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Avatar n tn Haven't had a response on my first question concerning symptoms of a possible mini stroke or withdrawal symptoms from precocet or elavil. Should I take my husband to doctor - his office does not open until 9:00 am my time.
6359965 tn?1393492236 I had a mini stroke behind my right eye now I have a headache all the time is this normal?I had a carotid endarterectomy on the right side of my neck dec 20th 2013 ,Feb 18 2014 started having problems with my right eye.I went to the eye dr and he sent me to my dr that did the carotid endarterectomy and he said it was a mini stroke.I have like a gray fog over my eye all the time and like northern lights in the corner.My head hurts bad sometimes and I get nauseated.
Avatar f tn I am 38 years old and had 12+ strokes (or mini-strokes, nobody can remember)on the left and ride side of the back of the brain almost 13 years ago. I had physical effects for about 15 months which have since resolved (except for when extremely fatigued I can still experience them). However, it is the mental effects that have me concerned. I still cry when I am angry, sometimes laugh when things are sad, and feel emotionless at many times when I shouldn't.
Avatar n tn I experienced the side effects I was told could happen, worse cramps and heavier bleeding. I am fine with these because my choice for birth control is very limited because I get blood clots and cannot take the pill. However, I am wondering if anyone has experienced a decrease in thier sex drive becasue of it. I am only 29 years old, married to a very wonderful and attractive man, but honestly I could care less about sex.
378112 tn?1199897215 I passed on the LP because I was too scared at the time but I hear it's done so commonly now. So you still have the pappiledema? I know what you mean about the Diamox, the side effects are yuckky! Maybe they can lower the dosage for you? I had all kinds of face tingling and feet falling asleep sensations on Diamox. I am also on Topamax for migraines. It's taken me weeks to get used to that drug, felt like a zombie on it..still can't finish sentences, find words, etc.
Avatar n tn Hello dear, You probably had a Transient Ischaemic Attack or a mini stroke caused by the temporary disturbance of blood supply to a restricted area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that usually persists for less than 24 hours.The most frequent symptoms include temporary loss of vision ; difficulty speaking (aphasia); weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis); and numbness or tingling (paresthesia), usually on one side of the body.
Avatar m tn He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects. How long do these usually last before the dog gets used to the medication? I'm hoping that these are not signs that something else is wrong, though I am aware of the possibilities.
Avatar n tn There they did a CT scan of my head and did not find anything abnormal. The ER doctor chalked it up to bad side effects from the Maxalt which should go away on their own. He also said that I might have slept on my arm funny causing it to fall asleep. This was definitely not the case as I am brighter than that. Plus, had that been the case, I really do not think that the numbness would have lasted for so long.
Avatar n tn I went to the PCP and Neurologist two days later and had an MRI 5 days later and they saw a stroke in the cerebellum and signs of a mini stroke that they classified as 'old'. I fortunately did not have ongoing loss of speech, or weakness in limbs etc...but have suffered from weird dizziness and electric shock feelings in my head. They seem to get better - but then get wrose again....Dr's are saying it is maybe anxiety --but is not. I have had anxiety before and these are different.
Avatar f tn While it IS possible that you have been experiencing mini-strokes, I would hesitate to agree with a normal stroke. I agree with your doctor that you are showing symptoms of anxiety due to stress. Stress and anxiety can both cause stroke and heart attack like symptoms. From the chest pain you described, I would say it's likely anxiety related. I'm not saying that you aren't having mini-strokes...but you are not having major strokes.
Avatar f tn It has been 40 hours and I would say he is about 80% back to his regular self, but he is still showing side effects from the phenobarb (more than usual hunger, partial loss of coordination and hind end weakness and restlessness). Does anyone know how long it takes for phenobarb to get out of the system? The vet said approximately 12 hrs, but that is obviously not the case. Also, since this morning he is having unusual smelly penile discharge, but he is still urinating fine.
Avatar n tn Taking Plavix, Lipitor, Aspirin, Ramipril and fish oil with no side effects. TIAs usually last 20-30 minutes. The one this morning lasted nearly two hours and landed us in the ER although it was over by the time we got there and were seen. They could find nothing that should be causing it - heart, BP, everything was normal. We saw one neurologist who, after a 5 minute visit, said it was hardening of the arteries in the brain and we were doing the only thing we could with the meds.
Avatar n tn They did a MRI on his brain which showed he had a mild stroke, which effects the part of his brain that controls balance. He has not had his follow-up appt. with the 2nd neurologist, but he said it probably occured during surgery. Why wouldn't the heart specialist suspect a stroke? What kind of therapy, if any may help him? Or medications? He also has experienced chest pain, since July. What kind of test would help in finding out where the pain is coming from?
