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725248 tn?1316162245 my mother takes 100mcg fentanyl patches and is also prescribed 15mg oxycodone pills for breakthrough pain. The dose for the oxycodone is 15mg but she can take two at a time, up to 3 times daily. That's 90 mg of oxycodone plus the 100mcg patch of fentanyl..... I know that her back pain is real, however this seems like an excessive amount of pain medication. Any thoughts? She had a failed back fusion surgery in 2001 and switched from Oxycontin to the patch in January.
Avatar f tn If I understand your question, you were on 40mg oxycodone / day and for some reason your doctor moved you to the 25 mcg / hour fentanyl patch. You felt better on the oxycodone and would like to return. Does that summarize your situation? You also remark that you don't feel the patch working and that is not surprising. Transdermal medication requires time to come up to a therapeutic dose.
Avatar f tn On the fentenyal patch and told my us came back positive for oxycodone how is this possible?
Avatar f tn I do have Oxycodone 5mgs for breakthrough pain. will the Oxycodone help? I am despite for help.
Avatar m tn Well, as one could imagine over the years my doses have turned from viodic, to oxycodone to fentanyl patches and oxycodone. Now I have beeen taking 15 patches of 100 mcg of the patch and 300 5mg tabs of oxycodone because of supposed arthritis in my back.. Now I am wanting off of these meds for good, My back pain still feels very real as I am now day 6 into my last patch and ocycodone pill. I went to the ER two nights ago because I feet so bad coming off of those drugs. What can I do.
1836543 tn?1318355809 for 2 years I have been on 15mg x 4 oxycodone per day and 75 mcgph fentanyl patch. If I stop only the oxycodone will I go through bad withdrawals or will the fentanyl help?
Avatar f tn Mollyrae is dead right about alcohol and fentanyl not mixing. I know that most CNS depressant meds inc painkillers usually have alcohol warnings but with fentanyl it is definately not just for show. even small to moderate drinking can lead to very serious problems when you are on the patch, including respiratory depression(which can lead to death - and DOES, search the net, you'll find out). I mostly gave up drinking many years ago but still occasionally have a few drinks on family outings.
Avatar m tn Oxycodone/roxycodone? Are you taking this? Fentanyl and roxicodone/oxycodone all all opiates. That's a lot if taken together. It just depends...
Avatar f tn Was on Fentanyl 100mcg due to bone pain. I find out now that Fentanyl is not helping anymore. My Doc wants me to try and titrate down on Fentanyl,I had asked him and he suggests that I should start from 100mcg to 75 then to 50 and then to 25mcg. What would be your suggestion? Please say some prayers my way..I heard this medicine is hard to get off of.
Avatar n tn s stronger than the Ultram and hydrocodone, but not yet as strong as the Fentanyl? Oxycodone might work well. You can get it in tablet form without tylenol in it like the Vicodin has, and this makes it safer for your liver. Ultram is a waste, in my opinion, because it doesn't help severe pain and it is as addictive as any narcotic on the market, besides the fact that it can cause far more problems than narcotics can.
Avatar f tn I can not find a substitute for Darvocet 100. Am taking Lortab and Fentanyl 25 MCG/hr patch. I was also taking Darvocet. I have tried COD # 3 and Tramadol HCL 100 mg. What next? My pain comes from peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalga, severe osteoporosis, limbs where metal has been needed to fix breaks, arthritis. From one to 10, I am a 10 and can only get down to a lowest of 5 now. That is not bearable. Has someone found a sub for D that helps?
7303500 tn?1389997641 Has anyone ever gone to rehab to be medically detoxed from fentanyl and oxycodone? I've been on pain meds for about two years now. I've only been on fentanyl for three months but I want off everything. I feel like I'm in a constant fog. I hate the way I feel. The fentanyl is making me depressed really bad. It also gives me anxiety. I have chronic pain but I think I would rather be in pain then deal with the way pain meds make me feel.
Avatar f tn That is why my post to your other thread stated that you were on more medicine through Fentanyl than through Oxycontin. That is not the case if you taking the 80 mg and the 40 mg 3x per day. That is 120 mg x 3 or 360 mg of Oxycontin per day vs. 120 mg per day. Let me rerun the conversion calculator... So if you remember I converted your total daily dose of Fentanyl to Oxycontin and it came out to be 210 mg of Oxycontin.
Avatar f tn I have never failed a urine test. I take 10mg oxycodone and in April my test came back as having fentanyl in it. The rpn said since I never failed a test she was going to have me do a saliva test. She also said that if fentanyl she’s up again she would not be able to give me my oxy. Ihave a appt with the dr next week. I am scared.
