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Avatar f tn Your cough could come from your medication you are taking,side effects. Look up what kind of side effects could come your medication or drug interaction. Lisonopril does it for me and my freind. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I think you should give your cat a few days at least before putting him down. I've heard of cats coming around after these effects after a week. Please, don't put him down yet. Be patient and give him some time. It is a good sign that he is eating!!
Avatar f tn ve had numerous problems with it in the 9 months i have owned it for $3300.00). my stroke was a minor one effecting only my right eye. please comment on their assertion.
Avatar n tn my daughter had a tumer and cyst that caused her to have a stroke(minor)not so much physical-shes overcame that great so far but her cognitive skills are bad...she has to start chemo/radiation within the next week....is that going to make the effects of the stroke worse?
Avatar n tn He has been experiencing symptoms of a minor stoke, such as, left side numbness, weakness, shortness of breath, seeing ghosts in the vision of his left eye. Could this possibly be side effects from these two drugs? He was seen at the hospital and they just concentrated on his testing positive for marijuana and stated he needed psychiatric help.
Avatar n tn My partner, aged 59, had a TIA (minor stroke) this week after playing a five set game of squash and ended up in hospital. He also had a stroke 20 years ago. He's much better now although tired. He's a fitness maniac and is saying he still intends to play squash regularly (and he plays to quite a high standard so it's not pit pat stuff). I'm concerned that this is too strenuous for him and that he should be considering gentler sports such as tennis, bicycling, the gym etc.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for drugs to cause a stroke(mini)? My aunt suffered a stroke after starting on the antibiotic Tequin and she wanted me to do some research for her...she had the confusion that is one of the side effects and then she had trouble speaking. MRI and catscan were both negative, but her neurologist felt that she had had a minor stroke. The speech problem has completely been resolved and she is in rehab for her right leg...her neurologist says that she will make a full recovery.
Avatar n tn He has been suffering from these headaches ever since his stroke. The doctors tell us that headaches are not a result of a stroke but he never had headaches like this before the stroke. Can anyone else tell me if they are experiencing the same thing and lend me any assistance.
1613327 tn?1298393489 My sugeron told me to stay on the Coumadin therapy as it would be easier to treat the bleeding than if I had a stroke during the proceedure.....I have atral fribulation (intermittent).....is this safe to do this surgery while on coumadin???? Seems the bleeding risk is greater than the stroke risk......I also have high BP....
Avatar n tn Hi My husband had a minor stroke last week. He speaks well most of the time. He just has some defect with his left leg. He says he is still weak. He had a stroke/Tia last week on nov 14th 2005 My question is Can he drive a car? If he cannot how long should he wait to drive a car? He is going nuts staying home. Please fogive me if I am not very verbal here due to the fact that I am suffering with depression because of his illness.
912467 tn?1282673511 Migraine nearly gone. Just a niggly head and jaw is tencing quite abit but i'm used to that.
746986 tn?1271725491 He's still a bit constipated from being on the ProSobee.. but in a much better mood. He doesn't act like his tummy hurts every time he eats now so I'm happy its looking up a little bit.
Avatar n tn woke up and worked today feeling well, took 2.
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old, The day after i gave birth to my second child I had a minor stroke. immediately following I developed a headache. This headache has last for 7 months. Everyday all day. It reduces in pain but just to flair up again. I have had a full blood work up and been tried on one type of blood pressure medicine. The neurologist, hemotologist and my family doctor have no explanation or help for this and have since basically sent me on my own. I am miserable...
Avatar n tn CT scans done after this found this was not caused from another stroke. her Neurologist stated that this appeared to be a chemical induced sleep, not caused from a stroke. Was this a proper drug and dosage for a 77 year old female that weighed 102 lbs.?? She was improving from the stroke before she went into this comatose state. She never awakened from it, She passed away a week later from other Breathing complications , not from another stroke.
Avatar m tn i had a stroke 5 months ago and have a few minor problems that resulted from that. the one that concerns me most is the feeling of malaise that overwhelms me when i leave the house.Its far worse when i leave the house and the best way to describe it is that i feel poisoned. My temperature rises and my equilibrium gets progressively worse. I become accident prone which is a big problem as i have to make an attempt to work.
Avatar n tn I'm 52 years old and had a minor stroke on Feb 13th - spent three days in the hospital - came home with some vision loss in both eyes right of center, but no other physical symptoms. I have since had two episodes where I experienced numbness in my right side, mostly the lower right leg and foot. The first time it lasted about an hour and today's is still going on after three hours. During the first one I called the doctor and he didn't seem too concerned.
Avatar m tn they are the worste) 4 years after the initial stroke? with out having another stroke, or a TIA, mini-stroke? and If it is possible, what recourse do I have left? Physical activity isnt doing it any more. Interupts my sleep like you dont even know...Ill be so dayum tired, but my leg aches so bad.