Miscarriage or threatened miscarriage

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Avatar f tn Threatened miscarriage is a term most Dr.'s use when there is any bleeding or spotting at all. So try not to think of that word, it's scary and doesn't really mean much. I have seen this situation go both ways. In all honesty, the biggest concern is not the spotting, it's that you are measuring 2 weeks behind. There is typically a margin of error a week either way. Anything more then that is of concern. This of course is if you are aboslutely certain of your dates.
Avatar f tn Same thing happend to me. I was like 8 weeks or 9 i was spotting & went to e.r they told me it was a threatened miscarraige.
Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps with or without vaginal bleeding Vaginal bleeding during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy (last menstrual period was less than 20 weeks ago) Note: During an actual miscarriage, low back pain or abdominal pain (dull to sharp, constant to intermittent) can occur. Tissue or clot-like material may pass from the vagina. Exams and Tests Abdominal or vaginal ultrasound may be done to check the baby's development, heart beat, and amount of bleeding.
Avatar n tn on the 23rd of may i went to the er because i was bleeding and cramping.. they said it was a threatened miscarriage but my were checked in the hospital and were at 4100. am i having a miscarriage.
6470732 tn?1439559892 OK, so, last night we had a scare. My boyfriend and I were watching a movie and we paused it so I could pee. When I pulled down my underwear, there was blood soaked through my panties. I was caught off guard, having NO cramps or pains or anything. I called Steven into the bathroom and called my mom. She let me go so I could call the emergency after hours number my OBGYN gave me. The doctor on call called me back but was quite rude. He just didn't really listen?
Avatar f tn When ya had a miscarriage threatened, was your baby fine when you had your 1st scan, or was the heart still beating.? Im so because, I pray and hope to God Monday I see my baby heartbeat. Tht will be my 1st appt. And I had a miscarriage threatened Aug.
5900973 tn?1396067991 I'm going through a threatened miscarriage. I'm trying to stay positive but am so worried. Have to wait until Tuesday to have another blood test. Any advice?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and 5 days and I've been bleeding since Monday they keep telling me its my body deciding if it wants to miscarry or not and as long as I don't soak a pad in an hour or have cramps there not to worried this would be my 2nd miscarriage if it happens but I just had a Preemie 7 months ago born @23 weeks so anything's possible just relax and think positive thoughts and keep your feet up and don't lift anything heavy
1332690 tn?1292527044 I am 6 weeks pregnant and in the middle of a threatened miscarriage. So after being seen in the ER and have blood test my cervix check and a U/S I'm in the same place I was when I started bleeding. I was only bleeding for one day. When I would pee I would bleed out clots and old blood. I have no had any cramps. My cervix is closed. And the US showed there was still a possible baby very low in the uterus. Since the ultra sound I have onlyl been spotting. No more clotting.
Avatar f tn Just looking for help answers....anything really..... I went to my first OB appointment last Thursday. By my LMP I was 8w2d however an ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring 6w2d and the heart beat was slow at 87. The OB said that I should come back Wednesday and do a recheck to see if my dates were off or if this was going to be a non viable pregancy. Yesterday I woke up with some spotting and went to the ER.
Avatar f tn Early in my pregnancy they said I was having a threatened miscarriage. Same thing with you...was about 5 1/2weeks pregnant started bleeding. The doc did a vaginal ultrasound and saw same as you...gestational sac but no fetal pole or heartbeat. Did bloodwork and a week later another ultrasound...where they saw all that they were looking for. They said sometimes when you are that early it is just the matter of a couple days in being able to see the fetal pole and heartbeat.
Avatar f tn small amounts of red blood, went to the ER and they diagnosed it as threatened miscarriage but they never did an ultrasound and my hgc levels are 100 . Today im bleeding quite a bit more and its not brown its light pink blood. Nd its not constant nd comes in goes (in gushes) idk what to think or even do at this point. I cant go see my dr till monday. Im so upset any other mommas experienced this? What happened?
Avatar f tn I just came out of the hospital had a pretty bad scare bt they say the babys fine has a heartbeat of 166...they told me its a threatened miscarriage and put me on bedrest . Has anyone ever had this before if so did u have a healthy baby or did u end up miscarrying .
5900973 tn?1396067991 Right now going through a threatened miscarriage.. so scared.. have to wait two days for another blood test...
Avatar f tn So, after spending 8 hours going between two hospitals, I was told I am at risk of miscarry in and that they're classifying it as a threatened miscarriage. Ultrasound placed me at 6 weeks. And no heartbeat. But nothing points to miscarriage yet. More testing tomorrow to check my hormone levels, and again later in the week. On top of my regularly scheduled visit on the 4th. I can't do anything. But get up to go to the bathroom until either I lose the baby, or everything is okay again.
Avatar n tn I have three children and have just found out I am pregnant for the 4th time ( around 4 weeks) however, I am experiencing a threatened miscarriage. Like yourself I'm frightened the miscarriage has already occurred. I'd advise you not to wait until tomorrow for your blood test result and go back to the ER immediately if you are experiencing sereve cramping and heavy bleeding (bleeding heavier than a normal period). You need a medical check up a.s.a.p. so don't wait!!!
Avatar f tn Hi I found out I am pregnant nearly a week ago and have been bleeding since not as heavy as normal period but with some clots the bleeding has stopped now, I am starting to get pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts and headaches my doctor said I am having a threatened miscarriage and will not do anything.
1418230 tn?1282924322 It sounds like you either became pregnant again, you never miscarried or there is tissue still left in you that will need to be removed. A sonogram is the way to go at this point!