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2105146 tn?1334597383 Does anyone know if milk thistle is good, bad, or of no effect? I read somewhere that it is helpful for liver problems so started taking it. I won't see my dr. for almost three months so can't ask him until then.
Avatar f tn Within two days of starting these two herbs, I broke out in a rash. Googled it and learned that milk thistle adversely affects people with ragweed allergies, people like me. So I stopped taking it and, for good measure, stopped the oxymatrine too. Itchy red skin vanished within days. So today I figured I'd resume the oxymatrine alone. Had two capsules this AM with breakfast. By 8 pm I was bright red and itchy. So maybe it's not the MT.
Avatar m tn What would be a good dosage of milk thistle? I bought a concentrated extract 1000mg softgels from WalMart but the suggested use is so vague, "take 1 two to four imes daily". I am also wondering how others have gained from ths herb?
322064 tn?1233260628 Although i had to be taken off my combo therapy after 6 months due to a horific rash from the meds, too bad for they said i almost kicked it. Milk thistle protects the healthy cells. In my opinion i would give those good cells all the chance they need to keep fighting.What does your heart tell you? Natrual wellness ( Maximum Milk thistle ) is amazing and i lowered my count by 30 some %. I have been on it for over 8 years.
Avatar n tn The only thing that I could think that I did differently after moving was to use a different laundry detergent, and to start taking milk thistle capsules that I got at a health food store and heard were good for your liver. I rewashed all my clothes, in Arm and Hammer detergent and started taking the milk thistle again, and almost immediately I started to improve and once again I am clearing up. Is it possible that the milk thistle, or changing my detergent is the reason?
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Avatar m tn Ask your doc about it for treatment though, it's a mineral our bodies need anyway, but ask....I have heard that the very reason that milk thistle is good for the liver (because it cleans certain liver pathways) is the very reason one shouldn't take it on treatment, cause you want the meds to stay as long as possible, and not be cleaned out prematurely...that said, I have heard people say they think it was good for their treatment, so different takes, I'd ask your doc about it...
Avatar m tn Notes on “Milk Thistle,” Francine Rainone, D.O., Ph.D., M.S. AMERICAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN Milk thistle has been used as a cytoprotectant for the treatment of liver disease, for the treatment and prevention of cancer, and as a supportive treatment of Amanita phalloides poisoning. Clinical studies are largely heterogeneous and contradictory. Aside from mild gastrointestinal distress and allergic reactions, side effects are rare, and serious toxicity rarely has been reported.
Avatar m tn I am thinking to change the brand (maybe switch to “Maximum Milk Thistle”). I knew that Milk Thistle is not supposed to cure HCV neither to reduce VL but I expected that it will bring to norm the ALT and AST results. My questions to the friend in the forum: anyone experienced better results with Milk Thistle? Can it be better if I change brand ? What is the recommended dosage (I take 3 capsules in a day, after meal, each capsule – 500 mg, I think that have no problem to take even much more).
446474 tn?1446351282 Herb Favored by Hep C Patients Has No Medical Benefit: Study NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Nov 10 - "Milk thistle extract, an herbal supplement popular among patients with chronic liver disease, had no benefit for hepatitis C patients, a new study found. In a randomized multicenter trial, milk thistle-the botanical compound silymarin-did not beat the placebo at improving liver function test results.
Avatar f tn 7) The biggest mistake people make when doing anything for their liver, is to use Milk Thistle. 8) Milk Thistle is without question the worst herb now being used for liver issues. 9) Milk Thistle does the exact opposite of what an herb should do to help the liver. 10) Use of Milk Thistle could make you sick or sicker. 11) Milk Thistle supports the structure and function of the liver.
Avatar n tn I’m not on any treatment, except lots of Milk Thistle. The rash went mostly dormant for a few years—had the remnants of scabby bumps, but not the itching. Now it’s coming on strong. I would appreciate any Ideas. Also, has anyone had any luck treating fatigue—I have to drive a taxi all day and the No-Doze has many unwanted side effects—including, making the rash worse. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I’m not on any treatment, except lots of Milk Thistle. The rash went mostly dormant for a few years—had the remnants of scabby bumps, but not the itching. Now it’s coming on strong. I would appreciate any Ideas. Also, has anyone had any luck treating fatigue—I have to drive a taxi all day and the No-Doze has many unwanted side effects—including, making the rash worse. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn Solaray and Nature's Way and Planetary Formulas all make liver formulas specifically devoted to the skin. The herbs you'll find in common are burdock, yellowdock, dandelion root, milk thistle, then they'll start to differ. But a diagnosis helps to pinpoint what it is and how to treat it.
