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Avatar n tn and he says I most likely had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in an early miscarriage. I had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure there was nothing remaining in my tube and/or uterus. Everything looked normal, so it was reabsorbed by my body. I was only 3-4 wks along. I took another pregnancy test..it's now negative. My hormone levels never really had a chance to build up, and ectopics don't double like a normal pregnancy test. He also said that with an early complete miscarriage..
Avatar f tn I had my oldest daughter, then had a tubal (they had to remove a tube) then a blighted ovum (baby stopped developing early) and was finally able conceive my middle daughter. Now I'm 26+2 with my 3rd little girl. It will happen. Good luck!
Avatar n tn After a vaginal ultrasound and 4 positive preg test they came to the conclusion I was having a very early miscarriage. Now after realizing that I was pregnant I wanted to actually start trying to conceive again (my last baby) my miscarriage/period was only 7 days long with minor cramps. My doctor is currently monitoring my HCG levels to make sure they go back to normal but my question is Will I ovulate 14 days after this miscarriage/period even if my HCG levels may not have dropped completely?
Avatar f tn yeah, this early they should be doing a vag ultrasound. Really all they can do is watch your hcg and do ultrasounds. If hcg isn't doubling and nothing is in the uterus after 6wks, then they usually diagnose ectopic and start treatment. You really don't want to wait and risk losing your tube or worse. best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn Hopefully it is just your corpus luteum cyst and which is very common to be a bit painful in early pregnancy and it usually is just on one side. I actually felt mine. Corpus Luteum cyst is full of progesterone if I am correct that goes away shortly after the placenta starts taking over. Good luck and let us know how things are going.
Avatar f tn Everyone around tends to think I should be relieved that the miscarriage is happening and that I found out early. I only feel terrible. I started miscarring last week and bleed for 4 days, my hCG levels were 70 and then 76 two days later. The DR said I was losing the baby and could also be an ectopic so I have to return until the levels are at zero. I had a new level of 59 this week. Dr. said it may take longer and to keep coming back.
730604 tn?1231902710 I just had a 3month old baby. i had a tubal ligation (burned and cut) and have been regreting it ever since is there enyone who finds themselfs in the same situation? I also had another question what r the possibilities of me having another baby?
Avatar n tn This year I had a miscarriage in March- I was 13 weeks but fetus only 9 wks. Then in September miscarriage #2 at 8 weeks. I had a d&c for the first and the second was spontaneous. My doc tested for antiphospholipid antibody and lupus anticoagulant and both were negative. Now I am again pregnant. My LNMP was Oct 22. I "knew" I was pregnant before I missed my period (my cycle is 26 - 28 days so we did an HCG on Nov 16. It was 26 ( 3 wk4days).
Avatar f tn HI, Faint line in a pregnancy test may be because of a false positive test or it can be because of a ectopic pregnancy which is common after tubal ligation. Also the possibility of a threatened miscarriage should be ruled out. Blood test like serum beta HCG levels and an ultrasound scan will make the diagnosis clear. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn i had had a miscarriage i was only 1 week along and it was a VERY early miscarriage i was told, and it was devastating. i want to try agian but i dont wanna be disappointed if i dont get pregnant again within a month or less .... im very anxious to get pregnant agian and hopefully not miscarry agian. my mom and her mom have all had a miscarriage before ... so it must run in the family or something.
712964 tn?1287080218 but yes you can have children i am now pregnant again after having a tubal june 2008. What makes you think its a tubal? after a miscarriage it takes time for the symptoms to go away. best of luck to you...
Avatar f tn Hi:-) Pregnancy can happen after a tubal ligation. A pregnancy after a tubal ligation is considered high risk because there is a great chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic (tubal). Some post tubal ligation pregnancies will be inside the uterus but a large portion (30-40%) of them will be outside the uterus and in the tube. As for your other ? No. You can't have your menstrual period while you're pregnant. Some women do bleed during their pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hello, I agree with your doctor since the HCG levels have increased in number, any repeat pregnancy and miscarriage should be ruled out. Pregnancy during the early stages is hard to interpret on ultrasound abdomen and hence you should get the HCG levels monitored. Rising HCG levels are indicative of pregnancy and if the spotting continues then you may need to take progesterone supplements.
