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Avatar n tn getting pregnant with twins and having a miscarriage then getting pregnant with twins again. is it possible and what r the chances of having a miscarriage again?
Avatar f tn My last pregnancy ended in miscarriage. It's still only early days and the risk of miscarriage is higher with twins. Both babies had a heart beat and the ultrasound technician said everything looks great but I still have what seems like forever until I'm in the "safe" zone. Im 7 weeks today but I'm finding it hard to get excited out of fear of losing one or both babies. My twins are due October 22nd. Any other mummy's having twins or have had twins in the past?
Avatar n tn I had an early ultrasound at 5 week's. Twins run in father's side of family. I had a miscarriage at 15 week's with twins 6 years ago. This is our 5th child. I'm 24, this is our 5th child (& last lol). Thing's just seem so different this time around. How possible is it for the Dr to of maybe over looked a second baby? I look 4 months pregnant.
Avatar f tn if they are in the same sac, they are identical twins so there is no factor that caused you to have twins (at least,no known factor).
Avatar n tn We didn't think to ask because we were just happy to have a heartbeat since we have a history of miscarriage. Oh Boy could i be carrying twins?
Avatar f tn Are you certain of your dates down to the day, or is it just sort of close? I don't know if I would worry or not, if the ultrasound at 6 weeks 4 days showed two sacs, but I would begin to parse out very carefully what day my last period was and when I thought I ovulated. I hate to say anything that might be negative, especially because it could be nothing, but at 6 w 4 d or thereabouts, I'd like to see something more than a sac, or even two sacs.
Avatar f tn Any mom's having twins? How did you feel? When did you find out you are having twins?
Avatar f tn They are closely monitoring me cause I'm a ball of nerves! We had a miscarriage in December '09. We knew that twins was a possibility with the amount of follicles I had last cycle, so that's why they've been monitoring me. I'm pretty sure it's just one, but who knows! We probably wont see the heartbeat until next Friday. Looking forward to it.
Avatar f tn I am a heavy girl and have already carried two pregnancies to term and had one miscarriage. I wasnt showing that early. found out it was twins at a ten week ultrasound. it's only genetic from the mother's side, so you aren't predispositioned towards twins, but any daughters you have will be. fraternal twins are the only twins that are passed down genetically, and it's because the woman releases more than one egg, so your bd couldn't have control over that.
Avatar f tn Of course some of us women understand ive lost 3 1 early missed miscarriage and ive had2x mid-trimester losses witch were girls im now expecting my 4th baby witch is another girl so think positive youve still got baby a be strong for that baby
Avatar f tn I am six Weeks pregnant afyer trying for year my doc put me on clomid it worked the first time yay yay!!! Do I have a high chance of twins? Has anyone took this and experienced twins?
Avatar f tn My question was if twins are to split prior to 12 days of conception then when are mine not conjoined, they are in one placenta and each have a membrane. Now being that the egg had to of been split at the 4w3d u/s was it just so small that there was no way to know that it had split? twining is such a mystery, I am excited. I leave in a half hr to start the rounds to mature the lungs I am 26w+d today, so nervous.
1056865 tn?1325812385 He says we call bleeding this early a threatnee miscarriage of one or both fetuses. So now I have to go to my doc as still scheduled monday and see what happens. He says the baby b could be behind but only time will tell. I'm happy I saw such a strong hb but nervous b/c of threatened m/c. Pls pray for my babies. Oh and side note... My husband is being a complete jerk!! That's another story in itself. Thanks ladies.
Avatar f tn I found out at a 6 week ultrasound that I was having twins, but it wasn't until a follow up u/s at 8 weeks that the docs felt comfortable that both babies would do well. The m/c rate b4 12 weeks is a bit higher with twins, and part of this is due to the 'vanishing twin' syndrome, where one stops growing for unknown reasons.
Avatar n tn The one thing I learned this week that I can pass on to you is that you musts be seeing a RE rather than an OB/GYN. Best wishes!!!! I'm sending you lots of baby dust. If it helps, a friend of mine recently gave me something called a "Dreambox" it's a native american legend that if you write your dreams down on paper and put it in this box, then hold it in your hands before going to bed every night and think about acheiving your dream than the dream will come true.
661065 tn?1316791544 Sunday 22, I had a miscarriage of twins. This is my first miscarriage. I'm so sad, but hopefully I will be able to get pregnant again.
Avatar f tn e the doctor said it was a complete one and is sending me for a scan tomorrow is there any chance that could of had twins and there is still one there as i was only nine weeks and hadn't yet been for a scan, or am i just wishful thinking
Avatar f tn However, it took four weeks for the miscarriage, and I have since read that if the baby does not pass relatively quickly, the chance of scar tissue in the uterus increases. I had quite a lot of problems with an incomplete miscarriage, and in retrospect wish I had had a D&C if the babies had not passed naturally in about a week, or two weeks at most.
1281211 tn?1303356265 I was 13wks pregnant and found out from an u/s that I was going to miscarry. Then exactly at week later when I turned 14wks I miscarried, which is today... This is a very rough, and emotional time...
Avatar f tn Today at 2 different times I passed large liver like blobs. Would this have been twins or is this the normal amount of tissue for 1 baby? Should I expect more tissue to pass? TIA.
Avatar f tn I know a woman who was recently pregnant with quints (5 babies!) and three of them passed early on. She is now having two healthy twins.
Avatar f tn 6 weeks that happened that way. BUT I'm now 7.5 wks, have had bleeding nearly every day since 5.5 wks and my twins are doing fine (but I'm still holding my breath every time i bleed heavily). Talk to your doctor ASAP - a quick blood test should help you get answers. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn I am really sorry to hear your news. Is this your first pregnancy? A good friend of mine went through this almost a year ago her hgc levels were gropping and she misscarried. The doctor told her that this is not uncommon in a first pregnancy and now talking to more people it really isnt uncommon especially in your first trimester, Now my friend is due with twins in April so the next time she tried she is getting two baby girls(naturally).
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage in September of last year, and have about 8 weeks to go till I have our little boy. It's always a possibility, but I've been told by my dr, and friends/family, that the chances of it happening again, are very slim. Try to not think about anything negative happening this go around, and stay as stress free as possible. Express your concerns with your dr, and they may see you more often then other women.
Avatar n tn I am responding, but I am not sure if I have a great answer for you. The RNs on here would know more than me. Pathology on what you passed is the only way you would know for sure. It sounds like it might have been what one of my daughter's OBs said was maternal decidua...Grayish tissue that is not necessarily the baby but uterine contents from pregnancy.