Avatar n tn Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
Avatar n tn The problem is, now he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, but I know it's caused by side effects from his seizure meds (the side effects are almost identical to Parkinson's symptoms), and if he doesn't get off of them, he will certainly not make it. I do believe, and medical texts support, that strokes can cause seizures, and if your daughter's md isn't aware of it, then show them the Merrik Manual (under stroke), or other supported material. I hope this info. helps.
Avatar n tn I went back to him and he said to stop taking the medication that he had given it to me because one of the side effects was weight loss. I'm not that overweight! Needless to say I have not been back to him. But since then the episodes have gradually more frequent, now they are about every couple months and each time more symptoms. Including eye twitch, sore joints, shaking, tremors etc.
Avatar m tn The loss of sensation around my scrotum made me initially think I had another mini stroke but I have no symptoms anywhere else and the only change or introduction to my body is this medicine mentioned above. After looking up side effects I am seriously wondering if this stuff is giving me this horrible side effect. .
Avatar n tn He went to urgent care again, where they said it could have been a mini-stroke, but to go to the er, if it gets worse. The next day, he woke up feeling the same sensation, only now in his leg as well. He went to the er where it got worse to where it was very painful and his chest was in pain. He ended up having to be admitted to the hospital where he seems to be getting worse.
Avatar m tn Aricept is supposed to help if there are plaque blockages and some nerve signals can still get through. It has side effects. The smoking made your condition much worse. Episodes of high blood pressure alone could also cause this damage. Diabetes definately makes your whole body worse. By not smoking and controlling diabetes and blood pressure, you will help yourself a great deal.
Avatar n tn hi i had tia or mini stroke july 5. my speech were slurred and vision blurry. i have recovered well except my speech is somewhat off. my doctor said i will be on coumadin for six months. he started me out with a high dose but not i'm down to 2mg. i just try to be careful and know that if anything else happen that its in our heavenly Fathers hand.
Avatar n tn Last January, 2006, I had a mini stroke. I was 36 years old. I recovered quickly and there has been no side effects. I was taking birth control pills and so the dr.'s say that must be the cause. They can find no other reason for it. I now take 1 aspirin daily. I have 1 son who is 3 and we are wondering about another pregnancy. I'm terrified! My neurologist and obgyn say it would be low risk for another mini stroke. I feel I was probably "no risk" this time last year but it happened.
Avatar n tn I had an Ischemic stroke last year affecting my left side. I was an avid tennis player prior to my stroke. I am now playing a limited form of tennis. And I am very curious as to what the steps were for you to get to the point of running. I am very happy to see that his has been accomplished by a stroke survivor.
Avatar n tn I feel last spring and had a CT scan where they found I had an old stroke. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and scared. I had no side effects fromt he first stroke.
Avatar n tn For her go outside was a challenge. Now after second stroke she is no well at all. She paralized on herother side, She has nuerogetic bladder, incontinent bowel,etc. She is bed bound with very bad bed sore from the hospital. Now I am not that confident she will recover to the point she was before. So, your mother is very young and she will be fine, God bless her. First stroke is no the worst one just make sure you have her blood presure under control so she would not have another stroke.
1139187 tn?1355710247 FLUSH in the face Feeling of getting a head cold Hard to get into a deep sleep Small headache that comes and goes Of course im hyper now, but compared to the way I felt before which I can only describe as near death, I feel much better. Has anyone else had these side effects after starting meds? Also can we drink wine?
Avatar m tn with out having another stroke, or a TIA, mini-stroke? and If it is possible, what recourse do I have left? Physical activity isnt doing it any more. Interupts my sleep like you dont even know...Ill be so dayum tired, but my leg aches so bad.
580765 tn?1274922960 I went off of them when another neuro told me that my first episode was not the mini stroke that they once thought. However, I have never had a racing heat episode while on a blood thinner. * Could it be that thinner blood helps the heart compensate better for an electrical issue? I was quite surprised to hear that my issues from the past 8 years were heart related, but relieved to hear that they were not neurological in nature. I will be following up with a cardiologist in the future.
Avatar n tn (not this one) Okay, now, my concern is the effcts after STOPPING yasmin. I understand that all bc pills are different and so are we women as far as side effects go. I have read postings about women who stopped taking yasmin and have experienced the following: - anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations and fluttering - depression - excessive weight gain - hair loss *I already have a prob. with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, so I am currently on medication.