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Avatar n tn I was released after 3 days and doctors are still confused. I have mini stroke or seizure? as my dx. They released with with aspirin and a pat on the back. First day my arm went linp and I went to call for help my mouth would not move and my speech was slurred, it only lasted a minute. 2nd day, I went to yell at my dog for stealing food and my left leg went limp and again my speech slurred.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that without me realizing it that I may have had a mini stroke and not know it or am I over reacting? Since then my blood pressure has been 150/90.
Avatar f tn are ct scans any use at all and if it was mini stroke would it not have shown something.
Avatar n tn The doctors cannot tell us what happened to cause this, they simply do not know. They also told us it appears that she had a stroke prior to this stroke, and she never knew about it. They thought that it was possible that she had a brain infection that caused this. We are up in the air and are still trying to cope with this. They also said it appears that she had several mini-strokes. She is now coherent, has her memory, no facial drooping and is raring to go.
Avatar n tn I read a article about migraines are related to strokes or that they do damage to the brain as would a stroke. Could you clear this up for me? It also stated that for people who get aura's on the onset of a migraine that is is actually a sign that the brain isn't getting enough oxygen. Is this just a theory? What are the signifigance of this info to people with migraines?
Avatar n tn On Sept 20 had my second cryptogenic stroke (1st one approx 15 yrs ago) and have PFO and ASA. Second mini stroke was in the right posterior frontal parietal junction cortex 4mm in diameter. Neurologically, I have postural instability (per the neurologist) with the only explanation that this could be related to my left leg weakness from the L4-L5 fusion surgery in 2006. Question: I am concerned about being on Warafin and my instability.
500374 tn?1210075013 Do you know what caused your brainstem stroke? My doctors said there was nothing they could do but give me aspirin and pain medicine. What is your treatment for this? It is all very confusing to me and I haven't found much information on this type of thing.
Avatar n tn I went to the PCP and Neurologist two days later and had an MRI 5 days later and they saw a stroke in the cerebellum and signs of a mini stroke that they classified as 'old'. I fortunately did not have ongoing loss of speech, or weakness in limbs etc...but have suffered from weird dizziness and electric shock feelings in my head. They seem to get better - but then get wrose again....Dr's are saying it is maybe anxiety --but is not. I have had anxiety before and these are different.
Avatar n tn My 53 year old husband is having 2-3 weekly TIAs or mini-strokes -- these always affect the right side of his body with facial numbness, eyelid drooping, difficulty swallowing and trouble walking straight - most times, but not always, also with an instant headache and perfuse sweating.
Avatar m tn She IS still on Lamictal, taken twice a day, and Plavix with aspirin, etc. So I'm just not sure if she had a mini-stroke or another seizure. So that's my question - Did she have a mini-stroke or a seizure (today)? Any relevant info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have never heard of that before. I don't honestly see how it could cause a stroke. I know that stroke is the biggest risk of afib.
Avatar f tn She takes blood pressure meds. Does this sound like a mini stroke??
Avatar m tn Weakness of muscles suggests mini stroke or transient ischaemic attack,you should get a second opinion and monitor the blood pressure levels to avoid further complications. Preventive medicines like aspirin should be given.
Avatar n tn hi i had tia or mini stroke july 5. my speech were slurred and vision blurry. i have recovered well except my speech is somewhat off. my doctor said i will be on coumadin for six months. he started me out with a high dose but not i'm down to 2mg. i just try to be careful and know that if anything else happen that its in our heavenly Fathers hand.
Avatar f tn He gave me Rx for high blood pressure, cholesterol med for high cholesterol and told me to take 325 aspirin bp at discharge was 153/103. I was given no medicine while there at all. He told me to have bp rechecked with visit to family doc in 7 days. I asked about the ct scan and he said a ct scan is like 1970 black and white tv. The MRI was normal and he wasn't sure what my symptoms were but I could go home no need to stay.I probably had a TIA.
