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Avatar m tn i recently had a mini stroke and had heart attack over year ago with stents put in etc. now my blood pressure has been running left arm 160 over 88 and right arm 180 over 110 this doesnt seem to be a great concern to my physician but it is a great concern to me.
Avatar f tn and they said it was not tia and no need for mri. i have low blood pressure and wonder was it low flow tia. my neck has been hurting me a lot recently too i wonder would that have anything to do with it. i'm very healthy no drink or smoke 46 years old. no history of ms or early stroke in family. i'm baffled and i just went home without asprin or any other drug. i would like an mri and wonder if that would show anything.
Avatar f tn Being that you have a history of HTN (high blood pressure), you are definitely at high risk for a TIA/Stroke. You could have possibly have had a TIA/Stroke. Secondly, with a blood pressure that elevated and symptoms, please go immediately to the ER; don't try to treat yourself at home; bad idea.
Avatar n tn No matter which way you look at it, the sudden difficulty in speech must have been a sudden drop in oxygen to the brain. Maybe it was what is termed as a mini stroke which you usually quickly recover from. I would question your medication, perhaps you need something to lower the risk of strokes until they discover the problem. Have the carotid arteries in your neck been checked over?
Avatar f tn During a stress response, blood vessels constrict and the blood pressure goes up. Often oxygen-rich blood cannot be supplied adequately to the brain, causing the symptoms of a mini stroke. In severe cases, increased pressure can cause the arteries in the brain to rupture and cause a hemorrhagic (bleed) stroke. All the best to your mom http://www.savingthebrain.
Avatar n tn Hello dear, You probably had a Transient Ischaemic Attack or a mini stroke caused by the temporary disturbance of blood supply to a restricted area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that usually persists for less than 24 hours.The most frequent symptoms include temporary loss of vision ; difficulty speaking (aphasia); weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis); and numbness or tingling (paresthesia), usually on one side of the body.
Avatar m tn I am 78 and had a mini stroke 11 Jun 2014. I was placed in the hospital for overnight observation and was released the following day to my family doctor. I have high blood pressure so he placed me on Exforge 10-325-25mg HCT and also Clopidogrel 75mg In the hospital I had a MRA, MRI, CATSCAN, Chest Xray and several blood tests. I lost peripheral vision in the left eye. When I left the hospital I had this slight lump across from my left ear about 1 inch long pointing to the top of my head.
Avatar n tn t seem to be the case, you could have made a wrong movement or something like that. High blood pressure will cause issues with the heart, but if you have a mini stroke you would most likely know. I am not a professional but I am guessing they put you on some type of pill for the blood vessel. Just do what they tell you and if your problems continue then you should tell your doctor what you think and he will let you know his professional opinion.
Avatar n tn this is a blood clot to his brain, it lasted only minutes. He has sense had 4 mini strokes. I hope this will help you, we all have over charging doctors in the USA and I am fixing to fire my own.
Avatar n tn I had a TIA 4 days ago, momentry loss of vision, unable to speak, sweating etc. I had tight feeling on left side of face and still have wasted feeling to left arm. I had severe pain in muscles in front left of chest across colar bone area to left shoulder. These began the day before and though severe they have gone suddenly today.
Avatar f tn Yes, TIA can make your whole body go numb. It can also be due to high blood pressure. Low iron (anemia) and hypoglycemia too can cause a vasovagal attack. It can be low Vit B12. This is not something that can either be ignored or diagnosed on net. Please consult your PCP to start with. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn   I was just wondering, what do you do during a mini stroke? Do you get up and start walking around to get the blood flow going, (that's what I do), or do you sit down and relax? It's crazy that this mini stroke came back into my life! I had it come and go for about six months when I was younger back in 2006. When it happened back then, my whole right side of my body was paralyzed.
Avatar m tn i am suffrering from low blood pressure what is the treatment i already take salt water but still i am not feeling free
Avatar m tn This morning I was hugging my girlfriend and suddenly her right leg gave out and she dropped her car keys out of her right hand. She was then dizzy for about 5 seconds and was fine after. She has been fine all day. She ears healthy and wirks out 4-5 days a week. Any input as to what would cause this would be deeply appreciated. My first thought was "mini stroke" but she has no symptoms. Thank you fir help!
Avatar f tn Although a stroke can manifest as a transient visual disturbance, that is relatively unusual. But something is going on, and you best have it checked out. Anything having to do with vision is VERY important. You cannot be turned down for medical assistance in the event of possible blindness because of financial reasons. If it happens? Good! Take them to court! (Just make sure that you sue for the cost of a chauffer).
Avatar m tn No warning whatsoever. With my heart attacks or mini stroke. Especially with the mini stroke. I was watching TV one evening and all of a sudden the vision in my right eye went. In an instant I could only see the bottom of everything with my right eye.
Avatar n tn im new here so couldnt find low blood pressure categary... i was sittin wih my family wen al of a sudden i started having ears cheeks and eyes got red...i felt tht i had no power to do anytihn like i dint feel like talkin or smiling either...i went to the chemist cause all the clinics were closed he checked my bp and told me tht it was 100/80...he said its low i dunt know now cause my father in law said tht its normal...i dunt know wat happened to me...plz tell wat it is?
Avatar m tn Chronic means the infarct has been there already for a long time. If you suffered no stroke-like symptoms in the past, it was likely a 'silent' T.I.A. or mini-stroke that happened and the evidence is showing on the MRI. Treatment should be aimed at trying to prevent a full-blown stroke from happening in the future. A neurologist should assist you with this treatment.
Avatar f tn Had a mini stroke on January 2018 affected my right leg but both now and getting burning sensation while a walk not much due my fatigue legs.
Avatar n tn I have very low blood pressure, normal cholesteral, etc. They even looked to see if I had a blood abnormality, which I guess I don't since I haven't heard about it. I assumed they were TIA's because I got over them quickly, but I was told they were "full blown" strokes. I can relate to how you are feeling completely as I feel the same way. Just take an aspirin and resume a normal life??? I feel like a walking time bomb!!
Avatar f tn gov/pubmed/25390678 Very low blood pressure or very high pressure in the eye or orbit would be possible causes.
1398693 tn?1343684738 A high diastolic and low systolic would give a low pulse pressure and it would seem the faster heart rate is an attempt at getting blood flow running normal. A high diastolic can be caused by stiffening of the arteries, through age, or through coronary artery disease. A layer of plaque would reduce the lumen size and increase pressure even when the artery/heart is relaxed.
Avatar f tn htm Alcohol can also interfere with the function of blood pressure medication. Elevated blood pressure is a primary risk factor in inducing stroke.