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Avatar n tn It passed after about one minute and a I had just a little nausea for another five minutes. I am 52 years old, high blood pressure and diabetes type II that is under control.
Avatar f tn I have a history of high blood pressure. 2 nights ago all of a sudden I had a really bad headache. I took 2 regular (325 mg) aspirin to help and had my daughter check my blood pressure; it read 170/130. I laid down and started getting this prickly/tingly feelings in the back of my head, neck, and down my right arm. I had slight chest pain and then a shortness of breath. I sat up immediately and began choking gasping for air. I felt really dizzy and didn't want to stand up.
Avatar m tn I was placed in the hospital for overnight observation and was released the following day to my family doctor. I have high blood pressure so he placed me on Exforge 10-325-25mg HCT and also Clopidogrel 75mg In the hospital I had a MRA, MRI, CATSCAN, Chest Xray and several blood tests. I lost peripheral vision in the left eye. When I left the hospital I had this slight lump across from my left ear about 1 inch long pointing to the top of my head.
Avatar f tn and they said it was not tia and no need for mri. i have low blood pressure and wonder was it low flow tia. my neck has been hurting me a lot recently too i wonder would that have anything to do with it. i'm very healthy no drink or smoke 46 years old. no history of ms or early stroke in family. i'm baffled and i just went home without asprin or any other drug. i would like an mri and wonder if that would show anything.
Avatar m tn Having high blood pressure also makes you at risk. Having had a heart attack means you're at extra risk. Many years ago, physicians believed that it was okay to have a blood pressure which was equal to 100 plus your age. It's now recognized how wacky that is. Having a difference in BP between arms might also indicate an internal problem.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to give heparin to a patient who has had TIA's and high blood pressure?
1873696 tn?1405381010 This usually recovers, but these people are more prone for strokes. And anxiety can cause high blood pressure. So, if your symptoms persist, please have yourself evaluated. Regards.
Avatar n tn No matter which way you look at it, the sudden difficulty in speech must have been a sudden drop in oxygen to the brain. Maybe it was what is termed as a mini stroke which you usually quickly recover from. I would question your medication, perhaps you need something to lower the risk of strokes until they discover the problem. Have the carotid arteries in your neck been checked over?
765802 tn?1263304451 The doctor there thought at the time I was having mini strokes. My blood pressure was like 239/ ? don't remember the bottom number. It was very high.....and they kept me for several days. When I was in the hospital those days I didnt' see the same doctor, and the other doctor thought I was just having headaches? Relase me and nothing ever was done.
481864 tn?1208328209 It is extremely important that your father's primary care physician address high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and any other risk factors that your father may have for a future stroke (smoking, blood vessel abnormality in the brain). I hope your parents have/had safe travels and feel free to ask additional questions. ~•~ Dr. Parks This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only.
11452490 tn?1418751269 Does Harvoni sometimes cause blood pressure to spike? MY normal BP is 107/66 just got a reading of 139/77. That has never happened to me before now. On Harvoni for 36 days. Anyone knows is this a side effect? Is it something I need to call my DR. on ?
378112 tn?1199897215 Dizziness, every kind of headache known (every day some type of headache), blurred vision, dimmed vision, tracers in my vision, sensitivity to lights and noise, excessive sleepiness, extreme mood swings, hormonal imbalances and deficiencies, heart palpitations, high heart rate, high blood pressure, visual floaters, difficulty straightening up when walking (similar to parkinson gait without tremor) as if back muscles pulled, joint paint, muscle pain, muscle cramps, muscle twitching, ringing in e
1038794 tn?1252925252 They done another MRI scan and injected me with something so they could see blood vessels. The scan came back clear. My blood pressure is still sky high Higest reading yest afternoon was 200/137. They gonna get me back on Labetalol. The doctor came round this morning to examine me again. He said something about the nervous system and brain nerves not sending right signals.. Not sure what he would mean by this. He said i will have another scan 2moro and that i will have some injection again.
