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Avatar f tn Other causes may be uterine fibroids,miscarriage after a pregnancy, fluctuation in hormone levels, use of anticoagulant drugs and hypothyroidism. Please get yourself evaluated by a gynecologist as pelvic examination and investigations are required to confirm a diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound that showed several blood clots. After the ultrasound I passed alot of blood with huge clots for about a week. I have completely stopped bleeding after this last session. I am really nervous of these blood clots...can they move to other parts of the body and pose danger? I am awaiting an appointment with the gyno but what should I do in the mean time???
613536 tn?1294242047 I normally have some clots with af.This past month I did have a miscarriage and it was horrible! A pad less then every hour and huge clots.I did get conformation that it was from the miscarriage.
Avatar f tn cramping plus large tissue clots passing plus very heavy bleeding plus fluid.
Avatar m tn if you had a negative test, you where probably just late on your period, and the white clots where probably just linning from the uterus, it once happend to me and yes it looks like skin.
Avatar n tn I started blotting on Saturday. I had heavy bleeding and passing clots Tuesday morning. It slowed down 4 hours later. I started back on Wednesday Evening. I went to the doctor Thursday and they said that I was still pregnant. Could I have been having twins and lost one of them?
1967516 tn?1325641148 The other night she said she woke up in a puddle of water and there were some blood clots in it. She said she thinks it might have been a miscarriage. What are your opinions?
Avatar f tn I recently was diag. having an miscrriage bt ive passed no clots, had no pain saw only a little blood and my baby is still high in the uterus... should I get another opinion or should I jus go ahead with the d&c?
Avatar m tn Could be whats called an early MC. Too early to have tested positive and the body just did not accept the fetus from the get go. I had one of those in Jan. and no idea I was preg. When I got medical help they told me that this is what happened. I treated it as a normal period and we got preg again the following month. If she is passing ALOT of clots, I would go for an ultrasound to avoid infections. Good luck and I hope she is feeling better soon.
Avatar f tn I started having a miscarriage on Sunday with bad cramps, back pain and passed big clots Tuesday, Wednesday, and even today. I decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. I'm not very sure if I could be pregnant or if it is a mistake. Can someone help me??
Avatar f tn Later this morning I passed a.big, stringy grayish pink clot and more smaller gray/pink clots and had massive cramps. I'm still bleeding but the cramps aren't as bad. I also had a very bad headache sunday and monday.
Avatar n tn today and my hormone level was 80, she said it could be low b/c i wasnt as far along as the hd thought, or i could be having a miscarriage. the vag. ultrasound didnt show anything, but my cramps have gotton worse, little blood on pad but quit a bit on tissue, i have had people say that they cramped and bled during preg, but now i have passed small blood clots. has this happen to any one else and what do ya think. im getting my hormones checked again on tuesday.
Avatar f tn I would say you have a 50/50 chance of it going either way, alot of women have bleeding and it doesnt end and miscarriage but alot do and it does, just keep an eye on it and if you start to pass clots then that isnt a good sign, can you go to your doctor and get them to do a couple of hcg tests and see what they're doing
1927405 tn?1323049969 on thursday the 1st december i found i was pregnant roughly about 4 weeks, started bleedinf from friday to monday the hosp told me i was having a early miscarriage as my hcg levels were decreasing, it is now 7th of december, what am i actually meant to be experiencing as i have had no pain nothing come away (sorry tmi) and have now stopped bleeding ??
Avatar f tn And in the middle of the night it got heavier with lil blood clots I have an appointment on Tue so I'm not gonna go to the hospital. I'm only like 6 w so if I did go they can't do anything.
Avatar f tn I got pregnant a couple of weeks ago, and just miscarried day before yesterday. I know I miscarried due to the sudden intense bleeding and size of clot that I passed which had a small flesh colored half moon shaped object attached by a thread to the clot. 2 days later I am passing large clots, 1" x 2". Some of the clots are lumpy and stringy, should I go see my OB? or just let things clear themselves out?
Avatar f tn The condom ripped and once I seen the condom there was some precum left, I have been feeling reall bloated and I've been spotting. Today I had blood clots and I know it's not my period because it isn't due till another 4 days.
Avatar f tn Hi i am sorry for your lost I had a miscarriage in December Christmas Day was the worst day ever I passed to large clots and loads of clots after was a heavy period...
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks pregnant and yesterday The brown discharge turned into heavy bleeding with large clots and slight cramps. That lasted 5 hours. Now the bleeding is lighter but still there.
Avatar f tn my first pregnancy, i had a miscarriage too i was about 12 - 13 weeks. amd i had pain to, and alot of bleeding and some clots, it lasted about 2 weeks for me, cause i never got vaccumed. i am now 14 weeks pregnant and worry about that everyday.
Avatar n tn My sister just had what she explained as a light period for 2 days with some small blood clots involved and severe headache. She decided to take a pregnancy test today because the period was late and short, it came up positive. Is this a miscarriage? And how long does it take for the hormones to stop testing positive on a test?