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Avatar f tn Although a stroke can manifest as a transient visual disturbance, that is relatively unusual. But something is going on, and you best have it checked out. Anything having to do with vision is VERY important. You cannot be turned down for medical assistance in the event of possible blindness because of financial reasons. If it happens? Good! Take them to court! (Just make sure that you sue for the cost of a chauffer).
Avatar f tn Hi, it’s unlikely its stroke. It could be a bad dream. And everybody has these occasional stressful dreams. But if they occur repeatedly or are interfering with your sleep schedules, you can consult a sleep specialist. It could be a nightmare disorder. This can be assessed by a sleep questionnaire and therapy is based on the severity of symptoms. Best Regards.
Avatar n tn Was put on Elavil to help sleep insomnia at that time. Quit taking it and this morning says he doesn't feel right. Thinks he might have had a mini stroke. Right arm doesn't feel right and says speech is different. How do I know if this is Elavil related? Should I call doctor? Will a C-Scan tell me if a mini stroke has occurred?
Avatar f tn My daughter had a stroke in her thalamus at age 17 and is still having headaches 2 years later... every day... any ideas for treatment or diagnosis??? Her doctor says that it is migraines and the two are not related. It seems like too much of a coincidence to me. Can a stroke cause persistent headaches and what is the treatment????
Avatar n tn there is a good chance that this was a mild faint spell rather than a mini-stroke but you won't know until you have a full evaluation. probably you should get a heart evaluation as well as a doppler test of your brain and neck arteries to make sure you don't have any blockages. a doctor should also check how you feel lying down and standing up and take your blood pressure in both of those positions. happy holidays and feel better.
Avatar n tn I also had a cold feeling in my left hand down to my fingertips. I awoke in the morning with a pain in the left side of my neck which subsided within 5 minutes or so. The numbness in my left arm did not go away however. So I went to the ER that evening. There they did a CT scan of my head and did not find anything abnormal. The ER doctor chalked it up to bad side effects from the Maxalt which should go away on their own.
Avatar f tn I had an ischematic stroke in August 2006, when aged 51, and since then have suffered numerous neurological 'episodes' which were initially diagnosed by the local hospital as TIA's (mini-strokes) but which I'm now informed are a rare kind of migraine. I don't get the blinding headaches that I'd normally expect with a migraine, but I do get the same sorts of symptoms you'd expect with a stroke - head floppiness, slurred speech, inability to flex the fingers of my left hand etc.
Avatar n tn Hi,The symptoms you have described,sound like stroke related.I myself and my husband both have mini strokes.It sounds like,with the numbness and pain he has suffered a stroke or min strokes.When he went to the emergency room,did they do an mri?He needs to been by a neurologist,one that knows what their doing.Make an appointment as soon as possible,as soon as you read this would be preferrable.It might be several things that causing this.Please make an appointment as possible though.
Avatar m tn My father, at the age of 65, went from COMPLETLY bordering at catatonic... he had a stroke 5/8...had complete loss of expressive language, and mild loss of receptive language...his major problem was in his mouth/tonge and throat...he was unable to swallow, talk clearly etc...but he was making improvments everyday...talking more, begining to try and eat etc... then 5 days ago (5/21) he had another stroke...this one was a "mini stroke.
Avatar f tn Then when someone is so vulnerable physically it becomes confusing. The guilt involved in his potential homelessness, post stroke, was immense. Common sense prevailed, and good support.
Avatar f tn On Aug. 10 at 9:30 PM I had a sudden onset of horrific throbbing pain in my head at the very height of passion (sorry to be so graphic) It lasted about 1 minute and then I had a "normal" headache took tylenol and went to sleep. Got up next morning and my right eye was half closed and when I tried to speak I got stuck on the first word repeating it over and over.The right side of my face felt tight and drawn and I was having shooting pain in my right ear.
Avatar n tn During my fifth month of pregnancy I did have something like a mini stroke while I was driving. I spent a week in the hospital and was immediately put on bed rest. He was born 2 weeks early by a planned c-section and was born not breathing. He was under weight and still has health problems like asthma, allergies, and an immunity defense abnormality. My body suffered as well. They were unsure if I could even carry this baby full term, let alone deliver.
Avatar n tn One of the big problems I had was the aides "trying to do everything". And it was a problem. It is a aidepsread problem that I have observed with many other aides and different patients over the years. I told the aides that EVERY action has to be oriented towards her REGAINING the ability to use her hands and fingers, and to walk. A simple thing like the aides wiping her mouth became an issue.
