Miscarriage lower back pain

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454221 tn?1259445739 t know my due date, but think it is around November 24th. I have been feeling fine until last night I started to have lower back pain. I can get lower back pain if I move to many heavy things. Not uncommon for me, but now I'm worried since I'm pregnant that maybe it could be a first sign of miscarriage. I have had 3 children and had never had a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn OK I'm 6 weeks and already experiencing lower back pain. Mainly when I lay down in bed, or on the couch. I can sort if feel it when sitting up, and if I stretch a way. Is this normal at such an early stage? Is anyone else experiencing this?? I have a prenatal massage on Saturday and can't wait!
Avatar f tn I am 5 and a half weeks and am experiencing a dull pain in my lower back. I had a miscarriage in November snd was told that back pain is one of the symptoms. I didn't have any back pain when i miscarried but now I am worried that it is happening again but with different symptoms. Is lower back pain normal?
Avatar f tn I had lower back pain with my first it's probably the hormones loosening your joints and your uterus growing. The strong nausea is a good thing that means your hormones are rising like they should. It all sounds normal to me but if you're concerned call your Dr.
Avatar f tn i miscarried in july and am now 6w6d and am scred to death to miscarry again so idk if im just scaring myself or if somethings really happening, ive been having a back ache for 2days not really painful just like i slept on it wrong but i read back pain can mean miscarriage, any advice? im so scared what do you think is going on?
Avatar f tn Bright red I mean not read lol
Avatar f tn Of course! It still hurts allot especially in my lower back region :/ this is my first time being pregnant so I'm new to all this , I'm 18 and very nerves!
Avatar f tn I am a little over 10 weeks and I have lower back pain especially when on my feel to long. Seems to be a normal thing for me.
Avatar f tn i currently have pelvic girdle and severe lower back pain every once in a while to the point where i cant even walk. wading in the pool helps with the pain relieving pressure. also dont sit or stand too long and if you do lie down as soon as you can on your left side.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for lower back pain and menstral like cramps.
Avatar f tn s almost like I forgot everything. I am having lower back pain... Almost in my kidney area... Any advice?
Avatar f tn I was at work and noticed severe abdominal pain and lower back pain.. My HGG levels are at 363.. I have no bleeding.. Has anyone experienced this pain and is going through a healthy pregnancy.. The doctor in the Er said there was nothing in the ultrasound at all and is worried I might be going through an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage .. She didn't really have anything positive to say.. and now im concerned.. I go back to my regular doctor tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Hey there! I'm 5 weeks & 5 days (according to my app, I have an ultrasound tomorrow) but I've been having lower back pain ever since I've moved my bed earlier today. Is this normal? I also had a Pap smear done today early morning. I'm so scared of miscarriage since I've already had one in the past :( please helpppp tia!
Avatar f tn I have been having back pain for the past 3 weeks and it seems to be causing pain and discomfort in my groin area, I also experience mild pain in my lower abdomen from time to time and had white discharge 2 days ago. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn ( and nothing makes it better nother atall :( , so scared to mc againa if you get anymore info please share it with me as I am driving myself mad x
Avatar n tn I am about 4 weeks pregnant and started having aching right lower back pain and occasionally get sharp pains in my right lower abdomen (meaning at the level of my pelvic bone). Is this normal? Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn pain across the lower part of the back that sometimes radiates into the buttocks, the back of the thigh or to the groin. The pain is usually worse on movement. It would be good to see a back specialist for proper evaluation and to rule out pathologies involved in the back.. I hope this helps. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn when i felt like urinating during night sleep ,i got a severe pain in lower abdomin after urinal discharge.still having moderate pain .is it normal.pls reply soon.
Avatar f tn I was in a bad relationship and my wishes were ignored and i became pregnant, unfourtunatly, i had an abortion... So, about a month later im having severe lower back pains, pinching badly, moving and not moving hurt immensely. A heating pad helped..however im absolutely certain that I had a miscarriage and this pain started it.. I never was able to get the medication or the checkup after the abortion. Then. About 2 weeks now, walking down the street I was attacked from behind.
Avatar n tn Hello ladies I am a bit concerned... on January I had a molar pregnancy and now I am 9+3 wks pregnant, and I started having contractions and lower back pain. I haven't chosen a doctor, should I go to emergency room or what do I do? I am scared...
Avatar f tn I am currently 7 weeks with my second. First was a miscarriage:( I am having terrible back pain. Does anyone know the cause or have experienced this as well? I'm worried about everything and just need some reassurance.