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1610083 tn?1301686247 some women do bleed in their early pregnancy without affecting the baby.. implantation bleeding is not exactly bleeding rather a little spotting.. a beta hcg blood test would confirm whether you are pregnant of not.. and the amount can be crossed checked after two days to see if the levels are rising.. see if you bled the last month and no bleeding since then i guess there is a chance of the baby being alive.. one thing that should be avoided during pregnancy is stress..
Avatar f tn make a docs appointment if you are worried bout it hun I took a veriquick test on mother's day and it was faint I don't know what to think bout it
Avatar n tn 50% of first trimester bleeding results in miscarriage. Call your ob/gyn, and request a set of beta hcg numbers. He should order two blood tests, 48 hours apart. Good luck*** This could go either way.
Avatar f tn if it was a miscarriage it would be a chemical one especially since you would have been so early without the increase of hcg hormone you wont know safe you could be having some irregular period spotting going on!
1959056 tn?1325146955 ve already had the pregnancy confirmed by a postitive pregnancy test etc it wont be implantation bleeding, it could possibly be the start of a miscarriage, are you able to go to the hospital and get yourself checked out, that would be the best thing to do at this point then depending on how far along you are they will do a scan and def take some blood to check your hcg levels
Avatar n tn It could just be your regular cycle starting up. If it seems like a normal period, then that's more than likely what it is. If it's just a bit of spotting and you don't have anything else then you could take a test and see.
778012 tn?1304905486 Hmmm tan discharge...not too sure what that could be as usually implantation bleeding is described as a light pink discharge or an extremely light period. Do you think it could've been dried up CM? I know that I started getting a lot more of this discharge around the time I found out I was pregnant. Implantation does occur 6-12 DPO so it may very well be associated with that. Let's hope that's it. Take a test at 14 DPO and let us know how it goes. Good luck.
Avatar m tn but, when I went to go to the bathroom and went to wipe it was sort of red, then to make sure i wiped again and had nothing, I do it a third time and it's very bright right streaks. I did have a miscarriage two months ago feb 7 (no DC), heavy bleeding on the 7th of march, and now this...
Avatar f tn HI, when i was pregnant i didn't have any implantation bleeding or any bleeding until the 6th week when i miscarried. I think if your period was late like that then you probably most likely miscarried chemically. My doc said that it is so common in fact 50% of pregnancy's end in a miscarriage and the woman just thinks her period is late, its funny because no one knows this information or how common it is untill it happens to them. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I just want to know if this could be an early miscarriage or an implantation bleeding I have read on different sites that is not normal to see clots in implantation bleeding. Although it was small and only one. Is there any other medical explanation for this spotting? I don't want to have unreal expectation about being pregnant. Could be due to sex?. I want to make clear that this is the first time it happens to me, and we have been having sex for 10 years with my husband.
175688 tn?1297560247 I just want to know what I am doing wrong. Could this just be implantation bleeding? How hard can you bleed with implantation bleeding? Someone please help! I am so upset!
Avatar f tn About 6 days later, I started again. It was very light brownish pink for 2 days, which I initially thought was implantation bleeding. Then I started bleeding heavy for 2 more days before it stopped. I have not been able to find any similar ?'s for my situation. I am trying to conceive, so I hope that I'm pregnant! Please respond!
Avatar n tn That's a tough one. It does sound like implantation to me. I had implantation with my first pregnancy and it was brown spotting. Usually (and as always there are exceptions) as long as it is brownish it's nothing to worry about too much. Did you get a positive test? Miscarriage is usually bright red and much more bleeding than what you described.
380530 tn?1239166138 I had very slight (browinsh) implantation bleeding at 8dpo with my last pregnancy (ended in miscarriage) Hope this helps get your poll started :) Best of luck to you!!!
1314413 tn?1274119104 If you were five days late for your period, it seems like the pregnancy test would be accurate. Maybe you had an ovarian cyst this month that made your period odd. I don't think it would be implantation bleeding if you were 5 days late for your period; that would be the wrong time in relation to ovulation.
Avatar n tn So, on November 29, at 11 wks 4 days pregnant, I had a miscarriage. Bleeding finally stopped after about 2 weeks. My period finally showed back up on January 15. I'm not quite sure if my body is back on a regular cycle or if its still trying to get back to normal. If my cycle is back on a fairly normal cycle, I should expect my period this Friday the 15th-ish. Last Wednesday the 6th I started spotting. Very light spotting, usually dark brown and sometimes only noticeable when I wipe.
Avatar f tn Then I was told it was implantation bleeding... Which is all fine, but how long does it last?? Now the only thing that wworries me is that its starting the 6th day of bleeding.. Not heavy, just enough to always have to use a panty liner...
Avatar f tn While it's possible it was implantation bleeding, if the blood test at the hospital came back negative, I'd say the odds are you are not pregnant. I'm sorry. (I hope I'm wrong.
Avatar n tn It may also be implantation bleeding . . . or an early placenta previa. A quick ultrasound sound ease your concerns.
Avatar n tn Implantation bleeding does not look like a regular menstrual period. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink or brownish discharge. Implantation bleeding normally occurs a week to a few days before your period would normally start. Spotting that occurs around a week after ovulation is likely implantation bleeding; whereas, spotting that occurs very close to the time that your period would normally start may not be.
Avatar f tn I would go to the ER
1458590 tn?1333407412 I also do know that this may be my period, but if its not my period then could this be implantation bleeding. I mean, is this what implatation bleeding looks like?
Avatar f tn I have heard of implantation bleeding and was wondering if you guys think this could be implantation bleeding? I am also on a birth control pill which I take pretty religiously.
5713105 tn?1373056761 Okay...so implantation bleeding. I didn't have it with my first pregnancy. Last night when I went to the restroom and wiped there was a bit of blood. My period was due so my hope of being preggo just plummeted. Then this morning only a bit more blood. Usually on my first 3 days of my period I bleed very heavily. Since I had to come into work I put on a pad. I get to work and there is nothing but a smidge of blood on the pad, more when I wipe, and one clot when I actually urinated.
Avatar n tn MY implantation bleeding was orangish also and there when i wiped and than gone. mine happened at about 7 dpo, but i have read on babycenter that it can happen about or around the day your period is due. I am not actually due till tomorrow, but found out on weds that i am pregnant. Take a test! just dont take the $tree test, those dont usually show up for a while. at least that is my experiance with them. keep us posted! best of luck to you and dh!