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15915009 tn?1488871938 Once I was on my feet again, I remember that I wouldn't see my Grade 12 graduation, that is happening this year, if I didn't get any treatment when I did since I would have had a stroke from having my mini seizures, especially when I do sudden moments or doing cardio (e.g. running or doing jumps at my dance classes) or a heart attack from my heart going so fast. Two years after diagnosed, I'm really thankful that I'm alive today. I am on 5 mg of methimazole daily at the moment.
1470343 tn?1316642224 Last week there was found to be a blockage in one of my Carotid arteries in the neck (there are 4) but after many blood test, it has shown to be fluid and not plaque so on antibiotics now (after a T.I.A -mini stroke) last week and they will be putting a balloon in the artery in 2 weeks time. BUT I must add that Vascular Disease is rampant in my Dads Family so they are saying hereditary. My journey has been smooth and good. Redheads journey has been he// for her.