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Avatar n tn hello, I'm am 28 years old and I had a fetal death at 10 weeks in August of 2006 and in December 2006, I was rushed to the emergency because I had a ''mini stoke '' or as doctors call it a (TIA). They did all kinds of labs and genectic testing and there was no known cause for the TIA or stoke. they did put me on Plavix a blood thinner that I have to take once a day I'm guessing for life and also taking Folic Acid. Here I am 6 months later and want to get pregnant again.
Avatar n tn I would make every effort in finding the reason and trying to allow the pregnancy to go well. Since the thalamic stroke was in your dominant thalamus (assuming that your right handed) you might have some problems which you should talk to your neurologist about. There is sometimes unexplained pain with thalamic lesions, and some have problems with motivation and getting thing initiated. I hope your are doing well.
Avatar n tn I am 34 and had a stroke during my 25th week of my pregnancy. I had AVMs. I had my first stroke at 25 also by an AVM. I was told by my neurosurgeon it was ok to get pregnant but I don't think any human can predict if its safe to have children if you had a previous stroke. Now the doctors say its up to me if I want to try again. They just don't know. I am in the same boat wanting to know if their are others out their that had an ok pregnancy after a stroke.
Avatar n tn My husband and I would like to have a child, but are unsure about my health issues and pregnancy. My stroke was due to a dissection in my left vertebral artery and I have been told that it has healed completely. However, I experience dizziness and unwell feelings around menstruation, which I'm sure is due to hormones, which makes me nervous about pregnancy. Any information would be helpful. I have looked on the internet and have not really found anything.
Avatar n tn Unlike everybody else here, I am the husband and my wife had a TIA (mini stroke) in June 2009. The reasons behind the stroke to this day have never been answered. The doctors initially tried every test (apart from the TEE - transesophogeal echocardiogram). No answers were found. The background of events behind the stroke are what we truly believe hold the answer to the event itself.
1038794 tn?1252925252 things have stayed the same balance and ear wise until today when i was in the car (hubby driving) I kept having somersault feeling in my stomach like when u go fast over a dip in the road. When we got home i decided to hoover the house on doing so my ear got really bad again and my balance really bad again also. I have also developed the tingling in my face again. I did noticed yest i had a few sharp pains in the right side and left side of my head above my eyes in my forehead.
Avatar n tn During my fifth month of pregnancy I did have something like a mini stroke while I was driving. I spent a week in the hospital and was immediately put on bed rest. He was born 2 weeks early by a planned c-section and was born not breathing. He was under weight and still has health problems like asthma, allergies, and an immunity defense abnormality. My body suffered as well. They were unsure if I could even carry this baby full term, let alone deliver.
Avatar n tn I had a massive stroke in April 2002, 2 weeks after I gave birth. Also, through lots of therapy and motivation of my newborn...I too have no residuals. I had a bilateral carotid dissection. I am now 35 and 6 wks. pregnant! I've always wanted to have more kids and my doctors said that I should be fine...we shall see. I am on 2 shots lovenox a day and being monitored closely. What do your docs think?
580765 tn?1274922960 I have noticed no correlation between the occurrence of the episodes and any other conditions, other than the progression of the stroke- like symptoms in and around the time of the racing episodes. A neurologist that I saw Tuesday ruled out MS and other neurological conditions, based on several clear MRIs, nerve conduction tests, and lumbar puncture results. He said that all of my symptoms were likely due to an electrial misfire in my heart.
Avatar f tn as i was 2 months gone when i had mine, but for 2 weeks the doctors and hospital said it was i migraine, i lost feeling in my right side and right eye, my feeling came back the same day then i was having mini ones up to 10 a day, they eventually found out i had suffered a stroke and has left me with permanent lose of sight in parts of my right and left eye, i had test done 2 weeks ago and go back for my results in 2 weeks, so hope they come up with something.
151668 tn?1239924705 Does this mean I'm going to have a major stroke or an aneurysm in the next few hours or days? Everyone has got me so freaked out that my blood pressure is probably high...which is what they keep telling me I need to have checked. Well, of COURSE it's going to be high at this point! I keep thinking something bad is going to happen to me! My blood pressure was probably up and down a LOT this I said, it was stressful.
Avatar f tn i will either chicken out and put it off until way to late for kids or get an abortion due to fear of dying or stroke in pregnancy. i talked to bf/ they think im nuts..but seriously am i? don't i have a reason to be scared..i was born premature afterall..whose to say i do or don't have brain AVM?
Avatar f tn Dont grow in last 4 yers,and dont efect my cemicals or hormons. I am pregnant now. When i was diagnost i have simptoms of mini stroke. Then I take MRI,and doct.told me it's tumor. Before that i had 3 kids in tree yers no complications. Is it any risk for me. After that I had 3 miskarg. because or probobly i didnt know that my Vitamin d is low. I had problem gating pregnent with next pregnency probably because my Vitamin D is low. Now i taking vitamin D. How much i shold take.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke at 35 - young people definitely can get them. Also, pregnancy can cause the blood to clot so it can be considered a risk factor. The dr can put you on some type of blood thinner. A TIA is VERY serious.
