Miscarriage symptoms two weeks

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Avatar n tn I had insemination done 2 weeks ago. I had pregnancy symptoms like tender swollen breasts and brown spotting. My blood test today showed negative for pregnancy. Should I trust this test or do u think I had a miscarriage and HCG dropped.
Avatar f tn Im 11 weeks pregnant and ive lost all my symptoms... i havent had any spotting or anything but ive been kind of stressed out and i dont know if im paranoid or not? HELP!?
Avatar n tn i am now 8 weeks pregnant but since last two week my symptoms are gone i also had 2 miscarriages. last time 8 and 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have the same symptoms as you at eight weeks. No miscarriage to report. My mother had a miscarriage and she told me that she had no bleeding. Her symptoms just went away randomly, like someone flipped a switch.
Avatar f tn My levels dropped from 3200 to 2800 to finally 1800...and then stayed at 1800. Two weeks later my miscarriage symptoms repeated themselves almost identical to the first time. I do not return to the doctor for add'l bloodwork until Tues. Any ideas? Anyone out there had any similar happen?
Avatar f tn For two days I had horrible dull lower back pain and now I don't feel pregnant as in not hungry, no breast soreness, other morning sickness and not tired.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 weeks today and still freak out about things that can go wrong especially since I was diagnosed with Cholestasis I wish I could look inside my womb and make sure everything is okay with my little one. I just want him out already!
3158442 tn?1344315253 Anyone that has had a very early miscarriage at like 3-4 weeks, I would really like to know how it was,im confused about if I had one or if its just a bad period, please and thank you :)
Avatar f tn I lost symptoms too, and a few weeks later they came back, worse than before! I am now 15 weeks and throwing up again after a nice reprieve. Try to enjoy it and now worry too much.
Avatar f tn I had a MC inbetween my two children and it was very emotional - I found at 6 /7 weeks i had lost the baby cause i had a little spotting, but then nothing and I didn't have anyomre MC symptoms until the day I lost is a 9 weeks - cramps (quite painfu)l and heavy bleeding with clots. It then took me 8 weeks to get another period and then 6 weeks after that and then I got pregnant again and had my little boy.
Avatar f tn She thinks she is pregant. The Dr. put her on Yasmin to regulate and she thinks she got pregant two or three weeks later. She does still have a cycle but has all the symptoms of being pregant. She miscarried at the end of March. She is gaining weight in the stomach area as well as her chest. Anyone with any advise please help.
Avatar n tn I would wait 2 weeks. Sometimes a pregnancy/miscarriage can throw your period off a little bit. Be sure that if you aren't, your doctor says it's okay to conceive again. You don't want to be too hard on your body.
Avatar f tn I'm scared to death of having a miscarriage. I have a two year old son already and just found out I'm five weeks pregnant . I was having bad cramps and some spotting the er said it was a threatened miscarriage . now it's like all I do is worry about losing it . idk what symptoms to even look for.
Avatar f tn With my miscarriage experience, I had no signs or symptoms that anything had gone wrong. They called it a missed miscarriage also known as a silent miscarriage. I went in for my 12 week scan and the baby had no heartbeat. They said the baby had passed just shy of 10 weeks.
Avatar f tn I had a m/c last year at 7weeks and I bleed for 3 1/2 months staight after the first two weeks my levels were back at zero. then two weeks later found out I was pregnant again but again ended shortly in m/c and with that one I only bleed for two weeks.
Avatar n tn I just had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks along and everything has been perfect. I worry sometimes but the key is to stay calm and not stress or over think things. If you cause yourself too Much stress that can ultimately cause problems for you and baby. It's completely normal to worry, but unless you have a reason, don't stress or think about it to much.
Avatar f tn Every little ache and pain and I am looking up if it is a symptom of miscarriage. I am roughly 5 weeks. No bleeding or spotting at all I just feel like something isn't right. I have a ton of pregnancy symptoms; nausea, vomitting, exhaustion, painful breasts etc. I am terrified that we will go to our first ultrasound and there be an empty sac. I don't get to see my Dr until the end of January bc they don't see anyone until 8 weeks at least. Even my first appointment is with the nurse only.
