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Avatar f tn If you had tubal ligation about 11 years ago, and did not have a pregnancy/miscarriage in between, then the chances of becoming pregnant are almost mil. However, just to be very safe, take a blood pregnancy test for confirmation.
Avatar f tn Hello, I agree with your doctor since the HCG levels have increased in number, any repeat pregnancy and miscarriage should be ruled out. Pregnancy during the early stages is hard to interpret on ultrasound abdomen and hence you should get the HCG levels monitored. Rising HCG levels are indicative of pregnancy and if the spotting continues then you may need to take progesterone supplements.
1151666 tn?1265726742 Hi! Any time there is spotting or bleeding during a pregnancy, we are concerned about miscarriage. If you were my patient, I would ask you to come in for HCG levels ( pregnancy hormone levels) and an ultrasound. By 6-7 weeks we should be able to identify a heartbeat if the baby is healthy. Also, the hormone levels should be increasing normally. I would also want to be sure that the pregnancy is in the uterus (not ectopic or tubal). Good luck!
Avatar n tn did you go to the doctor? Did you have a positive pregnancy test?
Avatar n tn I'm pretty worried that you may have an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. If you were my patient, I would have you come back in, and I would follow your pregnancy hormone levels as well as repeat an ultrasound. If you haven't already gone back to the emergency room, you need to do so as soon as you read this email, and I recommend that you have someone drive you! What we do when we can't see anything on the ultrasound, is follow the levels of the Beta HCG, or pregnancy hormone.
712964 tn?1287080218 the doctors said it was a miscarriage or so they believe but im still having symtoms to could it possibly be a tubal pregnancy and if it is will i be able to have children afterwards?
Avatar f tn Hi:-) Pregnancy can happen after a tubal ligation. A pregnancy after a tubal ligation is considered high risk because there is a great chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic (tubal). Some post tubal ligation pregnancies will be inside the uterus but a large portion (30-40%) of them will be outside the uterus and in the tube. As for your other ? No. You can't have your menstrual period while you're pregnant. Some women do bleed during their pregnancy.
Avatar f tn You have to take into account both age and tubal ligation type... age in your case would be more of a consideration than the surgery itself... i read the odds of pregnancy with the reversal for age 40+ (just looking at age not the type of precedure was like 33%) then i found this in a med help post "I am 46 and trying to get pregnant after two recent miscarriages.
Avatar f tn HI, Faint line in a pregnancy test may be because of a false positive test or it can be because of a ectopic pregnancy which is common after tubal ligation. Also the possibility of a threatened miscarriage should be ruled out. Blood test like serum beta HCG levels and an ultrasound scan will make the diagnosis clear. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and I swear as soon as they heard me say I had a tubal they didn't want to listen or hear any thing. they never asked me my symptoms pain level or the things I had passed. they didn't ask me anything, just told me its dysfunctional bleeding that I couldn't have been prego. my husband got upset and told the dr i saw how big and solid this thing was she passed the dr didn't care to listen.
Avatar f tn Hi Sami1224 you had some questions about tubal pregnancy. I was between 5 / 6 weeks pregnant when I found out it was a tubal. My symptoms were a lot of cramping only on one side and they would last for hours. Mild cramping on both sides is normal. When things got really bad I couldn't stand up straight and there was some blood but not a lot. I went to the Dr.& they did a ultra sound there was nothing in my uterus but they could see a bulge in my tube on the right side.
Avatar f tn if u had severe pain in your lower left or right abdomin could have been a tubal pregnancy instead of nesting in the uterus it nests in your tubes. could have been many possibilitys. am sorry for ur loss. the fertility friend app helpd me concieved first pop give it a go. dnt give up. really it will happen. goodluck baby dust ur way.
Avatar n tn Congratulations on your pregnancy. I understand how nervous you can be about having a miscarriage. Most of the time a m/c cannot be prevented. It is usually a genetic problem with the egg or sperm. Many women who experience a m/c will question what they did wrong or could have done differently. In truth, there is nothing they could have done to prevent it. It is terrible, but usually cannot be stopped.
Avatar n tn Pregnacy after tubal ligation Topic Area: Pregnancy - Abnormal Forum: The Maternal and Child Health Forum Question Posted By: Tamm on Sunday, April 25, 1999 Posted by Tamm on April 25, 1999 at 14:03:41 I had a tubal ligation about 13 months ago..I recently went into see my dr with abnormal symtoms in my cycle ( server cramps, heavy bleeding large clots) He informed me that I was miscarring. I had blood work done that showed a high level of pregestrone, which confirmed his diagnosis.
