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Avatar n tn I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I too can relate to what you are going thru, from both sides. The shot vs surgery. In 2000 I had to have my tube removed because of the ectopic, and the tube was already severly damaged. It took me 6-8 weeks post opt to get back on track, work wise, emotionally, physically. 6 years later, I am going thru the process of Methotrexate, and honestly girl, don't let my story sway you into a decision, I may be a rare case in regards to the shot.
Avatar n tn C for a miscarriage and a Methotrexate injection for an ectopic pregnancy last year and found the injection traumatic as the passing of the tissue and cramping was painful. I would assume Cytotec is the same. However having said that it was less invasive. I have always wondered if my previous D&C was the possible cause of my ensuing ectopic. Please check with your doctor how long you have to wait before TTC again though as I had to wait 3 months.
1509498 tn?1332876536 I believe there's something new published that states if it's a natural miscarriage vs a D&C that there is no problem with starting immediately. Waiting is mainly recommended just so you know 100% that it's a new pregnancy, to allow the lining to build to a proper amount and for more accurate dating purposes.
Avatar n tn I just want to say thank you ladies for your questions, comments,help, 2 days ago i went to see the GP as i was bleeding extremely heavy with lots of clots that id never seen in a normal period before, had a pregnancy test done was negative went to tell GP when nurse came rushn in and said its positive, GP said possibilitiy havn miscarriage or ectopic preg, had HCG test done, told it was low have another nxt week to see when normal again, found this site yesterday as was askd by GP if i noticed
Avatar n tn we just REALLY bonded...and we've been through a LOT together. From what I have been told lately...after the my ectopic two weeks ago i'm lucky to be alive...anyhow! hope i was of any help!
Avatar f tn My cardiologist gave me a seven day monitor to wear. She said the results on showed ectopic beats but no arrythmia. She did not want to give me beta blockers becuase I have asthma and gerd. She did not feel I necessary needed medications and the extra beats were benign. I am a 47 year old woman who gave up smoking 2 years ago. I never had the problem until i suffered from gastric reflux disease. I wondered if there was some connection.
Avatar f tn Between 5w3d and 6w my hcg only went from about 1300 to 1800 (and my progesterone went down to 11), so my doctor became concerned I had an ectopic pregnancy. At 6w1d, I had a transvaginal ultrasound, and there was a normal-gestational sac in my uterus (no fetal pole or heartbeat). My doctor said that if my hcg numbers were better, he would be optimistic that the ultrasound showed a normal-looking, very early pregnancy, but due to the hcg, he told me he is 100% certain I will miscarry.
477173 tn?1209094003 threatened miscarriage. I contiuned to bleed but the pain went away about 2 days later. So I thought that i had a m/c. On April 8,08 I went back to the ER because the pains on my right side came back but more intense. So they orderd more blood test and another ultra sound to get some answer to my pain, well the ultra sound showed nothing again, but my hcg levels went up to 320. The ER didnt know what was going on, so they told me to schedule an appt. with my OB.
Avatar n tn Had a natural miscarriage at 11 weeks after a blighted ovum was determined vs. a pregnancy. Haemorrhaged the first night of miscarriage at a Disney Ice Show...completely unexpected. It was an evening of horror for me. I did not see the dr. for follow up ultrasound for about a week later. 2 ultrasounds confirmed that everything had passed. This was March 15-March 19th. I had some spotting since which I didn't know if it was my period or not until now.
Avatar n tn As a matter of fact I just took one today and it is positive. I can't wait for a blood test now to confirm everything. This is 2 months after a miscarriage so I hope all goes well this time. I guess it is in God's hands.
60890 tn?1366361719 I personally have just decided to wait it out, no matter how hard the waiting, knowing that our bodies typically respond best to natural methods - whether talking about eating right and exercising vs. diet pills, natural vs. medicated birth, or natural vs. vacuumed-or-induced miscarriage. In cases where the body is just not responding for whatever reason, modern science affords us some of those extreme options. I still do not know if we have a "real" pregnancy.
Avatar n tn After a miscarriage depnding on how far a long you are you should at least wait 2 cycles. After a miscarriage ask your doctor and don't feel shy when you should try again. No matter what some one says you can still be pregnant before your period is late. I was told by my aunt once when I was younger that some woman can have a miscarriage once a month with out evan knowing it. I researched this and it is true. One out of every 3 or 4 pregnancys end for many reasons in miscarriage.
Avatar f tn I am currently 5 weeks and I'm cramping to but i think it's gas lol. I have had a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy so I'm worried for every little thing. After a miscarriage i know how easy it is to worry. Îf you keep cramping you should go to the doctor that way you can be more at ease and enjoy your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn okay.... i need some advice. i've had 3 failed ivf's, an ectopic pregnancy, a tube removed, and an overdose of iui's (not in that particular order). i have almost enough health coverage for another ivf. however, i have a better success rate with donor egg. i was told about 30% success with ivf, vs. about 55% success rate with donor egg. i am almost 36 years old. i'm not crazy about the idea of having someone else's egg, but i'm also concerned with having yet another failed ivf.
