Missed period on birth control stress

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Avatar f tn Women's cycles can vary, even on birth control. Stress can cause a missed period like this as well. If you believe you may be pregnant, take a test weekly. I'd also recommend stopping by to see your doctor once again; I'm sure you'll get better answers there. If you're afraid to continue your birth control in fear of causing harm on a possible pregnancy, then I'd say discontinue and practice other methods of safe sex until you can get a definite answer from a doctor (since I'm not a doctor).
Avatar m tn I have a question i have been on the pill for about 6 years or so, and i am about a week late, i have always been regular but i started spotting brown a day before i was supposed to start my period (which was tuesday) and it was not even enough to fill up a pad/tampon and that last for 2 days, i am getting really bad cramps like i was starting to get my period but nothing,.
Avatar n tn I contacted my doc office spoke to the assistant and she told me that it is normal for this to happen, that if the pills are causing the lining to not build up then I would not have a period. I do use protection on top of birth control and i have never allowed my boy friend to finish inside me. Neither of us ever want children, I would really like to be sterilized but no doctor would do this for me.
464023 tn?1207329020 Hi there, I am a 38 years old and have been on birth control pills for the past 10 years with no side effects at all, well a month ago I decided to skip my period because I was going on Vacation, even though i started a new package of bcp as soon as I finished one I still got a light period for 3 days, I kept taking the pills as usual, I didn't have any intercourse this month and I am donde with my bcp since saturday, I was spotting mid week but not a real period, I was supposed to get my period
Avatar n tn Hello i stopped my birth control brand in early september to start a new one didnt get to start a new one since my doc went on maternity leave early now im a week late took 3 home test negative took a blood test negative do i A have a real chance of being pregnant and also been under a lot of stress so i should i stress about being pregnant or am i just a worry wart?
Avatar n tn I need some clarification on birth control pills. If I take my pill the same time each night and never miss a pill what is the likelyhood of pregnancy occuring? Also, me and my husband only had sex a couple times last month :( and he never ejaculated inside me either time. Intercourse occured right after my last period and a week before this one was schedule to arrive. I am now currently late with this month's period.
Avatar m tn So I've been on birth control for about 3 or so months. I take the pill on a regular basis(sometimes a few hours early or late) And I honestly have a missed a couple but I always take them the next day, I am sexually active but he has been wearing a condom. I've never been late since I've been on birth control. Is there any way im pregnant, or am I late?
Avatar f tn i did miss a day on the 22nd, but took it with my next day dose. Then i missed it again on the 24th and took that pill with my next day dose as well...was that wrong? I was on Lo estrin and got pregnant on it after 3 months. Im trying not to stress out about it because i just bumped up my activity level to working out 5-6 times a week! Anywho im thinking of going on the Implanon, does anyone know if its good?
Avatar n tn I have missed 4 days in a row in my sugar pills, while still on my cycle, and have thrown the pack out since, becasue I missed so much! My husband and I had sex last night, and this morning, my cycle was completely gone! I am wanting to know if I couldve gotten pregnant from missing those many pills, during my cycle is that possible! I work so much, and honestly I forget! Have this ever happened to one of you ladies??...
Avatar n tn Most likely, it's stress. Good for you for using condoms. You might want to consider a back-up method of birth control so you won't be going through this every month.
Avatar n tn stress or anxiety can have an effect on menstrual cycles, extreme changes in diet and exercise, medication can delay periods, birth control,and any recent illness, etc... Missing one period or having a late period isn't abnormal, but if you still feel uneasy about it, you can always consult your doctor for more advice.
Avatar f tn I will very often prescribe a five day course of progesterone to start the period. I am assuming you don't want to be on birth control pills, as those would also regulate your periods. For whatever reason, (stress?) you probably haven't ovulated for awhile, and if you don't you won't have a period. If that goes on too long however, it can be a real whopper when it does come. So I would suggest progesterone for now, and then see if you resume a normal monthly cycle after that.
Avatar f tn did not nut in me. If i was on my birth control, I would normally get my period on January 26th but I skipped my period for this month. I've been getting occasional cramps and this weird thick white to yellowish discharge falls into the toilet when I urinate. (No itching or burning) I've also just started working out 3 times a week and have been under a little stress with school and moving into a new area.
Avatar n tn I was on birth control for about 3 yrs, and i recently got off about 4 months ago and I know that it is common for women to experience late or irregular mensus. But I had one the month after I got off which was in April, and I havent had one since. I went to for my anual but the test came back negative, but I am still worried that I might be pregnant.....HELP!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Best thing to do is take a test if its negative then take a deep breath and relax. You may also want to think of getting on some other form of birth control if you are going to be sexually active.
Avatar m tn Stress can cause missed periods. Other causes can be from medications, eating disorders, illness, weight loss/weight gain, drugs, birth control, and issues with your ovaries such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Three periods is a lot to miss. You should make an appointment with a gynecologist for a check-up, pap smear, and pelvic exam. It could be something as simple as stress, but it could also be something very serious with your ovaries as well.
Avatar m tn Stress can delay your period. If you've had a normal period since the event in question, then you're probably not pregnant. To allay your fears entirely you can take a pregnancy test- they're only $1 at the Dollar Store and should be accurate at this time. Good for you for taking this seriously! Sex is serious, and pregnancy is too! If you're going to be sexually active you should get some sort of reliable birth control.
Avatar n tn I have been on birth control for 2 years now, and this month my period is late. I have taken my pills late a few times... up to 12 hours after I was suppose to maybe on three seperate occasions. Could this be why I am late?
1038818 tn?1297055083 I had (pull out method)sex on Nov 30 and had my period on 13th Dec.After that we didn't had sex.I was expecting my period on Jan 11.But till now it has not started.I did Home pregnancy test on 18th Jan(first urine in morning) and it came -ve. till now my periods are not started.Am I pregnant. plz suggest what to do.Is there any med which can start my period.
Avatar n tn Now I missed my period it's been seven days and I'm really stressing about it. I can't talk to my parents about this can someone please tell me what might be going on.