Mixing lantus and humalog insulin

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Avatar n tn Hello Esq, I'm not a physician or a pharmacist, but I'm a long-time diabetic. I have read that mixing Lantus with any other insulins can result in unpredictable results in both the Lantus and ... your daughter's case ... Humalog. Unpredictable can mean that the Humalog will not peak as expected (may be delayed) and the Lantus may also have a diluted effect. Watch your daughter carefully for adverse effects. All should be fine by the time tomorrow rolls around.
Avatar n tn I have tried correlating it with high doses of H due to high carb intake and then a possible mixing of the H with the Lantus. Neither theory panned out. Does anyone have any similar experiences? I was warned by nurse that I might have reactions to the Lantus, but have not been able to get back to the clinic to find out if this is a normal reaction that will go away. So far, it does wax and wane so my motivation is confused. Will this go away after awhile?
280891 tn?1261016650 At this juncture in my Type 2 diabetes treatment for Jim, I put him on 45 units of Lantus insulin at bedtime and 6 units of Humalog regular insulin before each meal for a total of 63 units per day. Two week visit: Type 2 diabetes patient At his two week visit Jim had lost 16 pounds. I was already stopping some of his blood pressure medications and he was taking a total of 58 units per day of insulin.