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Avatar n tn I was released after 3 days and doctors are still confused. I have mini stroke or seizure? as my dx. They released with with aspirin and a pat on the back. First day my arm went linp and I went to call for help my mouth would not move and my speech was slurred, it only lasted a minute. 2nd day, I went to yell at my dog for stealing food and my left leg went limp and again my speech slurred.
Avatar f tn Hi all. My name is Natalie and I am currently 33 years old. I am a smoker of almost 20 years. In 2004 I was advised to be taken off the birth control pills due to minor strokes. I have been off them since. With me going off the pill, I also had to decrease my smoking and go from regular coffee to decaf. I did just that. Now that time has gone by, I have been drinking regular coffee again and also seem to have increased my smoking (which I know I control) On to yesterday....
6359965 tn?1393492236 I had a mini stroke behind my right eye now I have a headache all the time is this normal?I had a carotid endarterectomy on the right side of my neck dec 20th 2013 ,Feb 18 2014 started having problems with my right eye.I went to the eye dr and he sent me to my dr that did the carotid endarterectomy and he said it was a mini stroke.I have like a gray fog over my eye all the time and like northern lights in the corner.My head hurts bad sometimes and I get nauseated.
481864 tn?1208328209 G'day, My dad had a mini stroke on Sunday, basically he had numbness in his body. The GP he saw within an hour or two of onset said he had experienced a 'ministroke'. He was walking with a limp on the way to the doctor but was walking well when he left. He later felt dizzy and nauseous. A day later he was taken to another doctor who also confirmed that he suffered a 'mini stroke' and did a quick blod test to determine a very high cholesterol level. He has been given medication to treat this.
Avatar f tn I would love to know what this is and what causes it. I've heard this could be TIA's, Absence Seizuzres or Mini Stroke. Has anyone have a similar experience? Thank You! This discussion is related to <a href=''>short memory loss seizures</a>.
Avatar n tn My mom was recently released from rehab after experiencing some mini-strokes, and then throwing off another after carrotid surgery, determined to be the cause of the initial events. While in rehab, she was placed on a variety of meds I wasn't even made aware of until her discharge...Including Lexapro, Depakote, name merely a few.
Avatar n tn Now im kind of worried that I had a mini stroke. I was not able to make a complete sentence at all and my head was in severee pain. Am I worrying to much and just had a panic attack that was so intense it messed up my motor skills, or did something else happen?
Avatar m tn I am 72 yrs old. Mayo in Jacksonville, Fl advised me that I had a "mini" stroke, ( According to an MRI). I have serious memory problems and have a speech impediment. My lips tighten up and my tongue seems to get in the way of proper enunciation. I thought it would clear up, but it didn't. I found a speech therapist who diagnosed me with Dysarthria. No treatment yet. I am seeing a Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Endocrinologist, (for Diab.II), other than my PCP. Keep in touch!
Avatar n tn Hello! Just wanted to put in my two cents. Ok I had a mini stroke (TIA) and this is what I suggest according to your symptoms. Maybe you only had a TIA, where there is no damage.
Avatar f tn My mother, who is 57 and takes good care of her health, suffered a stroke two days ago and is in the hospital as we speak. The stroke occured in her brain stem and the top/side of her head. Through an MRI and a certain procedure I forget the name of, the doctors were able to determine the reason for the stroke on the top/side of her head, which was blockage, i believe, of the vein.
Avatar n tn hi there my name is jen. like you i had a stroke at a young age, i was 24 and feb 2005 i had a tia on feb 10 and a ischemic on feb 13. i was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, i would have stayed longer but i wanted to get the hell out of there! it really felt like a constant hangover 24/7, dizzy the room spinning all of the time, vomiting 24/7, unable to move my whole left side. i felt like a doll being poked for blood 6 times a day!
Avatar n tn Last January, 2006, I had a mini stroke. I was 36 years old. I recovered quickly and there has been no side effects. I was taking birth control pills and so the dr.'s say that must be the cause. They can find no other reason for it. I now take 1 aspirin daily. I have 1 son who is 3 and we are wondering about another pregnancy. I'm terrified! My neurologist and obgyn say it would be low risk for another mini stroke. I feel I was probably "no risk" this time last year but it happened.
