipops are really awesome my dad got them when he had cancer....... In fact he had teh Fentanyl patch plus the Dilaudid machine with the button and teh lollipops..... The lollipops you lightly sucked on against your cheak......that is where it was absorbed the slower you did the stronger it was.........I used to get plowed.........
4522800 tn?1470329434 I told them NO Morphine period right now. So one day I go in and I guess he called 911 and did not know what was going on..He was very confused and out of it..Well come to find out they had a order on the Med Cart and a girl gave him one.(Morphine) OK so I went in and said NO Hospice should know this. See my Dad had never taken a med in his life and said that the pill he gets right now every four hours does wonders. So I kept checking with him and he was talking OK again..
7763265 tn?1440563151 to notice any improvement from 150 mcg or Fentanyl withdrawal.About the sleep I tried mixing melotonin with sleep aids,Xanax and valerian root and still cant get more than 3 hrs and it has bee almost 8 wks. Sleep is so important to feel good again. My Dr. prescribed Trazodone and that doesnt work for me but many others found relief with it.It may work great for you and is non addicting Congrats. for getting clean and feeling better so quickly I am amazed.
4810126 tn?1503946335 Greetings & How do? I'm journaling to let those interested know what's been going on with me medically & to express my current mental & emotional state. I'd like to document my ongoing recovery & impressions for anyone who might have to go through the same. I'd also like to share my experience thus far with having to take opiate painkillers post-op & to be witnessed in that sense by you, my comrades-in-arms.
Avatar n tn Thanks WW ~ I take it all under doctors orders and do just like they say...my mixing drugs to get a buzz days are over. Thanks for your response. I appreciate it...
Avatar n tn I hear methadone and ultram are the worst from what Ive read here. Currently Im addicted to morphine and Fentanyl. I have a taper schedule ready, now I just need to get _me_ ready.. Also I hear Soma is addicting.. well thats another favorite of mine.. but Ive never had w/d from it, and Ive been up to 12-20 a day (4 at a time). When I run out, thats it. It does have a tolerance though, used to be 1 or 2 would get me messed, now I take 4 and not really feel a thing.
Avatar n tn Hi, Curious just went thru the horrendous detox quite rapidly from fentynal from 150 mg every 48 hrs for 4 years due to degenerative disc disease and 4 bulging disks down to 25 mg in 2 months, completely off it 6 weeks now, with little to no help from Dr except to lower dosage, he had no clue how to wean me down except offering soboxone and methadone which I declined. The worst physical experience I've ever gone thru.
Avatar m tn Personally whether you take suboxone/subutex, methadone it is still better than doing drugs and blowing your money. And at least by trying one of these you are at least heading the right direction. Like posted above just beware because there is no miracle drug that will take cravinings, withdrawal, and your addiction away. Just be careful what doctor you see because a lot don’t give a **** about you.
Avatar m tn That is because people have OD'ed mixing the two, and while most of those situations involved injecting the drugs, there is still a very strong caution about mixing those meds together. Once you have taken your induction dose, you should be pretty comfortable. Within a matter of 15 minutes, your w/d symptoms will be mostly gone. So, all of that preparation is unnecessary. While it will stink to feel the w/ds, I'm sure you can endure it for a half a day or a day until you start the sub.
230262 tn?1316649534 DOC was vicodin for a few years and then Methadone hard for a year. 30 to 120 mgs a day, depending on my supply. Tried rehab, relapsed three months out. Went to Dilaudid and Fentanyl, exhausted that supply, went to Vicoprofen and then Tramadol, before getting in touch with a Suboxone doctor. Recovery is going pretty well. I have a job teaching high school english and I enjoy it.
544292 tn?1268886268 Good Evening Tramadol Warriors! Welcome. Please come on in. You are most welcome to snuggle in and make yourself cozy & comfortable. It can be a rough ride. But better with friends. All are welcome!
544292 tn?1268886268 So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors! Welcome to Part 53. This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
Avatar m tn Suboxone does not fix the recptor sites like what was stated earlier, it is a partial agonist(heroin, fentanyl,methadone, oxycodone,hydrocodone, etc.) as well as partial antagonists(naltrexone, naloxone,narcan, etc.-what is used in opiate overdoses) effects.
544292 tn?1268886268 You can do this tramadol warriors! You can beat this! You will do this!
Avatar n tn ok, found where i saw it. posted on thomas recipe, at the bottom on Aug 19, 2007, by frosty02631, if you look at the bottom he/she says the ingredients to help thru p.m. if this helps.