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Miscarriage no tissue

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525485 tn?1314361301 If you had a miscarriage that early a baby would be so tiny you wouldn't see it in the tissue. I also agree that it was probably leftover tissue from giving birth. I had clotty periods the first 1-2 periods after giving birth, which is very normal.
Avatar f tn She removed a lot and sent it to pathology, Now im bleeding a lil bit still i know this is kinda detail but when i went more tissue came out of me and i new it was tissue bceause it was hard and not stringy like blood. The dr said i still might have more to pass, but im worried. Im not in any pain now, just had that tissue come out of me. Ive never experienced a m/c so im wondering if this is normal and ill be alright., I dont want to have to go back to the hospital again for no reason!
Avatar n tn I recently suffered my 2nd miscarriage at 10.5 weeks. I saved the tissue that I passed and gave it to the nurse in the ER for testing. Although I signed all of the paperwork to have the testing done, apparently the tissue was discarded and the tests were not done for some reason, even though my OB wanted to have the testing done also. I cannot tell you how devastating this is for me!
Avatar f tn I found out earlier today my baby has no heartbeat and has been gone for 2 weeks now I have to make the decision on if I'm going to miscarry naturally or do a D&C and I would like to know you ladies experiences with D&Cs.
Avatar n tn Something dropped on the floor. It was tissue about 5-6 in long and 1-2 in wide red and white. After that the pain and bleeding stopped. I'm assuming it was a miscarriage. Later I puked and couldn't sleep till midnight. Now this am I feel nautious. I did a hpt after missing my period which I thought was because of getting on Depo and was negative. I've has No preg. signs so what just happened???
Avatar f tn How wud I no of I'm having a miscarriage or my period ?? On the 5 of sept I started bleeding started off brownish red then jus red blood then brown I had bad cramps to. I was suppose to get my period on the 16 but didn't then the 20th I stated bleeding again had bad cramps and backaches. But bfor all this me and my boyfriend did have sex a few times and those few times he came in me so idk if I could b pregnant or not took a test nd it was negative.
Avatar n tn If your numbers are dropping slowly it sounds like a miscarriage and I have no idea what the doctors are thinking telling you that you are not pregnant. Maybe you should seek a second opinion. Good luck honey.
Avatar n tn C is done I Have to wait to see if the tissue they removed was baby tissue or not. If it is not then it is most likely an ectopic pregnancy. So I hope that everything turns out better for you and I hope that you are ok. But if not I am sorry for your loss. Just know that you are not alone and you couldnt have done anything to prevent this.
Avatar f tn I had a scan and they said i had blood clots and an infection but no retained tissue. I was given antibiotics for a week, the bleeding didnt stop i was refered back and i had another scan and they told me i had retained tissue from the pregnancy. I had another dnc and was told my period would return between 4 to 6 weeks this hasnt happened but i have had two episodes of severe pain in my pelvis lasting for 4 to 5 days each time and exactly 4 weeks apart .
Avatar n tn There was a sac, yolk sac and fetal pole, but tech said that baby stopped growing around 7 wks and there was no heartbeat. Dr came in and said I could either wait to miscarry naturally or have a d&c TOMORROW???? Omg, that is so soon. They said that the pregnancy is NON VIABLE!!! I have read many stories about misdiagnosed miscarriages and I felt like I wanted to wait a little while. In the mean time, I did more bloodwork, which came back 41050 at 8w5d, up from 7583 at 6w0d.
Avatar n tn I then was told to come back a week later and they informed me there has been no growth and now i have been given the options off what to do for the miscarriage. I am obviously quite frightened as this is my first pregnancy and i am not sure what to do. I have had no bleeding and can't understand how tey just assume i am going to misscarry.
Avatar n tn thanx and even if i am i have an appointment with a gynocalogist on the 30th to have test done bc i think that my cervix is opening too soon which is obvious cause that is wut a miscarriage is but i pray to GOD that i can have kids. But no matter wut i will be the mother of MY OWN child. But dont get me wrong i will adopt if it all boils down to it....i trust that God knows wut he is doin.