3156712 tn?1354125265 I bought a high quality one from my lactation consultant and I had to take a lot. I took another supplement as well maybe it was Milk Thistle? I highly recommend seeing a lactation consultant at least once or twice. They are so helpful and my insurance paid for it. After my first child was born, I tried some special mother's tea and my whole body broke out into a rash. I was allergic to something in it.
Avatar f tn I don't usually post on these, but I have the same problem under my nose and understand how much you want to get rid of it. I have been using an anti fungal cream called "daktacort" you can pick it up from any pharmacy, it is a steroid cream and reduces redness and the bumps almost immediately but only works for as long as you are using the cream. I stopped when I thought it was gone and it came back within a few days.
Avatar n tn So after all said no known interference was known , i proceeded and can say the rash is 90 % gone , i still have some itching , but no welps and red heat rash swaths all over my body . So heres to completing my treatment and getting healthy .
Avatar n tn dandelion, burdock, milk thistle in combination and about 4 grams of vit. c in divided doses throughout the day - probably b/c these all boost the immune system. Cornstarch/baking soda baths for the itch and calamine lotion were helpful too. After 4 days, the symptoms have pretty much subsided with a few hives here and there and joint pain is almost gone. I later found out that the relative who sent me the package has had similar symptoms.
Avatar f tn f you have a ragweed allergy, you should also avoid milk thistle. Milk thistle may cause a rash or lead to severe allergic reaction. Since milk thistle may mimic the effects of estrogen, some women should avoid this herb. This includes women who have fibroid tumors or endometriosis. Additionally, women with breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers should not take milk thistle. This is how much I know about Milk Thistle. It is VERY GOOD for people who have Hep C.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.
206807 tn?1331939784 I don't know. I do know that symptoms of liver problems are itching on the trunk. Does the milk thistle cause allergic reactions in some people? It's also allergy season. Where are you itching, and do you have a rash or just the itchies? Have you tried benadryl or anything?
Avatar n tn The itch is from hepatitis c, and was sheer nightmare all day long and night. Milk thistle helps too, but maybe for me it was the combo of them together, as i started milk thistle for 2 months but wammo, when i started flaxseed oil, it was almost overnight a blessed relief occurred. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The severity of the hives fluctuated for over 5 weeks until I went to the health food store. They suggested that I take milk thistle to help rejevenate and detox my liver. (By the way I am not a drinker or a drug user.) And it worked! The theory is that when the liver gets over stressed by toxins, life stresses, etc. it can not work to its best ability to help detoxify the body. That leaves the toxins to exit through another channel, one exit being your skin.
244899 tn?1313628239 i didnt have enough rash to count as rash and there is no way i could stomach more pills, I am down to one ad a day instead of two, stopped the milk thistle and vit d I just couldn't do it.
Avatar n tn She might want to try some Milk Thistle - it's a liver detox and when you think of it, all those drugs have to go through the liver...
189269 tn?1189759425 Ingredients Cascara Sagrada Bark, Buckthorn Bark, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, Burdock Root, Red Clover Blossom, Pau D' Arco Bark, Astragalus Root, Stevia Leaf, Milk Thistle Seed, Fringe Tree Bark, Echinacea Herb, Goldenseal Root, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Yellow Dock Root, Poke Root, Orange Oil, Distilled Water and 20% Alcohol.
Avatar f tn I keep thinking it might be the Milk Thistle so I stopped that 2 days ago. Waiting to see. I am going to make some big logical jumps here: when you take a bunch of Niacin, it makes your skin flush and itchy. Doctor told me that I would have to cut back the Niacin (50 mg in my B-complex/daily) if they found chirrosis because Niacin causes the liver to make enzymes. So maybe my liver is making enzymes that make me itch.
Avatar f tn Remove all other sources of possible irritation-- treat dry skin, avoid bug bites and sunburn and itchy clothing and bedclothes. 3. Take B-complex vitamins every day. 4. (I take blessed thistle aka milk thistle everyday and it may or may not help.) 5. Know that it will come and go. Last year I was in remission for several blessed months, now it's back. Above all, you will have to set your mind to not itch and not think about it. That has helped more than anything.