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212350 tn?1376431715 i had u/s which showed only thickenoing of womb and hpt was done at hospital and faint pos hcg levels ce today at 88 so very low going to have levels checked again tomorrow but doc sure this is miscarriage but i only have very slight brown bleeding i know my levels have dropped as i did hpt 3 days ago and very strong pos i am confused why no blood anyone have any adfvice?
Avatar n tn it could have been. The first bleeding could have been implantatiobleeding and then the second a m/c. I would check with your dr because you want to make sure you had a complete m/c if that is what it was.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how long bleeding lasts after miscarriage. Maybe an estimate. I've been bleeding/spotting for 2 weeks now. It has now turned brown for the last few days and I am so ready for it to be over. Any help would be appreciated. Is this normal???
Avatar f tn I had bleeding only when I wiped and no pain at all went to hospital saw yok sac then few days later bleeding still only when I wiped I lost a clot witch was baby all the time this happend never once got cramp or filled a pad
Avatar f tn At 6 weeks 1 day they found a heart beat and my levels were 15937 but I started bleeding and had some small cramp....2 days later still bleeding and cramping and levels are only 17204....shouldnt they have at least gone closer to doubling? Is it over? Please be honest!!!
Avatar n tn Had a miscarriage on october 8 & i was 13 weeks & I'm still bleeding, Is this normal & how long will the bleeding last??
Avatar f tn i have my neck of womb closed....does that mean i am not going to bleed any more.
Avatar f tn A pregnancy test probably won't tell anything as you'll still have HCG in your system after a miscarriage. Also, the source of the bleeding could be something else, maybe the placenta. It could put baby at risk. Whatever the case, you need to see your doc to be safe.
Avatar n tn i was 17 wk pregnant through IVF, at night i had excessive bleeding,i was admitted in hospital there usg shows normal usg. Next day at night i passed big clot and in the morning i had usg which showed severe oligohydraminiosis i was bleeding with pain abdomen, then doctor told me to go for D&C and they did d&c. kindly tell me the reason for severe oligohydraminiosis within one day and can the doctor do something to save the baby, is D&C only option left.
Avatar f tn Am I having a miscarriage I'm bleeding and I'm only 7 weeks..
Avatar n tn I had the same bleeding at 5.5 weeks and ER only saw a yolk sack. I ended up delivering a healthy girl at 40 weeks. Subchorionic hematoma was very stressful and I was bleeding on and off till I was about 16 weeks. Most hematomas resolve themselves and do not affect the baby. As for pregnancy symptoms you will not feel much till you are about 8 weeks along. Congrats on your pregnancy!
14710642 tn?1436672860 when I was six weeks I had a very light bleeding the first days, a couple days later it was awful I was like a waterfall, I would go get checked out as if it is only light it could still be bad news, I know it's awful to hear but I wish I had someone to tell me this when I didn't know what I was going through, hopefully everything will be fine.
Avatar n tn What kind of bleeding? Was it outside of where the baby is or is the bleeding coming out of you? I have a bleed outside of where the baby is, but the doctor is not too worried about it. She said that it will probably go away. I hope everything is okay! Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am going through a miscarriage and feel like it's going to take forever. I literally only go through 1 pad, no heavy, heavy bleeding. Has this happened to anyone, what occurred, and how long does it take to stop bleeding. Also after everything is over when should I expect a period?
Avatar f tn Hi, this second bleeding only started yesterday. The substance that came out consistent with period but the pattern is a little different. Have you consulted your GYN/OB yet? Let me know what it is once you have. Thanks!! I see that you are trying for a second child. I really envy you. This is my first...well sort off....my hubby and I are really heartbroken and now anxious, we so looking forward to have a child.
Avatar f tn I had a d&c in november 2011 and only had two days of bleeding afterwards then was totally bak to normal amd period came 3weeks later right on time. im now 10weeks pregmant again. good luck hope things go as easy for you.
Avatar f tn I am going through a miscarriage and feel like it's going to take forever. I literally only go through 1 pad, no heavy, heavy bleeding. Has this happened to anyone, what occurred, and how long does it take to stop bleeding. Also after everything is over when should I expect a period?
Avatar f tn Its like not real heavy bleeding but its not light either I'm having some cramps but there not real bad like unbearable more uncomfortable than anything it just worries me more that they said the sac looks abnormal last night and they couldn't tell me anything else till I get another ultrasound on Monday but I been getting ultrasounds every week for the last 3 weeks and none of them they can really confirm anything
Avatar n tn Hi guys Im 7+6 I was bleeding pretty heavy last night so I went to the hospital no cramps no clots just bleeding they were not able to tell me if I was having a miscarriage and they told me there was no need to take ultra sounds are anything because of I was having a miscarriage there was nothing they could do to stop it do I was told to just go home and stay on strict bed rest , the bleeding has slowed down and now it's just pink only when I wipe myself , can someone tell me what might be happe
Avatar n tn I'm experiencing light vaginal bleeding, brownish in color, & mild cramping today. Yesterday I had an ultrasound & they determined I was 6 weeks along. They were able to detect baby's heart rate which was 114 bpm. Is this a miscarriage?
Avatar m tn Unfortunatly, bleeding in early pregnancy is not usually a good sign. I would contact your OB/GYN right away and let them know what is going on, most likely they will want to do blood tests to monitor your HCG levels (pregnancy hormone). If the pain gets too intense, you may even want to go to the ER at your local hospital. I hope this helps, good luck!
Avatar f tn If you know you are pregnant and are further along, miscarriage symptoms are bleeding and cramping. However, many women will bleed in early pregnancy, even passing small clots. So again, the only way to know is diagnoses, usually through ultrasound. If you suspect you are miscarrying, or have had a miscarriage, you should see your Dr. or if you are bleeding more then a maxi pad an hour, you need to seek emergency medical treatment.
Avatar f tn Tampons introduce bacteria, so only pads. My friend was bleeding pretty heavily and it turned out to be a falso alarm. There are stories that go both ways.
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up with slight cramps and brown discharge that turned into snot like bleeding, a couple hours later the discharge came back with bleeding as well, could I be having a miscarriage?? I am only 23 and I'm pretty sure I have miscarried before. Thank you for any answers.
Avatar n tn That's scary, I'm sorry that happened. While those are things that can happen when a woman is having a miscarriage, they also can just happen. And all is well. Let's hope for that. If the bleeding stopped, I'd just take it easy and rest. Call your doctor to tell them this is happening and if it continues, you can go be seen. Fingers crossed all is well. Let us know!! I had some bleeding in both of my pregnancies and cramping and back aches are not uncommon . . .
Avatar f tn went to have my HCG drawn today and when i got home i started bleeding.. been bleeding for 4 hours... two clots, smaller than a penny, brownish/red blood, lots of pain in my back. BUT.. i do have a cyst on my right ovary... too scared to call about my HCG ... i know i can't ignore it... but i was wondering if anyone out there has bled this much and still made it with their pregnancy... the bleeding is off and on for the four hours, light then heavy, light then heavy... help! please!