179624 tn?1210100074 I'm sorry you had to go through this...I've had 2 m/c and they're very hard to deal with. Yes you can get prego right after a D&C...like two weeks after. Not to scare you as it's not too common but my 2 m/c were back to back...devastating. I'd say if you get pregnant again get on progesterone ASAP. However, my RE claims that when progesterone levels are low it doesnt really cause a miscarriage...rather it's a sign that it's just a bad pregnancy..does that make sense?
Avatar n tn A couple days later no blood i went the hospital and they told me i was 9 weeks and 2days and my uterus is stretching. Im now 12 weeks no more nausea for now and im always hungry and sleepy...
Avatar n tn I miscarried at 14 weeks (officially) but the baby stopped developing at 6-7. I had no negative symptoms until I had mild brownish discharge, no cramps. Finally my dr performed dnc after weeks of bed rest and hormone injections, I started feeling better the next day. I just had an ill sick sort of feeling inside, like something was wrong. Nothing will fully prepare you for the dr confirming the miscarriage though, even if you suspect it.
Avatar f tn They surely just threw him/her away. I was only 10 weeks at time but the baby had measured 6 weeks on the miscarriage diagnosis u/s.
Avatar f tn When my period was due on October 25th it came on time but I had unusual symptoms. I usually have cramps when I start my period but this time I was in severe pain for about 1 hour and then I began bleeding heavily. I actually passed out from what was happening. I have never experienced anything like this before. So i called my doctor and she said I must have had a cyst or something and I should only call back if the bleeding doesn't lighten up.
Avatar f tn Although the length of time it takes for this to occur depends predominantly on the value of hCG present before the miscarriage, hCG suppression of the pituitary gland usually subsides within two weeks. If you had a spontaneous miscarriage without any prolonged bleeding, you will ovulate within two to four weeks after the miscarriage.
1511959 tn?1298283613 i had cramping for a few days and light bleeding for less than two weeks. It will be two weeks tomorrow for me. i feel physically fine and I went back to work after having one week off. I found out the baby passed on the Monday and then had the d&c on the Tuesday. I went back to work the following Monday. Who cares if society discourages this kind of talk? if it is important to you, then i say talk about it. I talk about it now and i think that is what is helping me get through it.
Avatar n tn Many women have miscarriages and never even know it. I had a miscarriage back in March/April. It took my HCG a long time--weeks to go back down. Eery woman's system is different.
Avatar n tn i had a miscarriage back on march......my period then began the 19 and it lasted 2 1/2 weeks, i was 8 weeks 3 days........after that, i got my period on april 19, for 8 days, on may, i was late a week, i got it on the 28th, (6 days as always) i was expecting my period the 28 of june, but i got it on july 3rd for 6 days .......
Avatar n tn so sorry. i feel sick just thinking about it. i had a m/c at 14 weeks with no symptoms or bleeding or cramping so i needed to have a d&e. the nurses were great (even the male one) the minute i woke up, he said "you had nothing to do with this awful thing." as much as it ***** to sit with all those IVs and know what you are leaving behind - it was safe and clean and i did not have to see any of the large tissue.
Avatar n tn Hello ladies, I was 5 weeks pregnant, the first time. I have been in extreme pains in the lower abdomen and two days ago i began bleeding like a period. It continued the second day when i rushed in emergency room. They checked me out, did an ultrasound, they coudnt see anything, but when the doctor pressed on my ovaries in the left one especially i had severe pains. They did a urine test, later on a blood test and they said there is no pregnancy hormone. so i was miscarring.
Avatar n tn I recently had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. When I was 5 weeks pregnant though I had an u/s and a sac was observed. But I also know everyone is different and bleeding during pregnancy is quite normal for some as well. I hope everything is fine for you after your blood work. Wishing you all the best.
Avatar n tn Yea I had a miscarriage a few years back. When I got pregnant again with my daughter I was constantly pareniod! The worry would drive me crazy sometimes. But don't worry. You always have to remember every pregnancy is different..my daughter came out healthy as a horse. Just because you have had one or two miscarriages doesn't mean that you will have another.