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684704 tn?1227156651 Hi, I'm Allison and I'm 20 years old. About a month ago I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant and was instantly excited. That following weekend I started bleeding heavily and cramping, my fiance' took me to the E.R. and after a lot of prodding, blood drawing, and more prodding they said that they couldn't see anything in my uterus nor outside or around my fallopian tubes and that my hormone level dropped.
117004 tn?1218648744 i didnt have many preg symptoms after the miscarriage. actually they started going away a few days before i miscarried. started to feel more energetic and less hungry. i assume b/c the baby was no longer taking from me so i was losing symptoms. afterwards, i was crying everyday for a week and teary for the week after. although i am sad at times now i am overall more optimistic about the future and am feeling more like myself. sorry but i dont know anything about heart shaped uterus'.
Avatar n tn I did pass a clot. I had accepted that I had a miscarriage. I have talked to a couple of friends since then who have had similar incidents and went on to have healthy pregnancies. I've also heard that miscarriages usually take longer than six hours. It's hard for me to believe that what happened yesterday was ok. My doctor won't see me for two weeks. Will a home pregnancy test give me any answers?
Avatar n tn I too had a miscarriage at 16 weeks last September. I am going thru another miscarriage at 16 weeks right now. I have MTHFR mutation which causes blood clots. Doc believed that was the cause of all my miscarriages (4 total) not including this current one. They put me on Lovenox and everything went well. I went in for a check up 2 weeks ago and was fine. Well two days ago at 16 weeks check up, they found no heartbeat.
Avatar n tn I recently had an early miscarriage (5 weeks) and my doc told me we could start trying again this cycle, because there was no need for a D&C. I had been testing with OPKs and I had a few days of false negatives days after the miscarriage due to the left over HCG in my system. But, then the tests started coming back negative again. Late last week I started having some ovulation (pain) and per the OPKs I ovulated on Sat. Is this possible.
676912 tn?1332816151 My question is for those of you who had early miscarriages (before 7 weeks) what did it look like? I started my period yesterday, 1-2 days late had a lot of pregnancy/PMS symptoms, some of which weren't normal for PMS but then again I get different ones each month...Today I noticed a glob of clear/whitish something when I wiped...I'm still bleeding heavily like I normally do but I don't recall ever seeing this time of glob before. I always get chunks when I'm on my period, but that was odd.
Avatar f tn Just know that the majority of the time if you have a miscarriage you don't go on to have a second one. Not having symptoms is completely normal as well I had a miscarriage and got pregnant again right after and my boobs have honestly not hurt once this whole pregnancy. Different symptoms with different pregnancies! Just keep your chin up everything will be okay!
Avatar n tn The nurse basically said that unless I am soaking one to two pass every hour that I should just see what happens over the weekend. Has anybody had similar symptoms? If so, what were your outcomes? Thank you all, in advance, so very much...I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this group...Happy New Year and God Bless...
Avatar n tn And I believe you are suppost to lose all pregnancy symptoms after a miscarriage, and I haven't yet. I'm still pissing constantly, and when I was told I wa having a miscarriage, my blood was coming straight from my vagina like a period, but I only bled when peeing and dripped on and off inbeteen. It wasnt anything like a period like they said it was going to be. It's really wierd. I still feel like I am pregnant. What do you think. I really would like some info from everyone, please!!!
Avatar n tn If I would have listened to that doctor, I would have killed my healthy baby! Don't do a d+c if you haven't had any major miscarriage symptoms. Trust your body and your instincts....doctors are just people too making a guess sometimes!
Avatar n tn I read on one of the forums that once a heart beat is dedected you have only a 5% change of miscarriage is that pretty much a true statistic? I know I have read that some mom's have miscarried up to twelve weeks but sometimes I think the fetus dies early on but it's not detected until later. I think I miscarriaged at 10weeks one time and 12weeks a seperate time but when the doctor did the ultra sound they were only the size of 6 weeks which meant the pregnancy hadn't been viable since 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn Hello- I am so sorry. I had a miscarriage on February 4th. I got pregnant 2 weeks after the miscarriage (so use protection if you don't want that to happen) so my period would have arrived around the 4th of March. I also had a miscarriage last November and i got my period 4 weeks to the day. My doc told me it varies from 3-8 weeks.
Avatar n tn So I went to a second doctor today at a clinic where they ob/gyn doctor actually looks at the u/s pictures. He said (without seeing any pictures of previous ultrasounds) that he thinks this is a miscarriage. He said by six weeks we should be seeing cardiac activity on a transvaginal u/s. He was very blunt and acted certain that we should be seeing activity. I am very confused.
Avatar n tn So I went to a second doctor today at a clinic where they ob/gyn doctor actually looks at the u/s pictures. He said (without seeing any pictures of previous ultrasounds) that he thinks this is a miscarriage. He said by six weeks we should be seeing cardiac activity on a transvaginal u/s. He was very blunt and acted certain that we should be seeing activity. I am very confused.