Avatar n tn I was just so shocked to miscarry. I knew that I could have had a tubal pregnancy but I never thought that I would miscarry. That was the last thing I thought would happen.
Avatar n tn Hopefully someone can answer some questions for me because I'm not getting them anywhere else. I am a 35 yr old mother of two. Boy 4 Girl 5. I had a Tubal Ligation in December 2004, and was VERY adament about NOT wanting anymore children. I found out 3 weeks ago I was pregnant and found out 2 days ago I'm pregnant with twins. What the $%^&!!!!!! How common is this?
Avatar f tn is there a chance it's still to early to see the and they might be wrong about my miscarriage?
Avatar n tn Thank you. I wish I'm pregnant but hope its not a tubal. I don't easily stress. I haven't had any stress lately or any reason to stress. My husband and I are more active then normal (if you know what I mean) Well we go through our days where be without being together (intercourse) and I don't know if this could have caused it.
Avatar f tn What confuses me is that your HCG levels are rising, and I don't understand why they can't tell you if its tubal. On one hand, if its tubal and you wait this out, it can cause serious problems. If its not tubal, I don't understand what their hurry is. Do you know what they mean by "get risky?" Don't wait if it is tubal . I honestly don't know what to tell you. There is a good website you may want to visit called misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com. And perhaps seek a second opinion.
Avatar n tn I am going through some stress right now but my periods have always came early or more frequently with stress, not late. Before the tubal I've never had a problem to conceive, let's just say it was necessary or I would have 20 kids by now!! I have ALL the symptoms of pregnancy with the exception that the pregnancy test I took 6 days ago being negative. I thought maybe menopause but there was no warning and no symptoms leading up to it if it is menopause. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn I was alomost 5 weeks pregnant I had very minimal spotting went to the ER on June 12, my HCG level was 449 they told me i was having a incomplete miscarriage and sent me home. My OB rechecked my levels today June 16 and they have more than doubled, they say it is to early for an ultrasound, I am so confused am I still pregnant??? I really want to have my baby, i dont know what to think right now!
Avatar n tn Hi well I just missed my period! And I waS wondering...IN early pregnancy do you have a lot of headaches, feel really tired and lazy, and crave random food. Because lately I have been like that. I am just craving so many foods at once and I feel like I can eat them all right now. A few days ago I had the brown discharge. well please let me know. I'd appreciate it!
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage in January of 2010. My fiance and I decided after the miscarriage that we wanted another baby. The reason we thought it wasnt possible is because I had a bi-lateral tubal ligation in November of 2008. My OBGYN says that the tubal did not work and that I can become pregnant. After the miscarriage I started watching my periods trying to figure out my ovulation time. In February and March I had normal heavy periods with clots that lasted from 4 to 6 days.
Avatar f tn After having my youngest in'09 I had the surprise of getting prego inlate '10 and losing the baby, me and my finance decided after we didn't think I was going to have strength to go through it again so in early '11 I had a tubal ligation. The ensure surgery to keep us from having anymore surprises but months after they did the hsg test to make sure my tubes were blocked I ended up in er and they told me I was having another miscarriage.
233405 tn?1190472197 I would say you definitely tested too early! Some people dont test positive til DAY OF missed period. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn There is a condition called PTS (pre-tubal syndrome), which happens to about 40% of women who have a tubal. I just happen to be part of that 40%. Again all I can say is do your research and make your decision for you, not anyone else.
Avatar n tn Dr thought it was tubal pg, but not sure. I do not have pg feelings. Not to worry until severe pain, dizzyness or excessive bleeding. I was told to wait and see. Have appoint on thur, hopefully will get some clarity. Good luck with u.You mentioned a drug name, is it to discontinue the pg?