Avatar n tn Unlike everybody else here, I am the husband and my wife had a TIA (mini stroke) in June 2009. The reasons behind the stroke to this day have never been answered. The doctors initially tried every test (apart from the TEE - transesophogeal echocardiogram). No answers were found. The background of events behind the stroke are what we truly believe hold the answer to the event itself.
Avatar n tn The neurosurgeon did not offer much hope for us to survive the stroke nor in her recovery. She has already beat the odds. My mom was in ICU for 3 weeks and step-down 1 week and in rehab hospital for two months now. I have come to learn the dr.'s don't like or really now prognosis on recovery because everyone recovers differently. I have been told over and over again they don't know why some gain more function than others. My mom pulled out her breathing tube which she had for 2.
Avatar n tn I was recently in the hospital myself for a mini stroke. My Neuroligist order that I under go physical therapy, there is a time frame, but you need to really discuss this with his Doctor, because every case is not the same, everyones body is different in the way that we react to things. Talk with your Dad and encourage him. It helped to have my family along for the ride, I was told if I didn't use it, I would lose it.
Avatar f tn If the symptoms still do not resolve, then you have to get assessed for sleep disorders. Certain sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea can cause disturbed sleep and hence the need to sleep more. And others like narcolepsy can cause excessive sleepiness per say. If it persists or is troublesome consult your doctor for assessment to rule out sleep disorders. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I think you shouldn't worry too much about your headaches and stroke. Stroke in younger people are extremely rare! Does your migraine begin with visual disturbances? PFO is connected to migraine with aura, i.e. visual disturbance. If you don't, I think that would rule out PFO as the cause. I don't think that if you were having a stroke you would also have chest pain with the headache anyway. Of course talk with your doctor if you need some reassurance. But I wouldn't be too worried..
Avatar n tn Some days he gets very mean and other days he is as sweet as can be... When we ask his doctor about the changes in his mood, he says that it is very common for stroke patients to have those extreme changes.
739242 tn?1234221427 (The meds don't diminish the frequency, only the sensation). I am wondering if I had a stroke. They did a CAT scan in the ER, but I understand these are not always accurate at showing stroke. My symptoms are degenerating, into tremors and general exhaustion. I am at my wits' end.
Avatar n tn My question is does she need to have it removed?the stroke happened on the left side of her brain.She is suffering now with pain in her arm and leg on the right side.Her right arm and leg will jerk uncontrollably,it does it for about a minute then she falls a sleep.Is this this coming from the stroke and possibly the blood clot?I am concerned for my daughter,she all so has a thyroid gland problem.They are still doing tests on it.
Avatar n tn i am like that are you on any meds?i have to take mine that one of my anxietys and it sucks.what do u do to help you go to sleep?
Avatar n tn Last night my left arm began hurting me to the point I could not get comfortable to go to sleep. Could this be due to coumadein or the stroke in the area that I had it? Could someone please help me with an answer.
Avatar n tn The second they think was caused when they lowered his blood pressure it was a Ischemic stroke. The first stroke is the most severe and originated in the Putamen ( a part of the basal ganglia). The second is on the right side and I've been told it controls spatial concepts. He has started to move more today and instead of only having posturing movements he has started to bring his arms up in a more normal response.
Avatar m tn The doctor said I may have had a transient ischemic attack and that may have resulted in a mini stroke and referred me to a neurologist. At the neurologist ultra sound scans did not reveal any thing and the X-ray showed a slight thickening of the wall of the heart. The neurologist did the same physical tests for stroke patients and I passed all except one where I had difficulty walking putting one foot after the other.
Avatar n tn perhaps she had a transient ischemic attack (a mini stroke), which produces stroke-like symptoms, but no permanent damage. a lot of the time, people who've had one or more TIAs later have a stroke (see i believe it's rare for someone so young to experience a TIA. in any event, i think you should let her be seen by a neurologist, considering that TIAs are predictive of strokes.
Avatar f tn 4 nights ago I had fallen asleep in the car while my husband drove us home. My head was straight up, but tilted back and with my mouth open, for about 30 mins. This displaced my c1, which I believe was already rotated. C1 rotated and out of place is bad news, I came to find out. I went to sleep and 2 hours later was awoken by my whole body shaking uncontrollably and severe nausea. I thought maybe I had food poisoning.
451975 tn?1372332199 While I do have some good days in a row now, I am still in this state. While the doctors tell me this is not 'mini stroke' or TMA, I do wonder. I am 51 and though healthy, my grandmother had many small strokes and died of a massive on at age 52. I find that somewhat daunting though I know I am probably in better physical shape (or was) and have a happier life. Makes you wonder though if there isn't just a 'hard wiring issue' at play here.