Avatar n tn miscarriage or eptopic pregnancy), but perhaps I am less than 4 weeks along--can a transvaginal ultrasound even detect anything that early? I should have had a period by this last Saturday, but no period, and no more bleeding or cramping. Question 2: has anyone experienced something similar to this, and what were your symptoms; how were you treated? Obviously, for health reasons, I am hoping it was a miscarriage, not an eptopic pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hello, Pregnancy after tubal ligation is possible and this bleeding can be due to any threatened miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy as well. However to confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests.
Avatar n tn I am just hoping there is no scar tissue that would cause a miscarriage or etopic pregnancy. I had a bad experience with my last doctor and don't know who to go to now. It makes it harder in my situation. Normally I would just book an appointment right away to get to the bottom of things.
Avatar n tn could the 6 hCG be on track since the other lab said 11 and they determine pregnancy by different levels...or is it that even though they are different labs the hCG level difference doesnt matter, and the hCG drop would be accurate...I have heard of women having low levels of hCG...one lady told me she had a level of 6..being told she wasnt pregnant and a week later her level was 1900...and is pregnant... Could the pain and such light spotting be from implantation?
Avatar f tn The first 2 ended in missed m/cs. On Tuesday, I went for an emergency lap because my Dr. thought I was having a tubal pregnancy due to the pain on my side and my slow rising HCG levels (1540-3276 in 1 week). Go to find out, I wasn't having a tubal preg but she did see endometriosis which she believes was causing my pain and responsible for my past 2 m/cs. (She said she is keeping her fingers crossed for this preg but the numbers don't look good!
Avatar f tn Around Dec 10, I took a home pregnancy test because I was feeling incredibly ill. I have very irregular cycles, so wasn't sure where I was. i got a +. called my dr, she ran hcg and progesterone. HCG was only 18.4, progesterone <2, dr said not viable. I had lots of cramping and bleeding (like a regular period) that lasted about 4-5 days and pregnancy symptoms went away. Since then, I have had abdominal discomfort (not pain - more like pressure and cramping).
Avatar f tn I wanted to know if anyone else has ever had a normal pregnancy after a tubal ligation and miscarriage. The are a number of blogs about having babies after a tubal but nothing similar to my situation. The Dr. only wants to talk about future birth control and how to prevent this from happening again. He doesn't even know any specifics about my tubes. I feel like I can't talk to him. Please help if you have any comments or suggestions I would love to talk to someone.
590110 tn?1367510341 He said since mine wasn't anything that caused my miscarriage (tubal, falling ect.)my chances are the same as before I had one. My sister has had 2 tubal pregnancy's her doctor said since they were tubal she now has a 75% chance she will have another tubal. My husband and I are now trying for another baby and I feel I will be very nervous when I do get pregnant. I wish you the best of luck...keep us posted!
730604 tn?1231902710 I just had a 3month old baby. i had a tubal ligation (burned and cut) and have been regreting it ever since is there enyone who finds themselfs in the same situation? I also had another question what r the possibilities of me having another baby?
Avatar f tn So here is the backstory...I had a miscarriage last Oct. It was a tubal pregnancy and they had to remove it surgically. They were able to save both tubes thankfully. My cycle didnt really become regular until December. Last month i was having A LOT of pregnancy symptoms (cravings, smell, tired, nausea, etc...) I had a blood test done and it was negative and then I got my period. I am using the app "Period Tracker" to help track my periods and when I am possibly ovulating.
Avatar n tn C although I still had positive hpt at that time suggesting HCG levels were high (used very sensitive pregnancy test). Could I have been ovulating or could elevated levels of HCG have given me an incorrect reading? The day of my D&C i felt so pregnant and the very next day, I did not feel pregnant at all. Preganacy symptoms have returned now, 3-4 weeks later. Could I be pregnant agian or is it all in m head? Test are still negative but I normally don't test positive until 5 weeks.
Avatar f tn That's a good question because they have been telling me for the past 2wks that i was having a miss or tubal, Well they oust the tubal because they didn't see it in my last ultrasound which was thursday. But because they dont see a yolk sac yet or hear a heart beat they like to call it a early miss thats happening but because im not cramping or bleeding [red] they dont no what to detect. But the answer to your question is its hard to tell it all depends on your body.