Miscarriage at nine weeks

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Avatar f tn I spotted at 5 weeks, thought it was nothing, but at 16 weeks found out it was something serious. Most of the time though spotting/light bleeding is normal.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage at the begining of my pregnancy and lost that one at 6 weeks.. I carried Braegan for 18 weeks before he was stillborn...
3198629 tn?1367042023 I just found out that I lost my baby. At nine weeks five days.. I don't think I'll ever recover. This was my first pregnancy, I feel like I've been cheated.
Avatar f tn I wish I could tell you. For some women it can be up to nine weeks. But do use a barrier method until you have had your first normal period. This will help you date the conception but also helps your uterus recover fromt the miscarriage. My doctor told us to try to wait at least three normal periods, but I have read a lot of information that stated that waiting at least one is ok too. However, the chances of another miscarriage do go down if you wait for at least 3 normal periods.
Avatar n tn I recently miscarried at nine weeks pregnant, two days after flying on an airplane. This was my first pregnancy. Five hours before I miscarried the doctors did an ultrasound and everything looked fine and the heart was clearly beating. Is it possible that flying caused me to miscarry? What other reasons could it be?
1193755 tn?1264873787 before i had my son i had the same problem, i went to the doctor when i was nine weeks pregnant, i had no symptoms at all, and she said that it was an empty gestational sac, she also said that it was very rare and it is almost impossible for it to happen to the same person agian, so i dont think that you have it again, but to make sure go to the doctor and do an ultra sound it should show from now
Avatar n tn When I went in for my twelve week checkup I found out that the baby stopped growing at nine weeks three days. I am 29, active, healthy, don't drink or smoke and there was no answer for my fertility issues. We were able to retrieve 25 eggs in the second cycle. we now have nine frozen. My question is-I am nervous to do IVF again and am wondering what my chances are that I will miscarry again.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry for your loss. I know this has been devastating for me, even though we were only nine weeks along. I hope things move along at a good pace for you so your body and heart can start healing. God bless.
Avatar f tn I had my second appointment today with my OB and when they did the ultra sound they didn't hear a heartbeat and said that it was measuring at only eight weeks even though I'm supposed to be eleven almost twelve weeks, they said my baby had been dead since I was nine weeks, I haven't even bled. I have been carying my dead baby for almost three weeks and it's still in there. I don't know how to deal with all of it, I'm heartbroken.
Avatar f tn I am currently pregnant with my second 25w 6d we didn't hear the heartbeat til 13 weeks. And my doctor tried at nine weeks.
Avatar n tn I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I too had a miscarriage just last week. The baby was 10 weeks and nine days. I was devistated. I had a D & C a week ago. I am honestly so scared of getting pregnant again and having another miscarriage. This was my first pregnancy and I have always wanted children. The way I see it is that so many unhealthy mothers give birth to babies everyday. I was very healthy and lost mine very suddenly and unexpectedly.
Avatar f tn Every little ache and pain and I am looking up if it is a symptom of miscarriage. I am roughly 5 weeks. No bleeding or spotting at all I just feel like something isn't right. I have a ton of pregnancy symptoms; nausea, vomitting, exhaustion, painful breasts etc. I am terrified that we will go to our first ultrasound and there be an empty sac. I don't get to see my Dr until the end of January bc they don't see anyone until 8 weeks at least. Even my first appointment is with the nurse only.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry lady. I had a missed miscarriage at 18 weeks and had to get a d&e. It wasn't really that bad because I was put under. I bled for about a month. it took me 6 months from the date of the miscarriage to get pregnant again. Finding out and then the baby's due date were the toughest parts. I suggest talking about it to people. You would be amazed how many people have gone through a miscarriage. You are not alone through this hard time.
Avatar n tn I am so sorry for your loss. I too suffered a miscarriage about 10 days ago at 8 weeks. I am also finding it difficult to deal with. I hope you are able to come to terms with the fact that it was not your fault. People drink, smoke and take all kinds of narcotics before they actually find out that they are pregnant and things turn out ok. It was just not meant to be. Something went wrong with the chromosomes or something.
Avatar f tn I'm 7.5 weeks along. I miscarried 4 and a half years ago at 4 weeks and this is our first time getting pregnant since! We saw the heartbeat already and it was 144! What are the chances or mis carrying after you've seen the heart beat? I've had no spotting or anything. I've had morning sickness and very mild cramping.
