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377012 tn?1283969035 Usually when you miscarry it is bright red blood with clotting in it. That is why when you are pregnant, your doctor usually says to keep an eye out for bright red blood. Because usually brown/black "blood" is just old blood disgarding from your body. So it doesn't sound like you miscarried. Plus when you miscarry it very heavy bleeding for maybe a day or two and then it gets lighter and lasts for a few more days.
Avatar f tn so I didn't have a miscarriage but my cousins doctor told her she did. they couldn't find the heartbeat but she had said they didn't bother trying to look. shes in her first trimester but had no signs of miscarriage, no cramping and no bleeding at all. is it possible the doctor could be wrong? she's gonna get checked again to double check.
Avatar n tn I started bleeding monday night, went for an u/s on tuesday and there was no sac, im currently waiting for the blood work to come back and confirm that i am having a miscarriage. Has anyone had these symptoms of bleeding and no sac on 5 week u/s and had a successful pregnancy? is there any hope for me?
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that if it's dark dark brown or black it could also mean you are having a miscarriage or the end of a miscarriage there is really nothing you can do about it while it's happening but every month between 3 to 4 days before your expecting your period take a test and if it happens every month then set up an appt go in to get yourself checked to make sure that your not or weren't having a miscarriage i think that's what I would do if it worries you that much because it could be
Avatar n tn Hcg levels do drop when a woman has a miscarriage, but slow rising levels can also be a sign of an impending miscarriage as well. With levels like those, you should be able to see something else besides a sac. I would just follow up with your doc in a few days. Get some blood work done to see if your levels continue to rise or fall..then you will know for sure. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar n tn Most people that I had talked to who have had a miscarriage symptoms were the same and mines did not compare to thiers at all. The hospitals around my area are lazy. So you have to complain to get the right work done. I'm just so exhausted. I figure that it shouldn't take this long to fined out.So hopefully something good is instore for me.
Avatar f tn 10th feb i started bleeding light pink blood lasted 3 days(was on and off ) was really streaky, small black clots (sorry TMI)i still have the symptoms just boobs are slighty less sore still cant touch them though. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVISE? OR BEEN THROUGH THE SAME THING TO PUT A LITTLE LIGHT ON THE SITUATION?
Avatar m tn Her period was due on Mar 3 to Mar 7 but id did not come. She had all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy starting around Feb 20th. On the 11th of Mar I ejaculated inside her. On the 14th of March she had a very strange period. Her lining came out in large chunks. the first thing that came out was wet and pink, so wet that it soaked the sheets. It was pink and wet. The following day Mar 15th a large piece came out it was black, red, gray and had white spots on it.
Avatar f tn The thing worrying me which I didn't even consider at the moment was either Sunday or Monday (a couple of days ago) I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was like a discharge/mucus (which had happened before and I know it is normal to discharge) but I remember a little something dark in it can't remember exact color. I didn't have any symptoms or pain or blood. I am considered 5 weeks and I know you can miscarry without any symptoms.. I'm afraid and my doc's appt isn't until Friday..
Avatar f tn 3 days.... I bled darkish read and passed almost black blood clots but no pain whatsoever. The ER doctor told me it was a threaten miscarriage but then again it could be a missed period that needed to be flushed out.
1135075 tn?1283203103 All of your symptoms definitely sound like the symptoms I first noticed when I became pregnant so you could be pregnant. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your husband! I truly hope that you are pregnant!! Keep us posted!
Avatar m tn if it's almost black blood that sounds like clots. do you know what it looks like? is it really thick and in balls or just like flowing blood?
Avatar n tn OMG! I found this site by searching miscarriages & weight gain. Dealing w/the m/c is hard enough, but to add the extra lbs to the emotional roller coaster is just about more than anyone should have to deal with. I was 12 weeks when the Dr.'s discovered I had miscarried. I had to have a D & C (worst thing I've ever experienced) in Feb '08 since then I've gained weight like a freak (16 lbs). I can't seem to get it off.
1407098 tn?1287115366 Sept 14, 2010 I'm waiting on a missed miscarriage. This is my 2nd missed miscarriage and I had a miscarriage before that as well. I have 2 healthy children prior to all 3 miscarriages. My 1st missed miscarriage was complicated. I started spotting at about 6 1/2 weeks. I didn't get in for an ultrasound until 7w5d, the found the baby measuring 6w4d with a good heartbeat and small clot behind the placenta. I was so relieved.
Avatar n tn Said I may have an auto-immune disease and sent me on to a rheumi. Rheumi looked at all the blood tests and xrays and said my symptoms were not related. Said I had bad rotator cuffs, degenerative arthritis in my hands, and strained muscles in my neck and shoulder. Oh well,..Meanwhile I still have night sweats and muscle twitches, ears ringing and eardrum twitching every frickin' day of my life, plus in low light, I now have a spot in front of my right eye, can't see anything.
Avatar f tn I had a bit of brown and dark red spotting 4 days ago and cramping I went to hospital and had an internal u/s they said they could only see gestation sac and it was measuring exactly 5 weeks told me to go home and rest but the bleeding stopped and I started to get this black stringy discharge (tmi) and period like pains in my lower abdomen and back Its been going on for 4 days now but no blood!
