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Avatar n tn I went to the PCP and Neurologist two days later and had an MRI 5 days later and they saw a stroke in the cerebellum and signs of a mini stroke that they classified as 'old'. I fortunately did not have ongoing loss of speech, or weakness in limbs etc...but have suffered from weird dizziness and electric shock feelings in my head. They seem to get better - but then get wrose again....Dr's are saying it is maybe anxiety --but is not. I have had anxiety before and these are different.
Avatar f tn doctors think My mom had a mini stroke at age 45, my grandmother on my moms side had diabetes and two heart attacks..last one killed her. My dad had a two heart attacks in his 50's, survived both. all are smokers and obese. My sister had healthy no complications in her pregnancy.
Avatar n tn My 86 year old mother just came out of the hospital on Friday after being in for ten days due to a "mini-stroke" (TIA). It was the fifth one she has had since suffering a major stroke in 2007. Tonight she started bleeding; not heavy but enough to saturate her Depends underwear. I have noticed some very light spotting in the past, but only about once a month. The cause of this is puzzling me. I guess the doctor needs to be seen. Any advice?
Avatar n tn Hello! Just wanted to put in my two cents. Ok I had a mini stroke (TIA) and this is what I suggest according to your symptoms. Maybe you only had a TIA, where there is no damage.
Avatar n tn My stroke happened at 29! What kind of stroke did you have? where are your neurologists? Are you back to "normal?
Avatar n tn hi i had tia or mini stroke july 5. my speech were slurred and vision blurry. i have recovered well except my speech is somewhat off. my doctor said i will be on coumadin for six months. he started me out with a high dose but not i'm down to 2mg. i just try to be careful and know that if anything else happen that its in our heavenly Fathers hand.
Avatar n tn Unlike everybody else here, I am the husband and my wife had a TIA (mini stroke) in June 2009. The reasons behind the stroke to this day have never been answered. The doctors initially tried every test (apart from the TEE - transesophogeal echocardiogram). No answers were found. The background of events behind the stroke are what we truly believe hold the answer to the event itself.
Avatar n tn Last January, 2006, I had a mini stroke. I was 36 years old. I recovered quickly and there has been no side effects. I was taking birth control pills and so the dr.'s say that must be the cause. They can find no other reason for it. I now take 1 aspirin daily. I have 1 son who is 3 and we are wondering about another pregnancy. I'm terrified! My neurologist and obgyn say it would be low risk for another mini stroke. I feel I was probably "no risk" this time last year but it happened.
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
299260 tn?1304219705 Luvkayln & dnikki: Thanks ;) Yeah, he's on major pain meds obviously & has been through trauma. He recognized dh's sis, but called her the younger sis' name, so he'll come around. They're running tests to check for blood flow in his neck/head & checking for a possible mini stroke. He'll be in ICU for a little while. Well, my 3 top names were Jaclyn, Ava & Ellie/Ella short for Elizabeth.
Avatar m tn (about 5 or 6 months after starting BC control pills), had what the doctors said was a TIA (mini-stroke). Cardiologist then told me he'd advise I get off birth control pills and not ever go on them again. Did your wife have any mitral valve problems before? How was her blood pressure? Had a friend (healthy, young early 30s) who had a small stroke while doing neck stretching after exercise; I believe she was on birth control pills at the time as well.
Avatar n tn One approach is your doctors' approach of trying aspirin, and as long as you do not have a recurrence of stroke or mini-stroke, to just leave you on the aspirin. If you do have a recurrence, the next step would be to add another blood thinner in addition to aspirin. This is a sensible, common sense approach that has been used for many years. The only problem with this is that if the next stroke is a large one, it could leave you with significant disability, or worse.
Avatar f tn Dear", Some risk factors for stroke apply only to women, including pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. These risk factors are tied to hormonal fluctuations, changes in blood volume, tendency to form blood clots, and other physical changes that affect a woman in different stages of life." Go through this link for some more info You need to be closely observed . Follow up your neurologist regularly. Take care .
Avatar n tn I had a massive stroke in July 2006 due to vertebral artery dissection. Why I had the dissection in the first place I do not know. By the grace of God, alot of therapy and great motivation (our 3yr old son!) I am doing well despite the loss of most of my cerebellum. I am currently 30 years old. Prior to my stroke we had a molar pregnacy and a miscarriage. I am still on Plavix because of a pseudoaneursym that is still there but has gotten smaller.
451975 tn?1372332199 They did all the normal tests MRI, MRA, and tons of blood work. Although the CT scan showed something that they thought may have been a mini stroke the other tests ruled it out and they diagnosed me with a silent or atypical migraine. I had all symptoms of a stroke. The numbness, tingling, drooping of the eyes and mouth on one side, no facial expressions and I could hardly talk. It has been one week and my strength is still not back on my right side and and my speech is still very slurred.
