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1474856 tn?1288289049 Transient Ischemic Attack Symptoms can include: numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body; confusion or difficulty in talking or understanding speech; trouble seeing in one or both eyes; and difficulty with walking, dizziness, or loss of balance and coordination. I have this all the time, but the Dr's just keep saying it is just migraine.
563659 tn?1310517917 well after four days total in and out of hospitals for my numb/ weak left side they have said i have bells palsy straight down my left side my left arm is weak my leg wobbles and half my face is still kinda parylised it ***** and i look like eith rocky or jean crietien i cant wait till it wears off
Avatar n tn The entire right side of m;y ;head is numb. It's on top and all the way down to my ear. It's also numb across the entire right side of my forehead and stops at the eye brow. Is this something I need to worry about? I am a 60 y/o female.
713582 tn?1298262321 My dear Oma had a mini stroke this morning.
Avatar m tn I am 78 and had a mini stroke 11 Jun 2014. I was placed in the hospital for overnight observation and was released the following day to my family doctor. I have high blood pressure so he placed me on Exforge 10-325-25mg HCT and also Clopidogrel 75mg In the hospital I had a MRA, MRI, CATSCAN, Chest Xray and several blood tests. I lost peripheral vision in the left eye. When I left the hospital I had this slight lump across from my left ear about 1 inch long pointing to the top of my head.
Avatar f tn it read 170/130. I laid down and started getting this prickly/tingly feelings in the back of my head, neck, and down my right arm. I had slight chest pain and then a shortness of breath. I sat up immediately and began choking gasping for air. I felt really dizzy and didn't want to stand up. I waited a few minutes and when I went to stand was a little off balanced. Since then the right side of the back of my neck, right arm has been sore and a little stiff.
713582 tn?1298262321 My dear Oma is still in hospital, & possibly so for a week or more from her mini stroke.
Avatar m tn Suddenly felt unwell. Ringing in right ear. Temporary hearing loss in right ear. Dizziness. Stood up and completely lost my balance like drunkenness. Thought I was dying. Recovered a few minutes later.
Avatar n tn When I got on the plane I could not respond to questions for about 15 minutes. I think that I had a mini stroke then. And then the ringing in the right ear started about 2 weeks after I returned home from China. I would like an oto-neurolist like to Dr . John Oas or Dr Neil Cherian to evaluate me. How do I get in touch with them ? Nobody here seems to be concerned. I have had one DVT and one pulumonary embolism.
Avatar m tn Did your dad recently experience a stroke or T.I.A. (mini-stroke)? From what I find online, hypodensity on a CT scan in a patient who has had a stroke is bad news.... this is something you and your dad (if he is able) need to discuss with his physician. In patients who've had a minor stroke or a transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke), hypodensity in the white matter of the brain means extra risk of the potential for a future stroke. (See PM) I have a parent who suffered from a T.I.A.
Avatar f tn spinal tap, myelogram, ct scan, mini stroke TIA
Avatar n tn I have been gettign sudden migraines here and there, i just try to ignore it, but I'm gettign sick of the continuos tighting numbness on the right sdie fo my head and ear area. I've been having weakness in my left arm that comes and go for while now. Just recently, my left arm had a weird tingly feeling from my shoulders down to my arms and fingers that feels like its pulling from one side along with my right side head having pressure or tension pressure.
Avatar n tn The consensus is that between the heart stem that is wavy and has unique area that blood could sit (and shouldnt) and the issues with the blood and Histine - that I probably formed a build up or clot in the heart that broke off a small piece (MRI showed an older mini stroke in the Cerebellum as well) and then the rest of it broke loose and traveled as well (to the Cerebellum area) when I suffered the stroke that I knew about. I had no idea that I had previously had a mini stroke??
Avatar m tn After some research on my own, I believe there could be two conditions that I suffered from, TIA (mini-stroke) or Migraine Aura. The syptoms are said to go away in a few hours or a day top, but I still felt the numbness and contant ringing in ears after 2-3 weeks. I got a referral to a neurologist in a public hospital on my third visit to the doc.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling a numbness in my left arm. It feels tingling and heavy. I also have pressure in my ear...sometimes it feels as if my head will explode. I feel very heavy and fatigue. I had bloodwork, CT scan and MRI test done. Waiting for the MRI test to come back.
Avatar f tn Actually, as long as there's more o-bands in the CSF than in the serum, then that's indicative of MS. They subtract the number of o-bands in the serum from the o-band count in the CSF to come up with the test results... but the number has to be more than three.
Avatar n tn I am a 45 yr old female. I had a mini stroke 2 years ago. Don't know the cause. Also diagnosed with diabetes. High blood pressure. Since stroke I have been having irregular periods. Usually about every 3 weeks, used to be very heavy now very light. Lasting about 10 days. In last year right before my period my ears hurt and I get light-headed and nauseated. Have had teeth and ears checked, they are o.k. On meds for diabetes, blood pressure,anxiety and stroke for 2 years.
Avatar n tn The audiogram, depending on the air conduction thresholds and your speech processing may have indicated a central processing problem, which could be due to problems in the brain. An MRI will help rule out a brain tumor or a mini stroke which may have affected your hearing processing centers. Regards.
Avatar n tn I came home and sat in front of the air cond. and my neck got stiff on the left side..then my left ear started ringing really bad and I have discovered I have hearing loss in it. I have been really dizzy and off balance.I went to the doc and he said I had ear infection..gave me med but it didn't go away..went back..he said I had fluid buildup..gave me more meds..still.didn't help..he then sent me to a ear nose and throat doc.
639965 tn?1228344380 A TIA is a mini stroke basically and it makes me wonder if it was more than a mini stroke even though they said it wasn't.. because I still have some of the symtoms.. my eye doctor told me that my vision has gotten worse.. I told the PA that and he said my eye doctor was full of **** and the TIA and the vision problems can't be related..
Avatar m tn they are the worste) 4 years after the initial stroke? with out having another stroke, or a TIA, mini-stroke? and If it is possible, what recourse do I have left? Physical activity isnt doing it any more. Interupts my sleep like you dont even know...Ill be so dayum tired, but my leg aches so bad.
Avatar n tn ) 30 minutes after another transfusion he had sudden total loss of hearing in his right ear. (Drs. are trying to restore hearing with steroids for about a week, no luck so far.) A CT scan with contrast (he has a pace maker) showed no tumor or mini stroke although a tinier stroke would not be seen. Our Drs. know of no correlation between Gamma globulin and these problems but the timing suggests they are related. Dr.
2034625 tn?1392643292 Diplopia that I had hoped was just a mini-flare kind of thing is still here 10 days or so later and getting worse, not better. Add to that the fact that two fingers on my right had and my right toe not moving on command yesterday for the first time and I'm suspecting a new flare is trying to sneak its way into my life. Yesterday I had an appointment with my neuro that I have to drive an hour and a half to see.
Avatar f tn t think a thing about it until I told my husband last night and he said it might have been a mini stroke. My mother (deceased) had experienced these in the past and she had severe heart problems that the doctors said may have caused the strokes. I looked up the symptoms, but I only really had numbness in my face and a slight pain over my eye. Could this have been a mini stroke? Should I see a doctor now even though I have no symptoms? Thank you.
Avatar m tn I dont eat right or even get the rest that my body needs, Do you think this has a big factor in the way my body feels. Thank you for your attention.