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Miscarriage or tissue

Common Questions and Answers about Miscarriage or tissue


Avatar f tn If You are worried You have Miscarried You should really consult a doctor
Avatar n tn 29 HCG 650 Ultrasound showed no evidence of a pregnancy, but 2 cysts on my right ovary(corpus luteum). Thickened lining in my uterus 3cm. Possible tissue from pregnancy or placenta. No baby,no sac. Today, Dec. 31 light brown spotting, mild cramping but HCG rose again! 870. Still not doubling, but rising. Any thoughts. Also, they didn't see fluid in my uterus or a bulge to assume ectopic.
2207953 tn?1338969141 June 2nd I passed a small amount of tissue with very little amount of blood. Could that have been a miscarriage? or is it possible that I may still be pregnant? I am expecting my period may 11-12th but I'm really excited and kinda impatient to find out.
Avatar n tn I recently suffered my 2nd miscarriage at 10.5 weeks. I saved the tissue that I passed and gave it to the nurse in the ER for testing. Although I signed all of the paperwork to have the testing done, apparently the tissue was discarded and the tests were not done for some reason, even though my OB wanted to have the testing done also. I cannot tell you how devastating this is for me!
Avatar f tn How far along are you??I would get that checked out b/c I've had 3 m/c in the past and I went through that... Are you in pain? Are you still bleeding??
Avatar f tn If this was a miscarriage, you would have passed tissue, not merely felt faint. By the time three months had gone by without a period, there would be enough of an embryo to see something. If this event was just yesterday or the day before, you could take a home pregnancy test, to see if there is any hCG in your system, just to confirm. Sounds a little more like a fibroid. See your ob/gyn.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry hun...I went through it in November. I started bleeding and about 2 days later I started cramping kinda bad for about an hour. Went to the bathroom and passed everything...tissue, clots, blood...and than I was fine. The pain went away and I bled for about 3 more days. 5 in total. You might continue to pass more tissue or clots...and you'll prolly bleed for a few more days. Just monitor your body...
Avatar f tn I miscarried. I went to the doctor on Monday and now I'm passing tissue, etc. Second miscarriage in a year, its getting discouraging.
525485 tn?1314361301 If you had a miscarriage that early a baby would be so tiny you wouldn't see it in the tissue. I also agree that it was probably leftover tissue from giving birth. I had clotty periods the first 1-2 periods after giving birth, which is very normal.
Avatar f tn How wud I no of I'm having a miscarriage or my period ?? On the 5 of sept I started bleeding started off brownish red then jus red blood then brown I had bad cramps to. I was suppose to get my period on the 16 but didn't then the 20th I stated bleeding again had bad cramps and backaches. But bfor all this me and my boyfriend did have sex a few times and those few times he came in me so idk if I could b pregnant or not took a test nd it was negative.
Avatar f tn Is this concerened the Miscarriage or the 12th when I passed everything. Could there be a possibility that I am pregnant now to? Or I am over anxious?
Avatar n tn I am starting to think it was not a pregnancy of unknow location but an early incomplete miscarriage and therefore tissue too small to see on transvaginal US? I really dont know what is happening, all appears a bit strange. I will let you know what the result is tomorrow.
Avatar n tn d still need to go to the doctor if it was indeed a miscarriage, even if you feel better today, because you could still have tissue or placenta or something left inside of you which could make you real sick or even worse if left untreated. They'd need to check you to make sure you body expelled everything. If it didn't, they'd need to make sure you're cleaned out. It's called a D & C. It's important to do this and make sure you're ok.
5622103 tn?1371096234 It might be a remnant piece of placenta left over from when you had your baby. Placental tissue can remain 'vascular' for a while (i.e., still be healthy tissue with blood pumping in and out) even in the absence of a baby. I once lost a pregnancy at Christmas and by March there was still a dab of placental tissue in my uterus, and they had to go in and get it by D&C.
Avatar f tn I should have got my period on or around March 5th or 6th. On March 7th was my physical, I told my PCP that I was late. When he did my pap he said I would likely start my period that night. I had a tinge of blood probably caused by the pap but no period. My pap came back normal. March 10th – March 19th I finally got my period. It was a lot longer than normal and was a little heavier than normal. (Normal for me lasts 2-3 days with my heaviest day being on day 2.
Avatar n tn found out by a home pregnancy test... the day before....just had a miscarriage in may.... but newayz, this is my second miscarriage if im even havin one... i have been passin both tissue and clots but have had minor grandma had a period while pregnant with my mother and aunt. could i still be pregnant even after passin tissue and clots?
Avatar n tn You are having either a miscarriage or a missed miscarriage. In a normal pregnancy levels double every 48-72 hours. The fact that yours are going down indicates that you are not experiancing a normal pregnancy. Until your levels reach 0 you are "still pregnant" but if any tissue is in there or you haven't actually expelled the baby then you will continue to have hcg in your system that will case weird levels that drop slowly.
Avatar f tn Who knows how long after a having a miscarriage you bleed for? I had a miscarriage this pass Monday, but am not bleeding much it'sccoming like the end of my period cycle. Never been through this before. Can you ladies give me a lil info please.
Avatar n tn Something dropped on the floor. It was tissue about 5-6 in long and 1-2 in wide red and white. After that the pain and bleeding stopped. I'm assuming it was a miscarriage. Later I puked and couldn't sleep till midnight. Now this am I feel nautious. I did a hpt after missing my period which I thought was because of getting on Depo and was negative. I've has No preg. signs so what just happened???
Avatar n tn I discovered i was pregnant on 21st January 2008. I had had some bron staining in decemeber but the 1st day off my last period was 26th Novemeber. I booked an appointment with my local midwife and she tried to hear a heart beat but she could when i went to the hospital for an enternal scan they measured the baby at 3.6mm but still couldn't hear or see a heart beat.
3070917 tn?1358031492 By the way my hubby and I have been trying to conceive. My miscarriage was on the 18TH of May its now 38 days since the miscarriage. Someone please tell me what think.
Avatar f tn would starting birth control again have caused a miscarriage? and if so, why did the tissue come four weeks AFTER i started taking the pill again, with my normal period? Could it be extra lining or something from the missed period?
Avatar n tn It depends on how far along you are wether or not you will actualy see a fetus, Also you can have a missed miscarriage, where you wont bleed or clot at all. (you may loose pregnancy symptoms) The only way you can be certain if your in the process of miscarriaging is to see a doctor. Honestly though if you think you are having a miscarriage it is very important to see your ob asap. If the pain is severe or you are bleeding through more than 1 pad an hour you should go to the ER.
Avatar f tn Today at 2 different times I passed large liver like blobs. Would this have been twins or is this the normal amount of tissue for 1 baby? Should I expect more tissue to pass? TIA.
Avatar f tn When I checked, my doctor told me that I had miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance. I was diagnosed for a Bilateral Polycystic Ovarian disease a year ago before I got pregnant and my doctor told me that this was the reason why I had a miscarriage. And also, she did not perform dilation and curettage to me anymore since I passed all of the tissue from the fetus and placenta. My questions are: 1.