1419501 tn?1320209910 Then the following day I noticed red blood and a small blood clots by this time the pain got worse it felt like labor pains. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom when I set on the toliet the pain got even worse to the point I couldn't move so I felt the urge to push. After I pushed twice I felt a huge relief and that's when I noticed my baby.
Avatar n tn went in emergency room,,,,ultrasound showed nothing and urine and blood tests showed no pregnancy hormone. So i had a miscarriage. I had a follow up with the gyn as i had pains for 2 months,,,been twice,,,got flagyl and difluxan and now after 3 months i feel fine. I am sure i had the miscarriage from the pill i used. Can it be the case? Maybe 72 hours after the intercourse when i used the pill, the implamentation had not occured yet? If so why the test was positive?
Avatar n tn I am going through a miscarriage as well. Monday night (I am writing this on Saturday night), I noticed some blood after intercourse. I paged my doctor who assured me that I was more than likely not having a miscarriage because I was 14 weeks along and we had seen my baby's heartbeat on an ultrasound at 8 weeks and just the week before we heard the heartbeat at an appointment. She said sometimes after intercourse blood vessels can pop or something.
1145402 tn?1264376172 Its more sore than anything, and very tiring. Is it possible these symptoms could be some sort of incomplete miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy miscarriage? Any help or insight would be so appreciated, I'm really scared. I never for a second thought the bleeding could be a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn She said I might've miscarried...sent me for a quantative blood test. She said that the black was probably me bleeding internally and it was stored there for a few days....now it has all expelled and i'm geting rid of everything else. She said she will check my levels again in 4-5 days to see how they've changed if in fact i was pregnant. If I wasn't....what was this???.....Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
1449758 tn?1292509200 guess I was lucky! I know that the spotting on 9/16/10 could be return of AF, as well as the black blood on 8/26/10 may have been but I doubt that both are (would be exactly 2 & 5 wks post D&C). I'm planning to wait until this weekend to retest b/c I understand it can take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks after implantation to get a BFP. I also read that it takes longer to achieve a positive HPT result when you're carrying a boy???
Avatar n tn I thought the first time I had this I was having a miscarriage. The blood result was inconclusive. The second time I thought it was a miscarriage too but that blood result came up a firm negative. Now here I am again. I should also mention that my periods are longer than average (7-10 days). Please, someone out there, if you have any clue as to what this could be caused by let me know. I'm wondering if this is part of the reason we haven't been able to conceive yet. Thank you in advance!
Avatar n tn to stop taking progesterone and have a miscarriage OR keep taking progesterone and have another blood test in 3 days to give it a chance, OFCOURSE I chose the second option. I don't know what to think, I couldn't sleep last night, I was crying and praying. This is my first pregnancy and we were trying to get pregnant for almost a year. It happened naturally but now I am so devastated. Did anyone experience anything like this before and had a healthy baby?
Avatar n tn I had my first miscarriage in 1999 and i just had my 2nd miscarriage June 1st. I still havent had a menstrual cycle and it has been 5 weeks and 4 days since my miscarriage. We have been married for almost 13 years and we have been together for 19 years and we havent been blessed to have a child yet although we want one very badly. He is to the point after this miscarriage that he said " Im giving up".
Avatar n tn i have no idea what wrong, iv read it could be cervical cancer or even a miscarriage but i dont have the symptoms of a miscarriage tho. im just so confused. i go back to the doctors in a few days.
Avatar n tn Just thought I'd add my story. I miscarried last month- started spotting on July 1- ended on 6th. Vaginal ultrasound showed some fetal tissue, but nothing else. I was already bleeding during this u/s, so I knew I was miscarring. Dr. said I was only about 3 days pregnant...I should have never taken an early preg test....then I would have just thought I started my period! Anyways. My HCG was tested that same day at 174 and then dropped to 34 4 days later and then to 2 about 2 more days later.
Avatar n tn Focus on the positive for now- her blood levels (hcg), and her closed cervix (which should open for a miscarriage or birth, but don't always). If she does lose the baby, the best thing you can do is ask her if she needs anything, if there's anything you can do, etc. I had two pregnant friends literally ignore me with my first m/c. One was a co-worker, and she eventually came around. The other is a very close friend that told me she figured I would call when I was ready to talk.
Avatar n tn I had a missed miscarriage and had absolutely NO idea. My symptoms had eased up a little (still had sore breasts- but not as sore- still was nauseous and tired) but I also attributed that to being towards the end of my 1st trimester. I went in for an ultrasound at 12 weeks and found out that the baby had died at 8wks 6 days. I started spotting slightly brown the day before my ultrasound-but had no cramps so I wasn't really worried about it. Ended up having to have a D&C.
Avatar n tn I have had several miscarriages too. After a miscarriage I think it is totally normal to worry all the time. I watch for blood everytime I wipe through the whole first trimester with each baby. The friends I have who haven't miscarried never even think about it. They just assume everything is fine each time. It is sad we have to worry so much and can't enjoy the first trimester but I think that is just how it is after losing a baby. I am sure you will be fine.