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Avatar f tn On 3/18 I experienced heavy cramping during a meeting. Afterwards, I went to the rest room & had soaked through an overnight pad, my underwear & half way down my legs. I went to er because I had 2 positive pregnancy test 2 weeks ago. All test were negative (2cmx3cm cyst on ovary) & not pregnant. Since then I have been bleeding constantly. It's irregular, some days I can get away with a panty liner, some days I have to wear a regular pad.
Avatar f tn i am so frustrated i had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago an then brown spotting for like 10 days now i'm having scant bleeding with a horrible odor i have no pain in the back or pelvic area , i don't even feel pregnant again, this is my first day on doxycycline . i am really confused because when the brown stuff stopped i god clear discharge and now i'm having this very light scant bleeding .
Avatar n tn My discarge was brown and then I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I thought everything was ok, because everyone told me brown meant things are fine. I just want to advise everyone when you have bleeding to go to your doctor no matter what color it is, the miscarriage can't be prevented, but atleast you will know what is going on.
Avatar f tn ve gone 2 full weeks without any spotting or bleeding. So unless you STOPPED bleeding March 6th, this wouldn't be classified as your period. You're probably still expelling bits and pieces of the pregnancy. But it also sounds like you have some sort of infection, because I've had a natural m/c before and although it was painful and gross, it didn't have an odor aside from the normal 'blood/period' smell.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a misscarriage at week 9 and then everything passed out naturally, I stopped bleeding last Wednesday (1/18) and then last Saturday (1/21) I had a blood test done, today my doctor called me just now and confirm that my count is 14, do I have to worry as bleeding stopped completely but count is still 14. they said I need to do another blood test next saturday. do I have to worry or its normal... Thanks.
Avatar f tn Unlike my other periods , this one smells really bad. In addition I have been bleeding heavily. Although I am not married I have been trying to secretly get pregnant with my boyfriend of a few years. I was hoping the smell might have come from unprotected sex and the sperm maybe...
Avatar f tn Hey ladies thank you for the info. I went to the doc my lil angel is healthy. The heart beat was so beautiful i actually cried...
Avatar n tn It can happen for many reasons such as implantation, subchoironic bleeding, and miscarriage. She also told me that it is common to bleed in subsequent pregnancies, this is my second. My sister had bleeding when she was pregnant with her twins, as did 2 of her friends who also had twins. I went today to have my hcg levels checked and I have to go again on Wednesday.
Avatar f tn Hello All: I AM 6 WEEKS AND 6 DAYS PREGNANT. I am having some light bleeding (with odor) and cramping. Last friday I took an ultra sound and I heard the baby's heart beating. The doctor said that there was a little blood clot...i forgot where...but could not explain the bleeding. I am very concern because this does not feel normal at all. I am waiting for my blood test to come back. As of Yesterday my pregnancy symtoms stopped! NO NAUSEA. SHOULD I BE WORRIED. AM I HAVING A MISCARRIAGE.
Avatar f tn m 6 weeks pregnant and just started having menstrual like cramps but with no bleeding. I have white or clear discharge that sometimes feels like it gushes out. I had a miscarriage in July so I'm worried about having another one. Is it likely to have two consecutive miscarriages?
1538784 tn?1298785074 s where you need to start. If you bleeding because heavier than a heavy period or has an odor, you need to see a physician. If you take a pregnancy test that is positive, you know you need to see a physician. Good luck.
Avatar f tn so i have had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago an now im having this brown discharge i took 2 doses of cytotec to remove everything an i saw the sac come out . but the brown stuff has an odour can this be an infection or could tissue still be in me even if the sac has passed?
Avatar n tn What kinda discharge
1949518 tn?1326609444 it could be, brown blood is old blood so it could just be part of whats left over from the miscarriage, sometimes you have abit stagnant old blood that can be left in your uterus I dont think it would be due to the infection, so my guess is either from the miscarriage, maybe breakthrough bleeding from a new pregnancy or your cycle trying to start back up :)
Avatar f tn Now, if it had a pungent odor, it may be an infection. Did they do anything vaginally at your appt? Any time they mess with you down there, it can cause slight bleeding, like pinkish our brown, because they're irritating things shaun there.
Avatar m tn This is going to be a pretty graphic and detailed question, so that hopefully someone might be able to help me out completely! My boyfriend and I had a weekend getaway. My period the first day, and that night of we had sex. Turns out I still had a bit of blood left in me. The next morning, afternoon, and night we had sex again, and each time I bled (but my period had definitely ended by this point) and it wasn't a lot of bleeding though.
Avatar f tn I am 30 years old and in a very loving, committed relationship for the past four years. I am on birth control and my partner and I did not have any plans of having a baby. However... I had to go on antibiotics for a bad sinus infection and I guess my significant other and I become pregnant. There were lots of 'pregnancy signs', however, we just kind of played it off. I ended up having a miscarriage two days ago. I'm positive that's what happened.
Avatar n tn I had vaginal bleeding and odor after my hysterectomy. I mentioned it to my doctor who said that the vaginal bleeding would be normal for possibly up to about 6 weeks - - it is due to internal stitches. The odor could be a sign of infection. I was given an antibiotic which seemed to clear up the odor just fine. It has been 3 weeks since my hysterectomy and the vaginal bleeding has cleared up as well.
1065941 tn?1265059099 I had a pre-term birth (baby died two hours later) at 22 weeks, doctors called it pre-term birth because of how far along we were, but it still is kind of like late miscarriage by some definitions. i had a D&C hours after the birth because i couldn't deliver the placenta naturally. I bled lightly for about two weeks straight after that.....then nothing....i had some clear egg white vaginal mucus and we did the baby dance two or three times....
Avatar f tn Okay So I Have A Not Really A Brown Discharge But It Like Really Light And It Has A Odor To It. Me And My Boyfriend Was Having Intercourse And It Hurts With And Without A Condom.! What Should I Think Or Do??
1759654 tn?1312960945 everytime i went to use the bathroom i wud alwayz checc nd ill b some wat brown spotting and really light watery red bleeding ... can somebody please help .. what does this mean ?.. am i pregnant ?.. or is this a sign of miscarriage ?.. i wasnt suppose ta have my period for another week or 2 ...
Avatar n tn About five days ago I started experiencing brown discharge. Most of it clumps and the rest gives off a balsamic vinegar look. It's not a lot, but it's obviously noticeable to me. I last had sex a month ago and got my period a week and a half after that, like I was supposed to. I noticed that my blood was darker than normal but was still able to fill pads and tampons.
Avatar f tn mkay thanks
Avatar f tn m 8 weeks tomorrow. Called my doctor she said it can be normal if there is no baf pelvic pain/ odor. She also said we have so many blood capillaries that one could get irritated when we strain.
533193 tn?1289727345 I have never had a D & C done but I can't imagine what you went through. I have had a miscarriage but did not need a D & C. I found a link that might help you out. http://stirrup-queens.blogspot.com/2006/07/dc-or-de-after-pregnancy-loss.