Avatar f tn A week later and while on Percocet 10mg 4x a day and fentanyl 25mcg/hr I went into withdrawl so sever that I had to go to the ER and almost needed to be admitted do to my heart racing at 180bpm. Then hospital ran a UDT and found nothing in my system, so they stableized me on dilaudid, and said that I was in withdrawl. Then next day I went back to my doctor and got another UDT which is very specific and it showed that I had a 30x more norafentanyl which is the main metabolite of fentanyl.
Avatar f tn I guess I'm on a roll here today :( I just noticed something and am wondering about it. Since I started the Fentanyl patch last week, whenever I take my BT meds (oxycodone), I end up with a headache and sort of long-lasting hot flash. I never felt like this before. Initially I chalked the hot flash up to the humidity here (though I've always been a cold person and never minded the heat. Now I find myself putting the air conditioning on, which I NEVER do.
Avatar f tn Wait...is he taking Oxycodone or Oxycontin?
Avatar m tn I am on Fentanyl and I like it. I dont like the dilaudid b/c it messes with my vision and gives no real pain relief, I like the oxycodone 15mg for breakthru pain...
Avatar m tn s are VERY mild this time around! I was really expecting to go to hell and back with this fentanyl withdrawal but so far it has been 10x easier than my oxy withdrawals I went through last year. Anyone have any theories why my w/d this time around has not been nearly as bad as last time? I have been dependent for about 4 months this time around, using mainly oxy/dilaudid/fentanyl but I havent had oxy in awhile mainly just fentanyl and dilaudid.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been on fentanyl 75mcg and oxycodone 5-10 mg/day for the last year - ischemia and trigeminal neuralgia. I really want to get off these meds b/c of addiction issues etc. My doctor maintains that I have probably developed a tolerance to these meds. (tolerance vs meds - same thing??). In any event I stopped the oxycodone 10 days ago and my doc tapered the fentanyl patches to 40mcg for 1 month then 12.75mcg for the next month. Also rx'ed clondine and klonopin for anxiety.
7556888 tn?1391972021 They made for me getting any form of oxycodone impossible, and I had to suffice with a 50mcg Fentanyl patch every 72 hrs. It was sufficient. Every time I went in my Dr.'s office for anything, say, every month or so, I'd have to urinate in a cup in her office, bring my meds in to count, the old patches on a piece of paper. Apparently, the Fentanyl was not showing up in the office quick test. The office quick narcotic tests do not test for Fentanyl...my pharmascist told .
1271743 tn?1320892461 My disability rating in the ankle is 35% as of 12/2008 after surgery. And even with my fentanyl 100mcg patches and oxycodone 15mg tablets (x2 tablets three times a day) I am still in unbearable pain. Any ideas? I cannot step down without shooting, sharp, electric shock-like pain in my foot... it hurts... and I just want it to stop.... or let up enough to make it to the bedroom or bathroom....
Avatar m tn Fentanyl is a tough one. Don't cut your oxycodone dose until you get off the Fentanyl. Ask your doctor for a slow taper for the Fentanyl. (They may raise the oxycodone dose temporarily.) Once you're off the Fentanyl, then you can taper off the rest. Stay well hydrated. Don't try to CT Fentanyl, it is very unpleasant.
Avatar f tn I've been tapering down my medications (and made some great progress.) So far got off the Fentanyl 75 mcg., oxycodone 40 to 60 mg. every four hours. I had some pretty moderate withdrawals going off the Fentanyl and oxycodone. Nothing like cold turkey, but difficult nonetheless. I was switched over to morphine ER 30 mg. in the morning and 30 mg. at night. I already dropped to 15 mg. at night. I'm also supposed to take 15 mg.
5597890 tn?1370629516 New pain doc increased my fentanyl patch to 50. And is trying a different type of epidural and seems more aggressive in helping me get my back fixed than the other who I felt like just a number. has anyone been on these patches ? Why Oxycodone 15 mg if I'm on this super strong patch. I've obviously built up a tolerance to pain meds. I noticed withdrawals when trying to stop the oxycodone even with the patch on. I assume I will be on this stuff for another 2 + months.
Avatar f tn I agree that you should have your sister talk to her doctor about the Fentanyl patches. I am on the 50 mcg/hr patch and it works really well. I do have breakthrough pain so I have to take oxycodone IR for those times. Your sister might need a stronger short acting pain medication to compliment the fentanyl patch such as liquid morphine (what Dee mentioned) or liquid oxycodone.
Avatar f tn I ran the calculator for you by converting 120 mg of oxycodone administered via 80 mg + 40mg of Oxycontin daily and the fentanyl strength computed is 50 mcg/hr. This calculator is VERY conservative when converting oral opioids to Fentanyl TD. So I also entered 4200 mcg and had it convert back to oxycodone. Doing this shows that 175 mcg/hr is equal to a total daily dose of oxycodone of 210 mg.