Avatar n tn I am 22 have a little boy who is 2 years 5 months, had a miscarriage at 6 weeks last year, when i found out i was pregnant this time in Jan it was great,thought everything was fine, now it's like am having a bad dream, alot of people I know are pregnant i can't bear to see them, i really don't know what to do, am so upset, ive even thought about leaving my work as i can't face people asking me questions, i don't want to speak to my family, won't answer the phone and just can't stop crying, just
Avatar f tn My first one ended in a missed miscarriage at thirteen weeks but baby never made it past nine weeks. Last night I had spotting and was in the emergency room all last night. Every thing turned out OK it was a threatened miscarriage.
Avatar n tn I went to the gyno and the ultrasound showed a growing fetus at 7 and 1/2 weeks but no heartbeat. I have read that it is possible that you can't see the heartbeat at 9weeks is this possible. My ob wants me to abort the pregnancy if there is no heartbeat this friday. Any suggestions would be helpful so would information.
Avatar f tn At five weeks I had a threatened miscarriage and I'm now nine weeks with a perfectly healthy little peanut. The ER Dr told me I wasn't pregnant at first and they didn't see anything on an ultrasound either, my obgyn says that ER docs are trying to get you in and out and sometimes don't take the time they should. At 7 weeks we saw baby's heartbeat and ob says everything looks fine. Have faith, I'm sure it will all work out.
Avatar f tn I went thru one too, I was terrified because I've miscarried before. I'm nine weeks now and everything has been fine. The nurse at the hospital told me her daughter went thru it and the little boy is four now! She said she bled the while pregnancy too! Just relax and quit worrying, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy! I'll add you to my prayers!
Avatar n tn I'm absolutely amazed that your little one has a heartbeat at all! I have had a miscarriage at nine weeks, with my first pregnancy, it started out as brown discharge and slowly progressed it was horrifically painful. Not just,physically but emotionally as well. But now I'm pregnant again! Yay. And at six weeks in this pregnancy I woke up in the middle of the night and I was bleeding alot!
Avatar n tn i had another ultrasound on tues the baby looked great size was good heartbeat was 178 dr really thinks that it was a twin that i passed that was not formed and she said that my hcg levels were kinda high when i was nine weeks and now at 10 weeks there 105,999 and she said that was just about normal she said that dropping 33,000 in 1 week was to fast so were thinking a twin but the er dr didnt send the bloodclot into patholgy so we will never know i had a 3d ultrasound and you can see everythin
Avatar f tn To my surprise, at 9 weeks i woke up to red blood on a saturday morning, i was 9.5 weeks pregnant. I went to ER and the baby did not have a heat beat. If there is anyone out there who has ever experienced this, you know how i feel when i say i felt shock, emotional pain, lost, empty, angry, I can go on and on but it was the worst experience in my entire life and i am trying to find hope.
552389 tn?1280549808 I lost a lil boy b4 I had my son he just stopped growing at 17 weeks organs at 15 weeks and i was 22 weeks when the detected it, but 2 months later we tried again and he is now 4 months and have 3 others friends that had successful pg after m/c too best wishes ~d
Avatar n tn I just had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, but I did learn sooo much info, some of which is that that is way too early to be getting all upset. In my opinion, they shouldn't even be doing ultrasounds that early because things change litterally in 24 hours. We are not supposed to know all of this info. It makes you crazy. Just relax- they never found a heartbeat w/ mine at 6 weeks. I'd say you're doing ok!
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage last year at 13 weeks, but my baby wasn't developed that far. It was a missed miscarriage. I started with some brown staining that increased over the next couple of days to red bleeding W/ some clots. About a week after the staining started, I passed the entire sac. The cramps & contractions were horrible & it took about 24 hrs to pass. what has your doc said? did you have a scan? It could be "normal" bleeding. best of luck.
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Found out today took a home test. I've had a miscarriage in march on the 28th could it happen again?? I'm only 17 turning 18 in July.
Avatar n tn what your second poster posted about it not hapeening twice, well actually it can, i leaked at 19 weeks, then again at 25 and again at 32 it can happen more than once and its perfectly normal, just dont queeze it out, it does not continue to be produced through out nursing. it leaks much more immediately after birth and its used up by the third day after nursing. like one of your other posters said, it's not something that happens to every woman. Oh!
Avatar n tn Jadedwaves- I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago. I was at 10 weeks. I bled lightly (heavy spotting) from 6- 8 weeks and after that I consistently had weird brown discharge. We had a strong heartbeat at 6.5 weeks and everythign was good, but I knew the whole time something bad was going to happen. the baby died at 9 weeks but I didn't find out until 10 weeks when the really heavy bleeding and clots started. But that last week I knew the whole time that things were bad. I wish you the best of luck.