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5622103 tn?1371099834 Yes it would show positive
Avatar f tn An ultrasound would show exactly wats goin on and if u are havin a mc u will need an ultrasound to see if u pass everythin naturaly or will u need a d&c.
Avatar n tn My last period was Aug 30. Well sep 27 i took a pregnancy test (first responder) and it showed positve! Then i took 2 more the 28th and 29th, they both came out positve. On the 30th i started bleedind lightly. Then it flowed like a period. I took another test while i was bleeding and that one showed up positive. My ultrasound didnt show anything. My blood was at 18. am I misscarring or what?
Avatar n tn I was not aware that I may have been pregnant and I went for my yearly exam and have been bleeding since it has been 9 days now. Could I have had a miscarriage? Also if I take a pregnany test will it still show positive?
Avatar n tn During my 4th week i started bleding and had clots.I also secreted some dark brownish thing. I did ultrasound scan and the doc told that the heart beat of the fetus is not imaged and so suggested me to go for another u/s scan after 10 days. But to my fear i started bleeding again and got some clots too. I dont know if i have miscarried. Please also suggest if it it will be worth it to do a home pregnancy strip test and will it show any proper results.
Avatar n tn today and my hormone level was 80, she said it could be low b/c i wasnt as far along as the hd thought, or i could be having a miscarriage. the vag. ultrasound didnt show anything, but my cramps have gotton worse, little blood on pad but quit a bit on tissue, i have had people say that they cramped and bled during preg, but now i have passed small blood clots. has this happen to any one else and what do ya think. im getting my hormones checked again on tuesday.
Avatar f tn Can u tell me what is going on?..and can a pregnancy test still show up positive as im going through a miscarriage because mine is...i've tested 3 times during the bleedings. Please tell me what is going on. i still have to wait about one more week to see the doctor.. im in very emotional pain amd continuosly worrying. whatever news its going to be i just want to hear it to get my concerns off my chest.
Avatar f tn I wasn't as far along as the doctors thought because I ovulated late. Your hcg has to be in the thousands before anything will show up on an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn if there really a sign for e every miscarriage...?? i have my 12 week ultrasound next thursday and im just terrified there wont be a heartbeat but someone told me to take another pregnancy test and that should show me everything is ok is that true/?
Avatar f tn So again, the only way to know is diagnoses, usually through ultrasound. If you suspect you are miscarrying, or have had a miscarriage, you should see your Dr. or if you are bleeding more then a maxi pad an hour, you need to seek emergency medical treatment.
Avatar n tn Like I said if it was just once or twice I don't think that would be the cause of your miscarriage if you are even having one. A ultrasound is what you should get.
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167 tn?1374177417 Anyhow, she went to the ER and she was told that the nuvaring was inserted incorrectly and that the bleeding she's experiencing is a miscarriage. They sent her to ultrasound and said they saw nothing. Her hcg level was 250. Fast forward a week and I tell her to take another pregnancy test to make sure it's negative. She does, and it's immediately positive. She also did not call for her official ultrasound results.
Avatar f tn I was 5 weeks and had my ultrasound. They couldn't see much so my Dr did a transvaginal ultrasound and I saw the baby and heartbeat. It was great. I was told to come back at 10 weeks for a better view.
Avatar f tn I had my ultrasound yesterday and when I did the ultrasound tech, my fiancee, and I seen the embryo sac but no baby in there. You can see something as if it was far awayalong maybe it was the baby. She stated she is going to classify that she was measuring the rump but she stated that I am really early in the pregnancy the reason y she didn't see a heart or I miscarried. But the thing is I never had any miscarriage symptoms. So what could it be?
181364 tn?1213287101 They checked me and my cervix is still closed and they did an ultrasound. They also took more blood. The ultrasound showed my baby alive and kicking around. The heartbeat was 167 beats per minute. She said that was strong and that from what she (the ultrasound tech)saw the baby is fine. The ER doctor said he wasn't as familiar with pregnancies around the 11th and 12th week. That he deals mostly with early pregnancies. What I can't understand is why are my levels continuting to drop?
Avatar n tn I am 42 years old and have had four healthy kids. I had a miscarriage a year and a half ago and then an ectopic pregnancy right after that. Just recently, I had a positive home pregnancy test. I am not sure of my the first day of my LMP because I wasn't keeping track because we weren't trying to get pregnant. I made an appointment with my OB/Gyn and she did an ultrasound. I was thinking I could be 8 weeks pregnant.
