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Avatar n tn im taking 2 xanax a day now in 1/4's but i have only 3 left..can i take a 1/4th then melatonin and so on to kinda rotate or is that a bad mix? or sleep aid? or should i just call and find me some more xanax's? lol sorry but im kicking hydro's and well i tried to kick them both but i need these to kick the other and then plan on working on them. i just felt it was too dangerous to kick those 2 meds at one time being what they are..
Avatar n tn I'm so tired, no energy, and YES still using, only 3 in the morning and a xanax at night. But the drugs are still in my system and I can't detox. I can't, I really need help. Were you tired, and is your energy slowly returning? To the person who told me about Dr. Lance Gooberman,(sorry, the threads are so long to scroll through) I called his office, its a 3 hour drive from my home, and the nurse said they were only there in the morning. Have you actually been there?
Avatar f tn I will say getting rid of the the flexeril and xanax is the best thing ever to do. You mix those with pills and yikes. Keep it up. Keep going forward. You are so blessed.
Avatar n tn it may even help if you had access to ativan, xanax, valium etc..once again though you have to be careful as these are benzodiazepenes..and they are another class of drugs that should not be stopped abruptly...Maybe Thomas, JB, Wiz or anyone else has something they would like to add.....I'm sorry I have no other suggestions but this is the same thing I have suggested to you in the other posts....
Avatar f tn I hope by this time you have called your physician or consulted with your pharmacist on taking the two at the same time. I take diazepam (similar to xanax) and hydrocodone together under my direction of my physician. If fact she insists that I take them together when my pain becomes severe. One potentiates the other. My diazepam is prescribed for muscle spasms not anxiety. It is a medication that accomplishes both as I would xanax would also do to some degree.
Avatar n tn Hi there... I am on day 5 and feel better today. I have abused hydrocodone and oxycodone on and off for 8 years, with many drug free periods. My biggest problem is this God awful depression i get, but i always remember after 2 weeks, I always start to feel much better.
Avatar n tn I am on 10 mgs daily of Valium and 2 mgs daily of Xanax and about 150 mgs of Hydro. It is the hydro I want to completely stop. I wil deal with the rest later. Here is my question (realizing you nor anyone one else but the good Doc - where has he been lately anyway? is technicaly qualified to answer) do any of the substances have bad side effects when combined? I am not on antidepressants. Would appreciate any feedback on this. I will report my experiences when I begin.
Avatar n tn yes xanax and alchol are a deadly mix... take it from me! I was prescribed xanax and zoloft about a month ago for anxioty and depression.... I was aware of the dangers of mixing xanax with alchol and considered my self a responsible adult. But as of last friday night 12/15/07 I didn't take the drug xanax mixed with alchol seriouly enough. I had taken 2/ .5 ml for a total of 1ml of xanax at aproximatly 10:00 pm that evening....
Avatar m tn I have taken a 1-milligram Xanax bar, 5mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, and I'm drinking Moscato how much can I drink without an overdose
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone: I came across this forum while searching hydrocodone withdrawal, and I need support I'm quitting Friday, the 18th, and I'm doing it cold turkey. I've tried unsuccessfully a handful of times tapering, only to do well for a couple of days, then end up taking more than what I started with. I have everything planned out, but I'm soooooo scared. I've never been this scared in my entire life.
Avatar n tn Before taking acetaminophen and hydrocodone,. tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to ... www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ druginfo/medmaster/a601006.html - 23k - According to WebMD Hydrocodone and Pregnancy Teratogenic Effects: Pregnancy Category C: There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen tablets should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.
Avatar f tn Will lasix make you test negative for your pain meds, itake norco 10, and xanax, and have a random ua my next visit ,i need help
Avatar n tn Needless to say they filled the xanax but still only for 15 days. And because of this and the gabapentin issue and the fact that I didnt see the neurosurgeon. And that I addressed that the dr. would say one thing then do another. The Dr. kicked me out of his practice because a ineffective patient-doctor relationship. So I asked my pain managment dr about my daily intake of norco and if he could increase it and of couse he said no.
Avatar m tn I've heard that ativan is actually the worst for you from several doctors but was only trying to get users experience. With xanax I can still function great at work and I've heard valium and ativans just knock you out and tranquilize you to the state of uselessness.
Avatar m tn I think the big issue here is the persons level of resistance to Xanax and the actual amount of Xanax and alcohol they combined. If anyone has ever died from mixing such a small amount of Alprazolam and a couple drinks then I have never heard of such a thing. One can also get alcohol poisoning and die from drinking too much too fast and Xanax is not required.