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
580765 tn?1274922960 I went off of them when another neuro told me that my first episode was not the mini stroke that they once thought. However, I have never had a racing heat episode while on a blood thinner. * Could it be that thinner blood helps the heart compensate better for an electrical issue? I was quite surprised to hear that my issues from the past 8 years were heart related, but relieved to hear that they were not neurological in nature. I will be following up with a cardiologist in the future.
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1271365 tn?1306763979 Migraine Symptoms That Mimic a Stroke i get these allot maybe 2 times a week my speech is slurred and i am not able to drink the drinks pour out the left side of my face and my left side of my body is numb when i get these episodes. I went to two dr's they can not give me a clue what it is i looked the information up about this problem on the internet and now i am worried can i be at risk of a damaging and permant disability because of it .
Avatar n tn 5 years ago, my dad (age 78) underwent triple bypass heart surgery and hasn't been the same since. He has suffered some mini strokes (confirmed by MRI) and diagosed with vascular dementia. Damage was to the frontal lobe? affecting his cognitive functioning. He speech is fine (when he talks). His mental 'alertness/confusion' swings wildly from day to day and has definitely gotten worse over the last year. He has become very quiet and never initiates any conversation.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm terribly upset. My dad has just had a stroke. He's 72 and is currently in hospital virtually asleep full time. We know that it is caused by a blood clot stemming from Atrial Fibrillation and it has affected his left side (No vision, left arm and leg) The doctor has painted a very bleak picture which was very devastating and right now at this moment it just seems that there is no hope. Can anyone re-assure me that if he survives there is some hope for quality of life.
Avatar n tn My grandfather recently suffered from a stroke and basically lost his ability to balance. On going to the hospital, he was told that he had been suffering mini strokes in the same part of his brain for years but that they had always been too small to register. His state has worsened since then over the past few weeks and he has been diagnosed with a disease I don't know the name of.
Avatar f tn My mother had a massive hemmoraghic stroke march 3 2008 and had a mini stroke Feb 10th 2009. Her mini was not bad only affected her speech a little. The nuerologist did a scan of the brian to see how the prognosis of the brain. Her brain still has a blot clot the size of a baseball. My question is if after a year there has been no change what so ever in the size of the clot. What happens to that blood clot? or is her brain slowly being deteroiting?
Avatar n tn I am afraid that my husband had a stroke on 4/19/08 and all these episodes are mini strokes and leading up to a major stroke. Please help with any ideas. My husband has said he doesn't know how much longer he can go on like this. He is on short term disability right now but he has less then four months to get back to work or he loses his job and all health benefits. We are both under alot of stress due to I don't work and now I am afraid to leave him alone due to confusion, headaches.
451975 tn?1372332199 They did all the normal tests MRI, MRA, and tons of blood work. Although the CT scan showed something that they thought may have been a mini stroke the other tests ruled it out and they diagnosed me with a silent or atypical migraine. I had all symptoms of a stroke. The numbness, tingling, drooping of the eyes and mouth on one side, no facial expressions and I could hardly talk. It has been one week and my strength is still not back on my right side and and my speech is still very slurred.
Avatar f tn Anyone functioning well enough to answer, to discuss your coping with stroke deficits that have remained for a year ago or longer. My stroke was more than 3.5 years ago and I still have some resentment about everything that I can't do. I would like to get a better attitude about it. But either way you are handling it, it would be helpful for me to hear about anyone else who still struggles with problems.
Avatar f tn so I just sat there for the entire class trying to remember the name of it so I could text my friend and ask her if she wanted to go hop on the ellipticals with me. One day, I walked outside of the school library, and suddenly I was hit with this intense burning smell that I found odd because there was clearly nothing burning in sight. Then it kept happening randomly over the course of the next few months.
Avatar f tn except I couldn't remember what the elliptical was I just sat there for the entire class trying to remember the name of it so I could text my friend and ask her if she wanted to go hop on the ellipticals with me. One day, I walked outside of the school library, and suddenly I was hit with this intense burning smell that I found odd because there was clearly nothing burning in sight. Then it kept happening randomly over the course of the next few months.