Miscarriage or menstruation

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Avatar n tn If the pains continue, and certainly if they get worse, you need to be checked out--to rule out a miscarriage or ectopic (tubal pregnancy). Since you did have a period (two in fact) you are probably not pregnant, and if the pain and cramping subside, you can safely wait for your next cycle. Any time you are worried though, check a pregnancy test, and/or call your doctor. I hope this is helpful!
Avatar n tn Hi...I posted a question about menstruation after an ectopic pregnancy, but haven't gotten any responses yet, so I am kind of thinking that no one who is reading them has had an ectopic so they are skipping it, which is understandable. If anyone is reading this who has had ANY kind of surgical procedure/D & C/miscarriage, etc.
Avatar n tn How long will it take to start my period, and when I do start when should I start counting for ovulation again? Do I start from the miscarriage or from my previous period?
Avatar n tn I have been having light to moderate bleeding of and on since. Should I be concerned or is this some what normal after a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I have also been wondering when my period will start. My doctor told me it could be 4-6 weeks. Did you have a natural miscarriage or have to get a D&C? After a D&C, there probably shouldn't be any left over tissue. I don't really know about a natural miscarriage. I think the blood could possibly be thicker following a miscarriage due to the changes in your uterus. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I would call the doctor to be sure
Avatar n tn Ovarian cancer is not associated with pelvic infections, elevated prolactin, or stopping menstruation early. it does sound like you have a hormone imbalance.
Avatar f tn Also have you been sexually active with or without protection? You may be having a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn We want to see it dropping rather quickly after a miscarriage. If it doesn't drop, or if it goes slowly higher, we need to consider surgery for a tubal pregnancy. If it rapidly increases ( doubles every 48 hours ) it could mean that the pregnancy is still continuing, and sometimes it can be a normal pregnancy. The evaluation that they did in the ER is fine, but you MUST have some follow up, and if you haven't gone yet, go NOW! Good luck!
949689 tn?1246005627 I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. After my d&c it took about 10 weeks before my cycle had returned to normal. This is so frustrating because I felt like I was just wasting precious time. I agree with Jen (40smama) ask your doctor to prescribe some Prometium, this always helped with jump starting my cycle!
Avatar f tn Now i am confused if i was ever pregnant or was just late? But my period usually last 5 days and never 2 days.. After 2 days when the bleeding stopped i tried another PT and now read negative.. Now i feel depressed because i thought i was pregnant.. I took 5 days off from work because i was having an emotional breakdown..
1511959 tn?1298283613 the bleeding has definitely gotten lighter, no pain at all, no clotting, at one point it seemed like it went away but then came back the next day!! I don't know if it's my menstruation or not and I don't have a doctors appointment till this Thursday. Any advice?
Avatar f tn I'm not an expert but as far I know it can happen spotting (pink or brown color) if you experience a regular menstrual cycle being pregnant you should check with your doctor could be a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage on 6/29 (last period 5/22 = 5.5 weeks). It was my 1st pregnancy. I have had normal periods for the past 10-11 months, anywhere between 28 and 33 days long. Before that, I was on Depo Provera for 10+ years(I am 32), and did not have a single period after coming off of the Depo for about a year. But, as soon as the 1st one came, everything seemed to be back on track.
Avatar n tn All that clotting is certainly the sign of another issue. During my miscarriage, I didn't see clots that big. Seek the advice of your ob/gyn....
Avatar n tn I have twin boys who are 3 years old. I had no complications with that pregnancy. Recently my husband and I decided to start trying again, and at 9 weeks I had a miscarriage. A D&C was eventually performed, but my bleeding prior to the D&C was incredibly heavy, and my blood pressure dipped quite low. I was informed by my OBGYN and my family doctor that my period would return within 4-6 weeks after the procedure. Six weeks have now passed and I have no signs of menstruation.
Avatar f tn And if we start trying to conceive now, am I putting myself at risk for another miscarriage or hemorrhaging if I do get pregnant??
Avatar n tn ) and from what I have read when researching fertility for my own situation, spotting should not be counted as actual menstruation. I spot for about 3 days prior to AF, but when I actually start, I get the cramps and real blood. I wouldn't have counted my spotting as my actual AF -- but just my warning that it is on its way. Anyone will tell you that you should visit your doctor in any case to determine the cause -- which is a good idea.
1434024 tn?1329816440 , when first of all i never mentioned if i was trying to get pregnant or not, or if i MINDED getting pregnant or not.. but thats not what this is about.. this post is different. let me start off by saying im only 21, and have mentioned only a few of my other problems in my other posts.. ive posted a few others back about a strange sensation i was having, and every response i got was 'anxiety'.
Avatar n tn I bloat really bad too. My stomach feels like its full. I don't ever throw up or anything I just feel sick. I asked my doctor about it and he said I was fine. It's normal. Of course he is a man and has no idea what it feels like. I feel like I have one "good " week without feeling sick. I take pepto or eat tums. it seems to help for a little bit.good luck. I will also say when I was pg with both of my girls I got a sick feeling at night. I never threw up I just felt icky.
1359380 tn?1279011017 The doctor can't tell me 100% what it is if it's a miscarriage or not. She did a sonar but couldn't see the baby so she had to do a internal sonar. There she saw the sack with the baby (fetus). She asked me then how I now I'm 7weeks pregnant. I told her that I did a blood test. She told me then that the baby (fetus) look very small. I couldn't see the screen (I wish I could). She looked for a heartbeat bu couldn't find any.
Avatar n tn In young, sexually active women, STDs--especially chlamydia and gonorrhea--are at or tcy (e.g., an impending miscarriage), fibroid tumors, and others. Injury during sex, including your partner's fingers, is not a likely cause. Bottom line: Get examined soon, to include pelvic exam, pap smear, and tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia. It would be a good idea for your partner to get checked out at the same time.
Avatar n tn Please Read and Answer ASAP... Hi Good Day and happy new year.. I have some queries about effect of miscarriage. my wife got m/c last Nov. 14. After that she have been bleeding for 2 weeks.. i guess its normal.. and then it stops.. on dec. 16, she has bleeding again, we assume its his menstruation as expected to occur that weeks.. its moderate and becoming light until dec 23.. on that day, we decided to apply a family planning method to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hello, There are several reasons why a woman has delayed menstruation and this could be due to unhealthy diet, stress (emotional or physical), sudden weight gain or loss, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Gynecological conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and uterine cysts or polyps, can also bring about alteration in menstrual cycle. Even sickness and stress associated with it can delay periods. However, pregnancy is still the most common cause of delayed or missed period.
Avatar f tn Sounds like its due to stress same thing happened to me when i first suspected i was pregnant but i was just really stressed this time though i really am prego me and my boyfriend had sex he used the pull out method as well and i was sure he didnt *** in me but obviously he did but we had sex right after my period had went off well a couple days after it had went off i believe or during my last mentrual days cant quite remember but jus to make sure take a prego test and remember faint line or so