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563659 tn?1310517917 well after four days total in and out of hospitals for my numb/ weak left side they have said i have bells palsy straight down my left side my left arm is weak my leg wobbles and half my face is still kinda parylised it ***** and i look like eith rocky or jean crietien i cant wait till it wears off
1474856 tn?1288289049 Transient Ischemic Attack Symptoms can include: numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body; confusion or difficulty in talking or understanding speech; trouble seeing in one or both eyes; and difficulty with walking, dizziness, or loss of balance and coordination. I have this all the time, but the Dr's just keep saying it is just migraine.
Avatar f tn It took her 4 months to get better which was fantastic but she had to go back for another angiogram. After this she had another mini stroke.. before all these she develops a migraine and then the stroke symptoms come on.. No doctor understand what this is, or how to prevent it. We pray that someone out there can relate to this and we can find a preventive before she gets sick again. Thankyou.
Avatar f tn He had craniotomy surgery. my question has anyone fully recovered after such surgery?
Avatar f tn Husband has has a MAJOR heart by pass a year ago now he is having mini stroke as told to us today from a MRI done last MON. His Carotid Artery was told to us by surgery a year ago to also be blocked some but they wanted to wait a while Our MD told him this is nothing to worry about now but I am concerned. Should we contact a different MD or his Heart specialest/ After reading alot about Mini Strokes I am concerned so is my husband. Please advise.
2093880 tn?1334813768 Have any of you ever experienced one? If so, was it something you and your doctors had to continue to worry about? A week ago I went in for an A-fib ablation. Recovery has gone okay, not perfect, but not terrible. Yesterday while riding in the car with a friend of mine, my vision became incredibly blurry. In retrospect I also recall feeling a little nauseous and that sudden dropping feeling where you just don't feel quite right anymore.
Avatar n tn I Had Been Diagnosed With TIA(Mini Strokes) And Was Wondering What I Could Do To Stop The Mini Strokes From Coming Back. Do Headaches Follow This Type Of Mini Stroke? I Have Just Been Having So Many Headaches After These Mini Strokes That I Do Not Know What Do Anymore. Please Help Me Answer These Questions Because I Am Tired Of This Going On And On. Is There Any Type Of Medicine That Could Stop It Or Treatment. I Would Go As Far As Surgery If That Would Correct It.
Avatar n tn Stroke Prevention The FDA recommends regular aspirin use to prevent a stroke in people who have suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA or mini-stroke). Aspirin also helps prevent a second or recurrent stroke and, as with heart attacks, lessens the damaging effects of a stroke that does occur.
Avatar n tn There are a few avenues for exploration with your Mother. Firstly did she start any new medication directly after surgery? if so, have a look at the side effects for that medication. Secondly, traumatic surgery such as a bypass can really affect people in different ways. Some have been noticed to be depressed, some simply withdraw into themselves and become quiet, and others present no changes at all. The effects of surgery are different for everyone.
Avatar m tn He was making a speedy recovery, and was to be released to a cardiac rehab clinic, when all of a sudden he had a mini stroke. After doing an mri it was confirmed but now they see blockage in his coroted artery. The surgen informed me that they are doing tests to determine how severly blocked it is. If severly then they have to do surgery, if not then they would like to wait for him to recover from his original surgery.
Avatar m tn My question is, does that sound like a mini-stroke to you? If so, what is the possibility of a major stroke. Thank You.
Avatar n tn Mini stroke (TIA) represents temporary stroke warning symptoms. A stroke can be impairment of sensation, level of consciousness, balance, or voluntary motion caused by a rupture or obstruction of an artery in the brain. In short: a stroke is a brain attack. TIA is not a full-blown stroke, but mimics one as you suggest. An Electrocardiogram (EKG) to confirm a regular heart rate, blockage of electrical impulses through the heart, etc.
Avatar f tn spinal tap, myelogram, ct scan, mini stroke TIA
Avatar n tn So there I was, extremely concerned she may have a stroke or a heart attack and had to make the decision for her to have a sternotomy. Worse thing is, 4 days after surgery the mini-thoracotomy still pains her more than the sternotomy. Sorry for the rant....I needed to vent....locked up in this hospital for 10 days feeling guilty for her excess pain. ' Now to my question: How long will it take for the 3" incision (mini-thoracotomy) under her left breast stop hurting?
Avatar f tn A friend of mine just had an endoscopic cervical discectomy and as a result suffered a vertebral artery occlusion. Less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital he experienced dizziness, weakness in his right side and numbness in his face. He returned to the ER where they admitted him and performed an MRI that showed the occlusion. Basically, he had a mini stroke or tia but Dr's said no damage to the cerebellum. He was released and ordered to take aspirin.
Avatar f tn I believe that the greatest risk is your likelihood of a full blown stroke, which of course can be life threatening. A TIA (mini stroke) is usually considered a warning sign by Doctors that something needs to be addressed. I assume they have given you medication to help lower the risk of a clot forming? such as aspirin?
Avatar n tn I just got out of the hospital after suffering a few mini strokes. I was released after 3 days and doctors are still confused. I have mini stroke or seizure? as my dx. They released with with aspirin and a pat on the back. First day my arm went linp and I went to call for help my mouth would not move and my speech was slurred, it only lasted a minute. 2nd day, I went to yell at my dog for stealing food and my left leg went limp and again my speech slurred.
Avatar n tn There are a few theories to what happens to the brain during surgery but one that many accept is the mini mini stroke. When vessels are clamped, tiny pieces of plaque probably break free and end up in the brain cause very tiny strokes. One thing I have to ask is if you are on statin medication? Some patients have been reported to have memory problems from this, for example, one Doctor wrote of a patient who was an accountant and lost the ability to do math.
Avatar n tn This would not be a mini stroke.The definition of a TIA is that symptons of the stroke disappear after 24 hours. So I would have him go back to the doctor and get a scan of his brain since it seems some memory was affected. With therapy and neuroplasticity he should be able to get better.Make sure he gets information on how to prevent a second stroke from happening.
Avatar n tn In october of 1998 I had what my doctors are calling a mini stroke. After under going several tests in the couple of months following they found that I have a atrial sepail defect in the upper chambers and slight mital valve prolapse. The cardiologist I am seeing recommends that I have the atrial septial defect fixed sugically and that I do nothing with the valve, then take asprin for the rest of my life to control clotting on the valve.
Avatar f tn Surgery went ok, but a few days later a blood clot formed at the site causing 100% blockage, a mini stroke occuring with this. We know this can't be touched. The other carotid is 70% blocked. Can anything be done to help her. What about a cerebral artery bybass on the 70% blocked side. Is it also possible that other vessels may provide blood to the brain. Is she really only receiving 30% to her brain or is their some other supply. Please help us with this.
Avatar f tn t think a thing about it until I told my husband last night and he said it might have been a mini stroke. My mother (deceased) had experienced these in the past and she had severe heart problems that the doctors said may have caused the strokes. I looked up the symptoms, but I only really had numbness in my face and a slight pain over my eye. Could this have been a mini stroke? Should I see a doctor now even though I have no symptoms? Thank you.