Avatar n tn You did not mention if you had other medical problems, could high blood pressure be one of them? The best prevention is the appropriate control of the blood pressure, which can be managed by your family physician. Unless the MRI scan that you have done included a special protocol called "MR-Diffusion" it is difficult to tell which one of the several lesions (if any) had occurred recently.
Avatar n tn i suffer from hypertention (high blood preasure) and high colesterol, male 42 years. just been admitted with possible cerebral vascular accident. mri was clear but was told with mild strokes it wont always appear on scan??? Was advised to do test to see if enough oxygen is getting to brain. speach is slurred and left side of face is pulling? What should i do?
Avatar n tn Could all of these symptons be related to blood pressure problems? I have never heard of high blood pressure causing numbness like I have been having. I am becoming very frustated and concerned for my health. I appreciate any help you can give me.
Avatar n tn Luckily my students were all occupied and no one noticed. My cholesteral is good, I am not diabetic, I have lost about 20 pounds but I do have high blood pressure but take medicine for that and migraines. But yesterday my BP was great, the lowest it has been in a while. The only other thing I could add is that yesterday and today just once I suddenly felt very nauseated and I had not eaten anything to cause it. I am not sick either. I don't smoke or drink either.
Avatar f tn I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure. He also found that whenever I stand up (and not suddenly) just normal and stay up for several minutes---just going to the store and grocery shopping for example.,My blood pressure will drop 30-40 points , so I was sent for a MRI of the head to see if there was anything wrong with it. Well, the MRI showed that at some point I have had a Right Basal Ganglia Lacunar infarct.
Avatar n tn I had a cerebellar stroke at age 30. Almost perfect health too and not on birth control. I realized it was a stroke because I had severe vertigo, vomiting, and could not walk. After I made it to the ER, they too thought it was an inner ear infection. Before the tried to send me home, the doc wanted to take just one more test. That test revealed that it was something other than an infection. Therefore I was admitted.
Avatar m tn Make sure you keep your blood pressure under control - you have a reactive blood pressure but I am sure that stress is also making it high. If working is stressful, you may have to go on a disability program. If your country allows legal suits to be filed for medical care, you may be beyond the time that you could file a suit. In the US, for example, you get about 2 years to file a suit.
Avatar f tn PVC's lower your blood pressure especially if you have the frequently.
Avatar f tn He gave me Rx for high blood pressure, cholesterol med for high cholesterol and told me to take 325 aspirin bp at discharge was 153/103. I was given no medicine while there at all. He told me to have bp rechecked with visit to family doc in 7 days. I asked about the ct scan and he said a ct scan is like 1970 black and white tv. The MRI was normal and he wasn't sure what my symptoms were but I could go home no need to stay.I probably had a TIA.
Avatar m tn Weakness of muscles suggests mini stroke or transient ischaemic attack,you should get a second opinion and monitor the blood pressure levels to avoid further complications. Preventive medicines like aspirin should be given.
Avatar n tn The doctors cannot tell me what brought on the stroke, although they say the pregnancy may have caused a hypercoaguble state. I do not have high blood pressure, chlosterol, or any of the typical risk factors. I have had severe migraines since I was 5. I had a dull headache (not a migraine)at the time of the stroke. I have had genetial herpes for the last 15 years. My question is: could the herpes have been related to the stroke?
Avatar n tn my doc put me on 100Mg of zoloft and mobic and then about an hour and a half after taking it for the first time I was in the hospital with left sided weakness, tingling, face droops, high (146 over 90) blood pressure, confusion. no stroke on ct or MRI. I stopped the medication but it happened again a week later. another MRI with contrast and still nothing. a year later and I still suffer form left sided weakness and personality changess that make me angry all the time. Nobody has any answers.
Avatar n tn right now, you should monitor your blood pressure frequently, this is a major key in keeping healthy and stroke free. its probably not what you wanna hear but maybe you should wait a while longer to try and conceive, you need time for yourself right now. your body might need a little time to heal. in whatever your desicion, good luck!