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Miscarriage bleeding back pain

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Avatar f tn i miscarried in july and am now 6w6d and am scred to death to miscarry again so idk if im just scaring myself or if somethings really happening, ive been having a back ache for 2days not really painful just like i slept on it wrong but i read back pain can mean miscarriage, any advice? im so scared what do you think is going on?
Avatar f tn my back pain hes been horrible. Sometimes i cant even walk. So i guess its normal sin some people but i think its my sictica nerve as the pain travels down my leg and makes my right leg give out.
Avatar f tn Bright red I mean not read lol
Avatar f tn Is it normal for lower back pain and menstral like cramps.
454221 tn?1259445739 Lower back pain is very normal during pregnancy - if you start bleeding, passing clots, or have severe cramping that would be cause for concern. Also, you should refrain from moving heavy things during pregnancy!
Avatar f tn I have been having back pain for the past 3 weeks and it seems to be causing pain and discomfort in my groin area, I also experience mild pain in my lower abdomen from time to time and had white discharge 2 days ago. Is this normal?
9541202 tn?1404404746 5 weeks 2000 so even though some say spotting with cramps and back pain is a miscarriage i disagree cause I had all that for about 24 hr straight still having small cramps and back pain. I was sad and nervous. I just had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks along d&c 6.6.14 so I was freaking out. But It all stopped and baby is fine. So don't worry you self. Pregnancy is a crazy thing and every woman's body does what it wants. I wish u the best in your preganacy.
Avatar f tn I just went back to read in your posts to see how far along you are and you said less than 5 weeks but every post was about clots and back pain?! You should really take our advice and go to the hospital right away. Blood clots and back pain this early on is a big sign of miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms disappearing does not mean a miscarriage. But bleeding and severe cramps are along with bad back pain.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks started bleeding vaignally very heavy Sunday. Went to e.r. they did an ultra sound saw the baby had a perfect heart beat bleeding wasn't coming from the baby they were sure where though. I have a small cyst on my ovaries but they couldn't determine source and sent me home. My regular doctor saw me the next day and did an ultrasound although I did not see the baby on the screen this time just a blur.
Avatar f tn I was at work and noticed severe abdominal pain and lower back pain.. My HGG levels are at 363.. I have no bleeding.. Has anyone experienced this pain and is going through a healthy pregnancy.. The doctor in the Er said there was nothing in the ultrasound at all and is worried I might be going through an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage .. She didn't really have anything positive to say.. and now im concerned.. I go back to my regular doctor tomorrow.
Avatar f tn it Could Be! I Had A Miscarriage At 6 Weeks And I Was In Such Pain I Could Barely Walk With A Good But Of Blood... Id Get It Checked Out!
Avatar n tn I also had severe pain on the left side during my last m/c. Since the pain was not accompanied by heavy bleeding (it was about a week after that had stopped) and it did not look like I was having an ectopic (my hcg levels were dropping) they thought it was due to an ovarian cyst that they had seen on the u/s. The pain was so bad it was unbelievable and was only on the left side. It radiated into my back and down my leg. It came and went in waves but was only really bad for about 1 day.
Avatar f tn ( and nothing makes it better nother atall :( , so scared to mc againa if you get anymore info please share it with me as I am driving myself mad x
Avatar f tn Im sorry your going thru this. Yes the cramping back pain and heavy bleeding are all symptoms of a mc. With my mc in May it was really bad for a couple days and then I had heavy bleeding for quite sometime. A heating pad may help back pain and cramping. Please take good care of yourself. I hope you have a speedy recovery both physically and emotionally.
Avatar f tn Im 5w1d and noticed I was bleeding , I've had two previous miscarriages and a little freaked out. I don't really have cramps just an achey feelinh & a tiny little back pain.. im waiting for my doctor to call be back because I don't like the emergency room because they'll sit in your face and let you have a miscarriage like I did last time.. my bleeding is not heavy it's like light/medium but I know not all bleeding is good ..
Avatar f tn So I was pregant I did two home test and both came back positive today I got the worst back pain and cramps I felt as if I was giving birth all over again and I started bleeding. Can this be a miscarriage. I've had this pain for over an hour or two but once I bled the pain went away. My back still kinda hurts tho and I'm still bleeding but spotting here and there.
Avatar n tn I guess I'm thinking too much, but I was having not terrible cramps and back pain this morning. I was looking it up on the computer and it said it could be a sign of a miscarriage, but I am having no bleeding. It also said miscarriages can be without bleeding too. Just nervous and wish the OB appointment was sooner. Surprise they don't take people who are pregnant sooner than 8 weeks. Any thoughts? Or am I just thinking too much?
Avatar f tn Although bleeding isnt always a sign of miscarriage, Id go get checked because heavy bleeding w/bad cramps isnt a good combo. Are u filling 1 pad or more per hour?
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies. The bleeding has pretty much stopped at about 3 hours later. I don't have pain so I'm just going to follow the doctor / nurse advice. I did have a very minor cramping but it could also just be that I'm so worried about everything that my stomach was hurting.
Avatar f tn I went thru a miscarriage in February and am now 10 wks.. Physically i had no pain.. Just bleeding and a little pressure.. Mentally all i could do was cry for weeks, it was hard, but it'll get better, time heals..
Avatar f tn i started bleeding like 1hr ago. with very bad cramping and pain in my back. although the bleeding has reduced and d pain too. can i be pregnant? 4months ago a dr told me i had very low progesterone which led to an early m.c. another dr said imediately i miss my period i should come for an injection for 7 days(progesterone) to sustain d pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I had symptoms- nauseous, sore boobs and my back started to pain yesterday. I am now bleeding and I have slight cramping every now and then. Im really scared. I went to the doctor today and he did a scan and told me everything looked normal but its too early to see anything..what do I do now?
879592 tn?1240371668 I had the worse sharp pain for an hour that day but that was the only sharp pain i had throughtout my bleeding. the bleeding lasted for five days then stopped. They took my blood samples and said that the blood count was pretty low the second time i went in they said it went down even lower. now i go back on friday and since my bleeding has stopped i have been feeling dizzy and kind sick also my breasts feel firm and kinda sore also lower backaches. I have no idea what this means!!!
Avatar f tn Are you doing any better? With both my miscarriages I had a ton of pain & major bleeding for about 5 days then the pain backed off some to "normal" cramping then just bleeding. Everyone is different. My 2nd MC tho I did good to ER 1st then regular check-ups until my #s went all the way down to 0. I hope you're doing ok, well best u can be under circumstances. Let us know your progress. Many have been where you are. You need support to vent we are here.