Avatar n tn Opiates are my favorite, and hydrocodone has been especially easy and fairly cheap to obtain (at times!). I do experience bad back pain sometimes, but for the most part just like 'em. After having an almost endless supply for around a year and a half, my supply was pretty much gone. Oh, no! What to do when you're up to 10 7.5's a day and have NO CHOICE but to stop? I had a little more than thirty pills when the bad news came, so immediately I started weaning.
3119293 tn?1342054132 I'm right where you are in the anxiety and restless legs except I'm having restless body symtoms. And my skin hurts. My husband touched me last light and I went through the roof! I took hydrocodone in a larger dose(10/750) years ago after a car accident for several years and didn't have a problem coming off the meds. This time I'm on it for arthritic pain in my back and I've only been on it for four months @ (10/325). What has happened to me is I ran out of my meds.
Avatar n tn When I was younger I've always loved taking a hydro or two once in awhile at night when just chillen and smoking weed to feal real good and extra stoned, even tried percocets and blew small oxycontin lines (10mg or less, just once). But this was always very rare.
1516376 tn?1291372274 if she wants to stay you should probably let her it would be great support for you i think and yeah about the sleep make sure you have some good dvd's or something cause to tell you the truth there is not going to be munch sleeping at least for most there isn't but hey if you know what to expect you won't be surprised you know ,it's not the worst thing in the world but then again it's not the greatest also so just hang with your wife do the Thomas and if nothing else just read and post if you ca
Avatar m tn 30am and took .5mg xanax to go back to sleep Nature’s Way Alive Whole food energizer multivitamin. (taken 3X a day with food) we have had to make ourselves eat something. Protien Shake mix (provides 27grams of protein per 16oz serving) make ourselves drink twice daily.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome. You ran out early and are waiting for a refill? There is freedom from the chains and bondage of addiction. You will need to change your routine. You will need to admit to the doctor That you are addicted and have him cut off your scripts. Are you getting relief from your pain with the hydros? The pain actually increases on the opiates. It is called hyperalgesia. They change your brain chemistry and your body craves more opiates.
Avatar f tn I felt better than I have in a very long time considering my severe withdrawals started 17 days ago as I was tapering off methadone very fast. I took 3 hydro 10s and 1 Xanax and the chlonidine (along with the healthy vitamins and fruit). However, nothing stops the nerve pain that shoots up my spine into my brain stem and clenches up all my muscles in my neck and back when I'm trying to sleep. Makes me kick my legs and want to rip my own spine out of my body.
Avatar n tn He and I raided the medicine cabinet one night and took everything we could find, including xanax and drank on top of this. That next day, I left my house for work. When I got home, the front door was wide open. I thought someone broke in and stole all my stuff. Well I was so messed up, that I realized I had never closed the door behind me. That day, all the pills were flushed down the toilet Last 2 years or so things have been great, partly because I have become a loaner.
579469 tn?1311709150 Day 2 it was gone and I tried to recreate it with the same vitamins, coffee and juice mix but nothing. I ended making it until 1pm and taking another 1/4. That was my last. Today is truly my first day looking forward with no thought (or easy availability) of pills in sight. It's not bothering me that much and my doc gave me Xanax to sleep. I'm hearing that's highly addictive too.
Avatar n tn so just a reminder to all here at the fourm XANAX AND HEROIN is a very deadly mix. i think it is a very important topic, to mention any type of mixtures of drugs that kill. i did not know that oxy and methodone is a deadly mix.
Avatar n tn i was coming off of soma (and mainly dilaudid and oxymorhone and also in the mix benzo's and coke and crank and alcohol) i had dug myself a BIG HOLE... the soma w/d lasted forever and a day... i didn't sleep to the point that i had become psychotic from lack of sleep and they were giving me 20mg of ambien to try and knock me out... and that didn't do it. i remember a nurse there telling me she had been a soma addict and that it was just hard as hell to get off of.
Avatar f tn I have been on this detox ofrom hydrocodone , its a tapering thing I am down from 10- 10/325 a day to 6. But I am extremely depressed and emotional. I am on Wellbutrin and Seraquel. I also need help what info an anyone give me about this Seraquel? I was perscribed by this Psychiatrist about 2 weeks ago. I refused to return to her becuase of her attitude and she was extremely mean. I am trying to get in somewhere else to get instructions if I should still take it and is it really helping me.
Avatar n tn also i am taking b-complex injections and the diet pill adipex for energy all this working very good my withdrawal are minor the only thing bothers me at night my elbows start to hurt and twitch is there anything i can take for that .i have the valium and the xanax too to get knocked out and i am ready to go to sleep .thomas what do i do for my elbows i feel pretty good with this plan that i am following knowing i have been abusing the hydro for years 18 tablets a day...
Avatar f tn I think sometimes people feel that tapering down is just prolonging the process and all the variables arent added into the mix when they say that. Not everyone can go ct off their meds. You just keep doing what you are doing as you are doing great!!