Avatar n tn Do you guys think I am too old to even try?? Also, when I first had my stroke, they put me on Plavix and aspirin, but now I am just on an aspirin...I am 99% recovered, (slight visual loss, nothing major, and small issues w/ short term memory...but not that bad...) I am worried that if I become pregnant, and don't realize it, with taking aspirin daily, what problems will or might occur?? Also, is there any natural blood thinners that would not affect the baby in a harmful way?? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Unlike everybody else here, I am the husband and my wife had a TIA (mini stroke) in June 2009. The reasons behind the stroke to this day have never been answered. The doctors initially tried every test (apart from the TEE - transesophogeal echocardiogram). No answers were found. The background of events behind the stroke are what we truly believe hold the answer to the event itself.
Avatar n tn I am 2 years post dissection with pseudoaneurysm (no stroke--just mini strokes) and no healing. I have 5 year old twins and my husband and I would really like to have another. My symptoms are mostly under control but doctors seem unsure of the risk. I had preclampsia with the twins at 36 weeks and delivered via c-section at 37 weeks.
580765 tn?1274922960 I went off of them when another neuro told me that my first episode was not the mini stroke that they once thought. However, I have never had a racing heat episode while on a blood thinner. * Could it be that thinner blood helps the heart compensate better for an electrical issue? I was quite surprised to hear that my issues from the past 8 years were heart related, but relieved to hear that they were not neurological in nature. I will be following up with a cardiologist in the future.
Avatar f tn 8 weeks ago i went to hospital after getting a dragging feeling in my leg and a bit of weakness in my arm .all on my right side .at first a mini stroke was diagnosed .but when i went back to see the doctor 3 weeks ago he said he wasn convinced that it was a stroke .ime on asprin and persantin tablets.i feel fine .just a little weakness in my arm .do u think this was a stroke.and how can i prevent another one.!.
Avatar n tn One approach is your doctors' approach of trying aspirin, and as long as you do not have a recurrence of stroke or mini-stroke, to just leave you on the aspirin. If you do have a recurrence, the next step would be to add another blood thinner in addition to aspirin. This is a sensible, common sense approach that has been used for many years. The only problem with this is that if the next stroke is a large one, it could leave you with significant disability, or worse.
1271365 tn?1306763979 Migraine Symptoms That Mimic a Stroke i get these allot maybe 2 times a week my speech is slurred and i am not able to drink the drinks pour out the left side of my face and my left side of my body is numb when i get these episodes. I went to two dr's they can not give me a clue what it is i looked the information up about this problem on the internet and now i am worried can i be at risk of a damaging and permant disability because of it .
Avatar n tn Thank you for taking your time to answer my post.My 33 year old daughter had a stroke on September 3 2005.She has a blood clot on the left side of her brain.The doctor said she was very lucky the stroke didn't occur there,if it did it would have killed her.My question is does she need to have it removed?the stroke happened on the left side of her brain.She is suffering now with pain in her arm and leg on the right side.
Avatar n tn I go back and forth about the pro's and con's of this procedure and about staying on Coumadin and the chances of having another stroke. I constantly worry about having another stroke. If I have this procedure, I will probably worry about having this device move or break over time in the middle of my heart during exercise. I am really scared! What do you think is the less risky? What should I do?
Avatar n tn perhaps she had a transient ischemic attack (a mini stroke), which produces stroke-like symptoms, but no permanent damage. a lot of the time, people who've had one or more TIAs later have a stroke (see i believe it's rare for someone so young to experience a TIA. in any event, i think you should let her be seen by a neurologist, considering that TIAs are predictive of strokes.
Avatar f tn Had a mini stroke on January 2018 affected my right leg but both now and getting burning sensation while a walk not much due my fatigue legs.
677292 tn?1226291236 At the time she exhibited some signs and symptoms that pointed towards stroke, but her story just didn't necessarily gel altogether (I'm an ex Paramedic). Unfortunately my Daughter at times struggles with the truth, she lives with my ex wife in another State. The end result that time after a battery of tests, including CT's and MRI's was that nothing showed up, my Daughter's symptoms resolved after 2-3 weeks and life progressed.
Avatar f tn After an MRI several mini stroke scars were also discovered. Stents is a much more simple procedure than 4 bypass repairs. So ask your Doctor if he does not give you a good answer fire him and find a good one. It is your life.