Avatar n tn Hi Doc, I am 8 weeks pregnant & very excited! My husband & I have seen our General Practicioner as well as a midwife to confirm our pregnancy. I did a urine test, got my blood pressure taken & heartrate. I did not get an ultrasound & they said I could not schedule one until around 12 weeks. I guess since I knew the date of the first day of my last period as well as the date we conceived.
Avatar n tn I am so sorry for your loss. After a miscarriage it can take a while for your levels to reach 0 again and for all the symptoms to go away. It took me 4 weeks after my miscarriage to come up - on a pregnancy test and I had miscarried at only 6w3d (although we didn't find out until an ultrasound at 9 weeks that showed the baby hadn't grown. Unless your doctor specifically says not to start trying right away there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to.
Avatar f tn You test can continue to show positive for a bit after you pass the tissue as well.. After mine, I was still testing positive two weeks later but my HCg was alot higher at the time so it took a while to drop. Given the fact that your numbers have dropped I would say you are probably going to miscarry.. Its interesting that the sack continued to grow, If you dont start passing anything in a weeks time, I would get a new U/S done.
1552197 tn?1353022447 A miscarriage usually does not present like this. If you are truly 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and miscarrying, you would initially present with bleeding, then would pass what looks like a large "blood clot." The difference between a blood clot and the placenta/fetus is that a blood clot will just dissolve into blood if you squish it. The placenta looks like a bloody membranous tissue, and the fetus would be fairly well formed by 7 weeks.
Avatar n tn I'm going thru a possible miscarriage right now. I'm 8 weeks have slight cramping and a ultrasound that only showed the sac but no baby. My hcg levels are going up but are only 545 to 694 not too good.
723209 tn?1231082547 Well I was scheduled for a D&C on Tuesday morning at 9:30 but my body ahd other plans. I started mis carrying at 4 am and the bleding was ridiculous! I passed what I was SURE was the gestational sac, only to find out at the ER that it was only a clot. I was told I had excessive bleeding and it was a good thing that I came in. They stopped the bleeding and preformed the D&C. So, Its over, its official. I am no longer pregnant. It shard to believe, it had become my identity for 2 months!
Avatar n tn i visited the doctor today and the ultrasound show that i am only 6 wks. is this normal or is it a sign of a miscarriage. i have been put on medication for ten days. will the fetus survive or is it all a waste of time. the doctor says that we must wait for ten days and then see if all is ok.
Avatar n tn But I'm worried I have, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I've been on this new BC pill for 4 months that has wreaked havoc with my cycle. Sometimes I get my period, sometimes I don't. Well I did this time, but it was over a week early, and it was the most painful cycle I've ever had. I have been bleeding for 7 days now, rather steadily. Normally it would've been over 3 days ago, and a whole lot lighter flow.
Avatar n tn When the fetus because more mobile in later weeks, sometimes it will hide because it does not like ultrasound waves. If a woman has a tilted uterus, sometimes it will not show until later weeks such as 11 weeks. That fact that you have a good hcg count, is a good indicator. It amazes me how quickly many doctors are to doom a pregnancy. It is horrible when women are at the peak of their emotions. I would definetely wait things out until at least 12 weeks. You are very very early.
214607 tn?1287681159 I have a question, I go tomorrow for my first ultrasound. The paper with the thing for the ultrasound that I have to give to the tech to actually get the ultrasound says on it PELVIC ULTRASOUND TRANS ABDOMINAL/TRANS VAGINAL Does anyone know what this means and what they are going to do?
Avatar n tn I know that every pregnancy from now on, I am going to be worried of another miscarriage. My mother and sister have both never experienced this and had 2 kids without any problems, so it is hard since they don't understand my fears. My husband and I showed up for our fist appointment excited and nervous, but not at all expecting to be told that there was no baby in my womb and to expect a miscarriage any day. That perfect little bubble was shattered.
Avatar f tn my family and long term bf partner are all thinking about buying prams and clothes it seems like its only me who is thinking about not buying anything till about 15+ weeks as of miscarriage. Im worried thatvtjere is a possibility of that bit its only me thinking about it. Does anybody know the miscarriage rates in 17-18 uear olds?? Help pleasd way to scared ...