Miscarriage without knowing it

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Avatar m tn Yes this can happen. It is called a "missed miscarriage" when the embryo dies without anyone knowing it. When the embryo dies the pregnancy hormone (hCG) will begin to plummet and when this happens the woman will begin to bleed and pass the baby. Some women miscarry right away and others take a few weeks. I don't know if it is healthy to accuse her of abortion if she truly is miscarrying. This will be very difficult for her and she needs your support, not suspicion.
Avatar f tn I have had 3 possibly 4 miscarriages and it is tough to go through but without knowing for sure what happened your beating yourself up over nothing. It sounds harsh but you just have to get over it and move on. If you both can't get over it then I would suggest you see a therapist or something like that to help you work through your feelings. I agree with Lesley what will knowing if you had a miscarriage fix? What are you looking to do by knowing what happened?
Avatar f tn After when i did try i fell pregnant without evn knowing... I ws so scared tht same thing will happen but i m 26wks pg with lil boy... I know the feeling but if u want a child obviously u ll hve 2 go for it... Everything has its risks.. May be this time u ll get a sticker... Take care..
Avatar f tn I don't know anything about pcos, but in answer to question 1, it's perfectly safe to have a natural miscarriage without following it up with a D&C if you know that all the tissue was passed. The doctor can tell that by doing two blood tests for hCG, 48 hours apart, or doing one test and getting a "0" level on it. She can also often tell by looking with an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I was playing cards when I started cramping really bad and I assumed it was my period, but it was the worse pain I've ever experienced. I had to stay on all fours really low to the ground with my legs spread in the splits. It wasn't until I sat on the toilet and saw the clots that came out that I realized what could have happened. I saved the clots, but because I was young (16) I didn't tell my mom and I just waited until the morning to go to the walk in.
Avatar f tn My breasts barely hurt anymore, and I don't feel as nauseous. It's depressing. I went weeks without knowing that my baby didn't make it. It's not something that you can feel until your body decides it's time to pass everything. I can't go through this again.
Avatar n tn ( don't know the exact number, he just said I was preg.) Yesterday I started bleeding AGAIN... somewhat similar to my last miscarriage, the doc said that it could be from implantation, or the start of another miscarriage. Has anyone had anything similar to this? I am a nervous wreck, This is my second pregnancy, as I said my first ended in miscarriage and I am so worried this one is on its way to end the same way. Help!!
Avatar f tn It gets easier over time. It is different for everyone. My heart doesn't hirt anymore. I still think about it, but i can talk about it without crying. I had one in 2010.
374593 tn?1257883550 Sorry about your loss. I have had 2 miscarriages. The first I had a D & C but they didn't do it properly so eventually had to wait for the natural MC. The 2nd I was booked in for D&C coz I had a missed miscarriage and doc said it could take ages for it to happen naturally but it did happen that nite at home. Had cramping every few minutes from about 11:00pm till about 7:00am then started bleeding.
Avatar m tn Hi Jodie I would just stay positive. Is it possible you were pregnant with twins without knowing it???? I only say this because my aunty at about 11 weeks loss excessive amounts of blood, she was bleeding profusely. When she went for an ultrasound they saw the baby who is now 12. When she gave birth to my cousin they said that she had a huge placenta which wasn't normal. I guess these things just happen and if you have seen a heartbeat I wouldn't be too concerned because your baby is there.
Avatar n tn My OB told me I could bring in the tissue so they can test it for abnormalities or I could keep it and bury it or whatever.....since I have two healthy kids, I don't think it was a problem with me or my hormones or my uterus. This may seem cold, but I was wondering what people have heard about getting pregnant right away after a miscarriage....
Avatar n tn is this normal or is it a sign of a miscarriage. i have been put on medication for ten days. will the fetus survive or is it all a waste of time. the doctor says that we must wait for ten days and then see if all is ok.
Avatar f tn Im worried thatvtjere is a possibility of that bit its only me thinking about it. Does anybody know the miscarriage rates in 17-18 uear olds?? Help pleasd way to scared ...
Avatar f tn I had a baby pass away at 11wks and me not have any problems til I was 15wks they called it a missed miscarriage. Drink lots of water and eat healthy hopefully everything is ok.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago. I was 6 weeks when it happened. My doctor did a ultrasound and blood work over the next week and everything came back normal. He told me I did not need a d&c and that I was able to try again without having to wait. He also said to expect a peroid in 4 to 6 weeks. It has now been 5 weeks and I have not had one yet. What I was wondering was when a HPT would be correct.
Avatar f tn What is the tissue which I've passsed down? Could it be a poroduct of conception or something else and what it could be ? I'm really confused about it but can't stop thinking what it was...
Avatar f tn Is it possible that I'm having a miscarriage without even knowing I was pregnant? I don't want to worry my husband. If it is/was a miscarriage then there's no reason to worry him, he has enough going on already. I think that miscarriages are going to be likely for me when we do try to have children, I know that my mother had more miscarriages than children. And I am a diabetic, which I believe complicates things.
Avatar n tn They make an incision in belly button and 1 other one to try to look if baby was elsewhere or if it was a missed eptopic but it wasn't. So I am confused as hell. I only go to doctor in a month for answers. Just doesn't add up. I saw baby at 12 weeks and heard heartbeat. So from that checkup till the 16 week one something happened.
Avatar f tn It is not unusual to have a gap of time between the finding of no heartbeat and the passing of tissue in a miscarriage -- it can take a while for the placenta to give up. But if it is also possible there was something screwy in your estimate of the length of the pregnancy, you might still have the chance of better news at your next ultrasound. In any case, I would not go for a D&C without another ultrasound so you are certain.
Avatar f tn Its not like something would just chill in our bodies forever without us never knowing. Make sense? Just relax. We are ok. we are just crazy pregnant women.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else known to have not been aware that they were miscarrying and is it right for me to be greaving even though it hasn't happened recently and didn't know about it at the time?
387168 tn?1214759993 c, I just couldnt do it by myself, not knowing the the unknow. I just wanted it to be over, so I could start to heal......And I am happy that I have made that choose. What I have read on there some women it can take weeks, and the baby was already gone for 3weeks and I had no signs of it happening......Im so sorry you have to go though this. Best wishes to you! Ps. I did it pregnant again I am now 13weeks......
Avatar f tn I talked to my Dr about TTC right away he did advise us to wait for my next cycle but also said if we or I feel up to TTC then continue my prenatal vitamins and folic acid and in approx 12-14 days try he did warn me of the possibilities of another miscarriage because it is very soon and the body needs to heal but he said its up to us he only recomends to wait at least one cycle.