436469 tn?1248973845 A little history: I had a D&C in November, turns out they didn't get all the tissue, so I had another in March. Now it is all gone, since my HCG tested negative a week after the 2nd D&C. But, it has been almost 8 weeks and still no period. The doctor said it would take 4-6 weeks. My biggest concern is that I had one day of period like cramps 2 1/2 weeks ago, that my body was attempting the period then, and nothing came out. No spotting or anything.
Avatar f tn I am hoping that someone here may help me know what to expect with a miscarriage. I was confirmed to have had a miscarriage 2 days ago just before 6 weeks. Today at 2 different times I passed large liver like blobs. Would this have been twins or is this the normal amount of tissue for 1 baby? Should I expect more tissue to pass? TIA.
5622103 tn?1371096234 It might be a remnant piece of placenta left over from when you had your baby. Placental tissue can remain 'vascular' for a while (i.e., still be healthy tissue with blood pumping in and out) even in the absence of a baby. I once lost a pregnancy at Christmas and by March there was still a dab of placental tissue in my uterus, and they had to go in and get it by D&C.
Avatar n tn my friend had a miscarriage. but havent contacted a doctor because she is young. is she in danger?
605648 tn?1249571427 I had 4 miscarriage and 1 ectopic pregnancy. I choose to have 3 of my pregancies tested and had the D&C. All three on mine came back saying they were chromosome abnormality. After my 4th loss I started to see an RE, he told me that it was just bad luck and if I kept trying I would get a healthy mature egg and it waould stick and I would more then likely carry full term. I was 41 at the birth of my son and he will be 7 months tomorrow and he is perfectly healthy.
Avatar f tn When I checked, my doctor told me that I had miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance. I was diagnosed for a Bilateral Polycystic Ovarian disease a year ago before I got pregnant and my doctor told me that this was the reason why I had a miscarriage. And also, she did not perform dilation and curettage to me anymore since I passed all of the tissue from the fetus and placenta. My questions are: 1.
Avatar f tn No I didn't save the tissue- I got such chills when I saw it that I flushed down right away! So I will wait for tomorrow and call me doctor and hear what he says... do u think its the fetus tissue?
Avatar f tn Sorry about your lost :-(
Avatar f tn Can someone please tell me the most detailed description of the difference between harmless spotting and miscarriage blood? I mean what it looks like and how much. I am just over 7 weeks. I am having bright red blood each time I use the bathroom. I am not having cramps. It is on the paper but not enough to leave more than a drop or two on a pantyliner. I have a sensitive cervix, and I have some bleeding sometimes during sex, but I didn't do anything to irritate it ...
324372 tn?1222820202 I hope you get good news on your beta. I had periodic spotting and bleeding with DS, but no tissue loss. I only had tissue loss with my 2 m/c's. I wish the best for're in our prayers.
Avatar n tn Well, she had gone to the doctor and they told her that her hormones had gone back down and that she had no more tissue.. But that was it. They told her if anything was wrong to go back in two weeks. SHe did... and they didn't know what was wrong. Right now, she's decided to stick to her bed longer, and see if that could help. The doctors arn't helping her at all.
Avatar n tn Hi,Im 28 yrs old,no history of breast cancer in my family,as far as i know. I felt a lump in lower left breast,i recently had a miscarriage when i was only 6 weeks pregnant(so very early stage) GP sent me for ultrasound,ultrasound just showed fibroglandular breast tissue,thats what they told me. The lump feels hard,but didnt show up on ultrasound. i have requested a biopsy,but havnt got appointment yet.Is this the best thing to do?or should i wait?could it be due to early pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Three weeks late and then three days of light bleeding followed by five days heavy bleeding and tissue passing. the week prior to my period i cramped badly. I suspect now I may be pregnant but feel it too early to test...however I have begun to bleed lightly and pass small amounts of tissue.
Avatar f tn Who knows how long after a having a miscarriage you bleed for? I had a miscarriage this pass Monday, but am not bleeding much it'sccoming like the end of my period cycle. Never been through this before. Can you ladies give me a lil info please.