Avatar m tn 8 percent) had self-reported stroke symptoms or a mini-stroke, also known as a transient ischemic attack. When he looked at stroke prevalence and coffee drinking, Liebeskind found that the more coffee the adults drank, the less likely they were to have a stroke or a mini-stroke. Those who drank six or more cups a day, he found, had a stroke prevalence of 2.9 percent, whereas those who drank just one or two cups daily had a stroke prevalence of 5 percent.
Avatar f tn After about a week i was taken off the pill because my doctor said that i shouldn't be on it if i get starry migranes as i'm at high risk of stroke. So i chose Implanon as contraception. And from the minute i got it, i had my period almost all the time. probably with only 2 weeks break within the entire 5 months. it was ridiculous. I have now been put onto Microlut (the mini pill). I was wondering if anyone knew if this has the same side effects with irregular periods as much as the implanon?
Avatar f tn should i not have a stroke? doctors think My mom had a mini stroke at age 45, my grandmother on my moms side had diabetes and two heart attacks..last one killed her. My dad had a two heart attacks in his 50's, survived both. all are smokers and obese. My sister had healthy no complications in her pregnancy. I badly want a Baby buy if i can't get an MRI/MRA to rule out brain issues i don't think my fear will subside enough.
Avatar f tn I just had my gallbladder removed but consider myself lucky cause this was my first operation so I shouldn't complain, right? I lost my job but can't say I miss it. Worked with 20 women in one office and gotta tell you, it was brutal. I thought that being around the same age we can all have a lot of fun and do things together. Well they all back stabbed each other so no I don't miss work. I miss the money.
Avatar m tn Scheduled for a Vaginal Hyterectomy along with Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy next's the confusion.......approximately 6 years ago I had a mini-stroke possibly caused by my Migraines. My Neurologist is concerned that the migraines will worsen, but I went for a follow-up last week and not only did they see the cyst on the right side of the ovary that was there already, but now they see a cyst on the left side along with thickened endometrial lining.
Avatar n tn Treatment Medication and lifestyle changes Patients who have vertebrobasilar insufficiency, a history of stroke, or TIA (“mini-stroke”) should quit smoking immediately, attempt to lower cholesterol levels through diet, and exercise regularly. Physicians may also prescribe medication to control high blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol levels and block platelet function.
Avatar m tn She suffers from memory loss, tia's, mini seizures, fatigue, numbness, changes in vision, confusion, depression, and more. I'm up at 4:30 in the morning looking for any new information. Her condition is getting much worse with more frequent seizures where she will just "zone out." She has changed so much since I married her. At this point, I'm at a loss and have no idea what to do to make her better.
10947 tn?1281407852 Recent studies have shown that this diet can boost brainpower, reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, and improve your overall quality of life. The Mediterranean diet (originated in Crete, Greece’s largest island) emphasizes eating primarily plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes; using heart-healthy olive oil instead of butter and herbs instead of salt; consuming more fish than red meat; and limiting portions of poultry, eggs, cheese and yogurt.
Avatar m tn Some individuals are prescribed blood thinner if they have a history of blood clot, or a stroke or TIA/“mini stroke” which was believed to be cause by small blood clots. I recommend that you ask you medical provider to explain the reason for you being on a blood thinner. Thank you, Debbie -- Debbie Hennerich, MS, RN Genetic Counselor Kimball Genetics, Inc.
1396867 tn?1520813858 She had been in the ICU 1 day short of 7 weeks She went in for not feeling well, turned out she aspirated and it got into ther lungs, this put stress on her heart(she is cardiac patient), they induced coma, which in the process she had a mini stroke and heart attack. Turns out the nausea was from her gall bladder being infected. Throughout all this her kidneys started failing and duialysys was started.
Avatar n tn I was Medical Administrator in a High Care Aged Dementia Facility and feel the need to say that I really dont think she has Alzeimers Disease. What I can say though is maybe she has sufferred a 'mini stroke' and this has brought on the 'confusion'. I feel Dr. Lupo is right and needs to see a Neurologist as there can be complications to all operations. By seeing a neurologist, this would rule out an annuerism and a stroke.
Avatar m tn I never really had any side effects, I actually lost weight on depo, went from a size 5 to a size 3 in a year. I was on the shot for about 3 years. I did however have a mini stroke on depo, but I was and still am a heavy smoker, so it was bound to happen. If the problems progress I would suggest maybe trying a different method of birth control. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn This could be a lot of things. Mini strokes can cause this. If she's having mini strokes (TEAs) she will be dizzy no matter whether she's standing or sitting, the dizziness doesn't go away. She could be dehydrated and have low blood volume. In that case, she'd be fine sitting down but black out standing up. Best wishes. It's so hard to worry about parents.