Avatar f tn im really scared for some reason and cannot shake this feeling that something is wrong with baby.. Im 8w1d and ive read about missed miscarriage it scares me cuz most of my symptoms went away for the most part.. Im not really nauseous no real cravings.. My smell sense is back to normal.. The only things are sore boobs at night and needing to pee more often.. I scheduled a ultrasound for today to hear the heartbeat im prayinthers therethers and everything is ok... ftm btw:) prayers needed!
Avatar n tn Both times my hormone levels were solid, my pregnancy symptoms were strong, and I had absolutely no worrisome symptoms that indicated I was miscarrying. Both times the ultrasound showed that the pregnancy was no longer viable. In my second pregnancy we had heard a heartbeat at 7 weeks and then nothing at 9 weeks. Even with all this in mind, it is possible that you could hear a heartbeat at your next ultrasound.
Avatar n tn but then after i began to bleed and have symptoms of my period i thought i wasnt but i still felt weird.I picked up the "ball" and began to cry I then out of wonder cut the ball and a fluid escaped and a small worm like thing poped out...It has now been 10 days since i began bleeding the pain has decreased and for the most part gone away.Did I have a miscarriage? Was the ball my baby? I dont have insurance but do I need to see a doctor?
Avatar f tn I recently had a miscarriage in early October of 2008, and it resulted in needing a d and c. The baby had stopped growing and had no heartbeat at 12 weeks, but I was supposed to be at 14.5 weeks. My husband and I were saddened, but optomistic. Our ob told us to wait one cycle and it would be safe to try again. We waited a cycle, and I had a very normal period, Come to find we got pregnant right after! WE ARE NOW AT 6.5 WEEKS!
Avatar n tn I had a missed miscarriage and had absolutely NO idea. My symptoms had eased up a little (still had sore breasts- but not as sore- still was nauseous and tired) but I also attributed that to being towards the end of my 1st trimester. I went in for an ultrasound at 12 weeks and found out that the baby had died at 8wks 6 days. I started spotting slightly brown the day before my ultrasound-but had no cramps so I wasn't really worried about it. Ended up having to have a D&C.
Avatar n tn Just keep in mind that you are at no higher risk to have a miscarriage. Doctors consider one miscarriage perfectly normal. Once you can feel the baby move it gets a whole lot easier. I know it is hard, but try to relax and think positive. As I said, I am doing just fine after my previous m/c. I will be having my daughter the first week of February.
Avatar n tn I asked the dr for his gut feeling and he believe that I am going to have a miscarriage. I go back to my obgyn in two days to check if my HCG levels have increased...if they have then possible good news and I will go back at the end of the week for another ultrasound. I am freaking out. Its the high HCG level and no heartbeat that has me worried. My husband thinks our due date is off...I can't help but think the worst and listen to the doctors.
Avatar n tn I had mine inserted this past Feb. I just started having the exact same symptoms. I am going to take a hpt. Let me know if you find out whats causing your problems.
570184 tn?1257547992 My question is, will my existing health condition put me at high risk of another miscarriage/stillbirth and will I have extra scans to avoid what happened last time. I couldn't go through that again, it was the most traumatic event ever .
Avatar n tn I had a missed miscarriage on June 17, found out from my 12 week u/s that fetus stopped growing at 8wks,6days and no fetal heartbeat. I did not have any symptoms of miscarriage. We were not expecting this, figured we were "safe" cause we made it to the 3 month point. I also still had my pregnancy symptoms. Ob prescribed Cytotec, a.k.a Misoprostal to induce my miscarriage, as opposed to a d& c. I bled for a few days and now have the odd brown discharge.
Avatar n tn After a miscarriage depnding on how far a long you are you should at least wait 2 cycles. After a miscarriage ask your doctor and don't feel shy when you should try again. No matter what some one says you can still be pregnant before your period is late. I was told by my aunt once when I was younger that some woman can have a miscarriage once a month with out evan knowing it. I researched this and it is true. One out of every 3 or 4 pregnancys end for many reasons in miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Trust me don't rush the symptoms.. Lol.. It will come in time.. And if you never get them your one of the lucky ones..
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367974 tn?1286554758 Hi Every one, I was thinking why not ask all the lovely ladies whom gone though a miscarrige in they life to update other of how many weeks they were when they had a miscarrige, what were the symptoms and would be great to know the reaons if known but dont worry if unknown...
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Avatar f tn Most of your symptoms don't match those of hypothyroidism, though a few of them do, such as the brain fog, panic attacks, etc. The only way to know for sure is to get your thyroid levels tested and by that, I mean your actual thyroid levels. Most doctors will test only TSH and if it's normal, will tell you you don't have a problem; however, you need to have actual thyroid hormones tested as well. Those are Free T3 and Free T4, not to be confused with Total T3 and Total T4.