Avatar f tn i live in ontario, canada If i rule out AVM or any other brain disorder, blood issues and my cholesterol and blood pressure stays fine through pregnancy and i got no other disease. should i not have a stroke? doctors think My mom had a mini stroke at age 45, my grandmother on my moms side had diabetes and two heart attacks..last one killed her. My dad had a two heart attacks in his 50's, survived both. all are smokers and obese. My sister had healthy no complications in her pregnancy.
Avatar f tn im going to be soo paranoied, my mom and sister had pretty healthy pregnancies. But at age 45 my mother had a mini stroke and my dad had a massive heart attack six years ago and now today he is back in hospital they think he had small heart attack:( will this increase my chance? im a preemie too, was born at 24 1/2 weeks so i worry i have a secret AVM and pregnancy will cause it to burst!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I had my Mirena put in in april 2008 its oct now im experiencing pregnancy signs also just like with my little guy whom i had last feb im constantly tired moody constantly peeing headaches everytime i eat i feel sick and allot of foods that i love usually i want nothing to do with all of a sudden just the sight of them makes me sick
Avatar f tn Do you have high blood pressure? Are you drinking plenty of water and taking daily vitamins? In someone who had a mini stroke it's pretty important to drink water instead of caffeine. It does sound like you have some problems that are making your life uncomfortable, but from an amateur's prospective I would suspect the Topamax before partial seizures. Partial seizures are typically caused by having a difficult birth (your own, not your child's).
Avatar n tn It's getting old, but I just pray that everything is OK. I went through my first round of INVITRO fertilization in June and this is my first pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for years. We were so happy to have a positive pregnancy test and now I'm experiecing bleeding.
Avatar n tn What do you mean when you say that a positive blood test doesn't mean a successful pregnancy? My blood test came back positve on Aug. 8 with a HCG level of 302 then I had to go back on Aug. 10 and my HCG was 708. I took another one yesterday but my doc hasn't called me back with the results. So, should I still be worried???? mrsstr- Good luck to you and I hope that your bpt come back positive.
572651 tn?1531002957 Back in 97' I had just lost my baby due to a partial molar pregnancy and was in a horrible mental state. This little furball appeared on my doorstep .She was so sickly.But I nursed her back to health and she has been my liite fur angel ever since.
Avatar f tn I had this as well, and had it removed before I had my kids. Funny, though, when my milk came in after each pregnancy, this area was swollen again! However, when I stopped the "engorged" stage, it went back down. It was a great surgery for me, b/c the lump rubbed against my bra when my arm was down, and did cause some discomfort.
Avatar m tn Six weeks after my first son was delivered, I had a terrible pain in my neck combined with a loss of my left visual field, the hospital confirmed that I had a 5cm occipital bleed and classed it as a mini stroke. I have undergone various tests over the past year and a half, and they cannot find a cause for the bleed, so are inclined to say it was the pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with my second (and last!
Avatar n tn The doctor heard my story and checked basic things which he could find nothing wrong with. So he said next thing is a CT scan. I thought I had had a ruptured anyeurism or mini-stroke or some other serious condition with the brain but the CT scan came back normal. It found none of those things. One night it got so bad that I went to the ER .
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar n tn I heard that CM increases with pregnancy.....I don't remember getting this with my son in my early pregnancy, but then again that was 10 years ago. I was pregnant in the spring and miscarried, but I am pretty sure I had extra CM at first. Who knows....good luck, maybe this is it for both of us. Let me know your results.
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
Avatar n tn I checked for normal cycle using basal thermometer, and it's still the same pattern as in my 30's. I can't take pills (migraines + stroke family history) or use IUD (abnormal bleeding). I'm presently using a combination of condoms and timing. We dislike the condoms! My questions: How likely is it that I would really become pregnant at this age? Wouldn't tubal ligation be killing a mouse with an atom bomb? What would you suggest for contraception? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Went to the docs just in case and he did a motor test to make sure it wasn't some form of mini-stroke. Everything was fine. Believe it or not, this is called Exploding Head Syndrome. Usually just before or after you drop into a deep sleep - people who are stressed, tired or insomniacs especially. I'm a night owl.
Avatar m tn This past summer I went to the ER twice in a matter of days as I had a fast heart rate, numbness, dizzyness, etc.. They ran a bunch of tests on me and found everything to be normal. I've been to the doctors since then and they've taken tubes of blood and tests came back normal as well. I've also been to a cardiologist twice in the last month because I constantly worried about my heart thinking it was WAY too fast at 100-120 beats per minute. That's when at rest to!