Avatar n tn like a week or so later I began to have cramps. . My period started with spotting it got havier and lasted 6 days vs my normal 5. So I thought I was in the clear from being pregnant. Today 2/9/13. I was getting ready for a bath and I felt a warm havy gush coming from my vagina.. When I looked the discharge was red clear and yellow. . I wiped myself a few times and there was fresh spots of blood. . I want to see a doctor but my job switched insurance so I have to wait for my cards to come. .
Avatar f tn Could b chemical or ectopic pregnancy. Both of which end in miscarriage. Most women who miscarry so early don't even realize its a miscarriage. Make spot w doc to confirm pregnancy or miscarriage. Good luck!
Avatar n tn With HCG levels of 26000 they would have been able to see something in your uterus if it was indeed growing in your uterus. I had an ectopic last year and it ruptured in my tube at about 8 weeks and i had levels of around 11000 i think. I started spotting and it gradually got worse, and then pain came. I hope this is not what you're going through!
1837090 tn?1328043721 D im wondering is it possible if all this bleeding is a miscarriage that my levels are still good..???
Avatar n tn I am saying that you need to wait until you have peace and confidence in what is going on. As far as the d/c vs. a natural miscarriage. I will be very honest with you. I have had two miscarriages, and that is the worst pain I have felt in my life. The second time I opted to wait and have it naturally, and I got a massive infection that landed me in the hospital for 4 days. I am not trying to scare you, that is not what I want to do.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if I have an ectopic pregnancy since we had intercourse in between the retreival and the transfer.... and if they did not take all the eggs out and i got pregnant the normal way maybe the egg got stuck on the fallopian tube????
Avatar f tn I don't remember what my actual numbers were n the beginning but u know they were low & my Dr used the wording that they needed to check again to see if it was a "viable pregnancy" & it freaked me out! I thought I was maybe going on 5 weeks @ the time but when we did an ultrasound a few weeks later I was only 6 1/2 wks pregnant vs the 8 1/2 that uhh thought. I'm now almost 37 wks & he has been doing great the whole time & is n the 46th percentile weight wise.
189192 tn?1261345228 I will wait to tell work until the last possible minute. I don't think it is selfish at all to tell people. When I had my 2nd miscarriage in February I called my sister crying my eyes out on the day I found out. I felt totally stupid because she didn't even know I was pregnant. After that I told myself I would tell my family right away!!
461781 tn?1285613081 My last pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage at 7 weeks, I was less than impressed with the way the Dr. treated me. Since I went into her office the first time after I got my BFP she wouldn't say anything, except "we'll monitor your pregnancy to rule out an ectopic pregnancy" She didn't do any tests, didn't do any routine check ups, all she did was freak me out and then a few days later I had a miscarriage. She was terrible.
178698 tn?1228777938 They are doing another HCG and trying to rule out ectopic pregnancy. She didn't see anything in my tube. They are putting me at 5w6d today. I don't expect that it's a tubal, but I do suspect that the 3 mm structure she saw is the gestational sac and this will be another failed pregnancy. I am very sad and angry. Of course I will somehow stuble through this and try again. I went in and expected the worst and hoped for the best.
159354 tn?1286371288 Don't you hate it when "they" act like your babies were not even babies at all. I had a blighted ovum and my Dr acted like it was not a big deal either. And he basically said that "it wasn't like it was a real miscarriage. The baby never even developed". Oh, my gosh, that makes me MAD @#*^$@$&%^*$@!!!! AND, he never even explained the difference or options of of DNC vs Natural. I found out all this here- that there was an option and a difference.
1021834 tn?1379295900 But I have been trying for 8mths following a miscarriage in DEC 08. a round of clomid,two rounds of Gonal-f and Ovidrel and still a negative. Two hsg that are normal. I have two children 12,18. really didn't think it could be so depressing getting so many negatives and I'm a healthy person. But thanks for making room for us almost 40's and +40 woman on here.
178698 tn?1228777938 Best case scenario - miscalculated conception date. Worst case scenario - ectopic More likely early miscarriage - again! This sucks. On the positive side , we really could have miscalculated the O date. Used OPKs and it seemed that I O'd early, but maybe I O'd on time or within 36 hours of the trigger shot. So I could be really 13DPO right now vs 15 DPIUI. Unfortunately and realistically knowing my history I think it's another early miscarriage.
Avatar f tn My OB did a transvag US one week ago because last pregnancy was ectopic (about 4 years ago), credit given to my IUD! Anyways, the U/S showed my baby to be more like 6 wks old. The heart was beating, but the rate was pretty slow, more like an adult normal. She decided to draw two serum HCG's 48 hrs apart to see what was going on. My first number was 18,6000, and my second was 22,600.
Avatar f tn Ok ladies - please put these on (official worriers hat) Welcome to the club - you are now official members of Worrywarts Anonymous -let me start this meeting - Hello, my name is Rebecka, and I am a worrywart. We had a miscarriage earlier this year and are currently 13w5d.